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Josh Powell allegedly murdered his wife; now his family wants a cut of the insurance money

The Powell family.

The Powell family.

Editor’s note: Five years ago, Susan Powell, a Utah mother of two, went missing. Her body has never been found.

This is pretty low

By Ann Stevenson

Joshua Powell and his father were the chief suspects in Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance a few years ago. Josh got sole custody of the couple’s children, then moved them to Washington State. The State then found Josh to be unstable and awarded Susan’s parents custody of the kids. During a “supervised” visit between the children and Josh Powell, Powell hacked the kids up with an ax and blew the house up, killing himself and his two children.

Josh Powell’s father, Steven Powell, is a convicted sex offender who was caught with child porn. He was convicted of secretly taping two young girls using the bathroom in their own homes.

No one has ever found Susan Cox Powell’s body. Before she disappeared, Josh took out a bunch of life insurance on Susan Cox Powell. Before Josh murdered the children, the children told her parents and social workers that their dad put their mother in the trunk of the car and dumped the body in the woods and he took them with him when he did it.

Now the Powells are fighting to collect the life insurance their son took out on Susan, which was awarded to Susan’s parents.

While the Powells say they are protecting their legal rights, lawyers for the family of the missing woman says they still hope she’ll be found and accused their former in-laws of trying to profit off her death.

“After arguing for years that Joshua had nothing to do with Susan’s disappearance, they are now trying to prove he killed her in hopes that they might obtain a piece of her estate,” the lawyers wrote in court documents.

Only a sociopathic family would do something like this.

Court battle rages 5 years after Powell disappearance, on


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“My son killed his family. What’s in it for me?”

Sick, sick people.



I can’t even begin to know how you would feel. I’m so sorry that you’ve been put in this position – life being a cruel existence sometimes…

Praying for you sweetie and hoping someone here has some wise words to help you move towards a positive future.

Sending love ♥

“Protecting their legal rights— The wording lends an air of respectability to psychopathic behavior; unfathomable greed and callous profiteering of a devastating tragedy resulting from heinous crimes.


I think my older sister is a sociopath. She and my older brother. The telltale actions and ‘talk’ are there.

Sad. I avoid them, and for the most part they avoid me…until ‘sis’ decides I need ‘straightening out’. I think she has finally learned that I am not listening to her and will continue to ‘do my thing’.

She finally had to swallow the bitter pill (realization) that I am an adult.

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