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Pennsylvania murder spree: PTSD or psychopathy?

Bradley Stone

Bradley Stone. (Photo by Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.)

The body of Bradley W. Stone, 35, was discovered Tuesday in the woods about a half-mile from his home in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia.

On Monday, Stone killed his ex-wife, Nicole Stone, 35, and five members of her family, authorities say. The killings took place in three separate locations.

Stone and his wife began divorce proceedings in 2009. Although the divorce was finalized, they were still battling over custody of their daughters, ages 8 and 5. The daughters are safe.

Bradley Stone filed an emergency order for custody this month.

The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Lisa Andrey, a neighbor of Nicole Stone’s mother:

When the pair first got together “he was a great guy and an excellent father,” Andrey said. “And then he went away to Iraq and came back and was a completely different man.”

So was Bradley Stone suffering from PTSD? Or was he a psychopath bent on revenge? As more details come out, maybe the answer will become clear.

Police: Stone found dead, on

Ex-military gunman confirmed to have committed suicide after he killed six family members and chopped three fingers off teenage boy who survived, on





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A substance abuser with dead eyes, a criminal history, (did not learn from experience), and in the middle of a high conflict custody case, which ends up in murder. To me, that would surely point toward psychopathy and the self-mutilation points toward Borderline Personality Disorder. Comorbidity between these disorders is common. My heart goes out to these poor kids and their surviving family members who will suffer from the effects of this horrific trauma for their entire lives. He took not only their mother but wiped out and devastated their support system. The contempt and hostility Psychopaths harbor toward others is the dominant aspect of their personalities and I have no doubt that all Psychopaths are capable of murder. I know why he did it, he couldn’t dominate his ex-wife. Psychopaths must ‘win’ at all costs. What that actually means is they are driven to defeat and destroy others. My condolences go out to the children and family of Nicole Stone. If there is such a thing as a hell, I hope Bradley Stone is rotting there.


Seems like there is an element of psychosis also, as the outcome of his choice to murder the way he did would not really serve his motives well. My ex P would murder (he may have murdered in the past and I just don’t know about it) if it would get him something he wants and if he thought he would get away with it, but he is cunning, clever, and patient. He’s not terrifically intelligent, but he is careful not to get caught and not to do anything so blatant. He is a successful P in many ways, although he has failed in some others due to not assessing others well.


He was a psychopath. A traumatized, paranoid and revengeful one. I have often read that these “wolf’s eyes” also reveals that a person is psychopath. Wolf’s Eyes are when you can see the white underneath iris. Try to observe how many terrorists and murders actually have these eyes…


I have read about the dead eyes,black eyes and shark eyes of the spaths. There always was something subtly wrong about my ex’s eyes, I could not exactly pin it down or describe it. He never had a good photo in all the years I knew him (35),not even with a professional photographer. He never looked at the camera, and often had some weird,”off” expression on his face. I couldn’t understand and was frustrated that I couldn’t have a nice photo of him, even with the kids. When he was enraged, the whites of his eyes showed all the way around his pupils, no matter what his expression was. When I tried to describe this to my lawyer and my therapist, they didn’t seem to grasp how menacing that look was. Now I know they were the “wolf eyes” that you described. The very last photo I saw of him was absolutely chilling: the mask was down and he had the dead eyes of a killer. Even strangers reacted the same way when I showed that photo. I still see my ex; the mask is up and he never displays his true self, which is empty in a way that seems demonic. This man was minimly physically vient, partly because I became adept at avoiding conflict. He wasted our money, gambled, took out secret loans, overdrew accounts, made minimum payments on credit cards, kited funds from account to account, hid bank statements and bills, cheated on Social Security Disability and on taxes, and exaggerated injuries to get workers compensation money. Near the end of our marriage, he began actingvery erratic and agitated, and escalated from verbal abuse to intimidating actions like slamming doors and pounding on the walls. Having seen this progress to assault before, when he direcy threatened to hurt me I got an Order of Protection and filed for divorce. Gave up my home and a lot of money to gain my safety and freedom. A year after the divorce was final, I learned he had been living z double life for the last 17 years of our marriage. That woman was not his first adultery partner. She told me she knew he was married. He had told her we did not live together but he could not divorce or I would get all of his money, which I controlled, and that my powerful friends would ruin his life! (I wish!) She said he borrowed money from her and didn’t pay it back, she gave him money for gambling, and she let him live with her for free for almost two years (starting when I got the Order of Protection, which she didn’t know about). She didn’t know he had received over $170,000 in lump sums (due to his “injuries”), $2000/month income, plus $7000 payments from me for the divorce–all while living off her and claiming to be penniless. To top it all off, for several months after Discovery (by both me and his mistress), he was weeping and begging each of us to take him back, professing his love and desire to recommit. I tried to tell her what was going on, but she thought I was competing with her and trying to win him from her. She said she was too old and unattractive to find another man. That’s exactly how I felt after years with him. It is a testament to the spath’s bewitching skills, that she still wants a “monogamous” relationship with this man. I still see him, he can buy me dinner any time he wants. I am free of him. Many people have commented that I’m “a different person” now. I get many compliments for my skills and accomplishments, my appearance, and my personality. I have a great life, lots of friends, and am starting to date. So ladies, face the bitter truth, cry your hearts out; then,toughen up, and move on as fast as you can.


I don’t like how the media tries to portray these murderers as a product of their military service. PTSD is a complex problem and I won’t make a black/white statement because it would be untrue. But… it is my observation that military service exposes these problems that existed BEFORE military service, it didn’t CAUSE the problems. Look at what their job is. Troubled soldiers are frequently known to have problems following orders or respecting command. Military service may attract psychopaths but it does not create them. These murders were not the typical behavior of PTSD, it’s the behavior of a bully and a thug who is a controlling abuser, unfaithful and calloused. Suicide is not a sign of remorse but the ultimate control that no one holds them accountable for their evil.

WISHING I didn’t have this experience to know these horrible things about the worst aspects of humanity.


When I first read the complete story (after his body had been found) on, I then read the comments. Probably 75% of them were along the line of “it’s the PTSDs fault”, war is bad, blah blah.

My ex-P’s brother (who is probably a P as well) and is an officer in the Air Force reserves was arrested twice in the last couple of years for domestic abuse. Both times he got off because of “PTSD”. Pretty interesting since he was never involved in an actual war; the worst he did was work for 6 months in Germany at the military hospital where Americans hurt in Iraq and Afghanistan were first transported (he’s in the medical field).

In fact, my state has an alternative sentencing program for military suffering from PTSD and the lawyers are adept at using it on behalf of their clients, justified or not.


Psychopath not PTSD. PTSD does not cause murder. Psychopathy does frequently cause murder. A psychopath with PTSD is a bomb waiting to go off, but the cause is the psychopathy.

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