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Judge throws kids in juvenile detention for not talking to father

Tsimhoni kids

The three Tsimhoni children are in juvenile detention because of the bitter custody battle.

A divorce and child custody case in Oakland County, Michigan, has gotten so bitter that Judge Lisa Gorcyca has sent three children, ages 14, 10 and 9, to juvenile detention for refusing to see their father.

The saga began five years ago, when Maya Eibschitz-Tsimhoni filed for divorce from Omer Tsimhoni. Both parents are originally from Israel, and the father had returned Israel.

The Internet is buzzing over this one, and here are some stories. But reading them, I have absolutely NO IDEA whether the problem is the mother, the father, or both.

We all know how well sociopaths can talk, lie, play the victim, and run a smear campaign. Probably the only way to really know who is at fault is to be a fly on the wall in their homes.

Regardless, it is the three children who are suffering.

Judge throws 3 kids in juvenile center for not being nice to their dad, on

Exclusive interview: Dad whose kids were ‘locked up for not having lunch with him,‘ on

‘Jailed’ kids were warned to cooperate with judge, on


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I live in Michigan, and have been keeping up with this. So sad for the children. I don’t know what is happening in my state. This story with the link, while unrelated, surely involves a sociopath in the lowest level. This doctor gave patients cancer treatments, and they didn’t have cancer. Many died, and others are gravely ill, all for financial gain. Here is the story:


The story you mention, about the doctor perpetrating malpractice makes me SO FURIOUS VERY ANGRY. Yes he was given 45 years, up for parole in 15 years? Yet he didn’t just commit fraud, he committed PREMEDITATED MURDER and I don’t understand why they didn’t prosecute him for that. Just another miscarriage of justice, telling victims who suffered or died that their lives were judged worth less than HIS status. He’s a mass murderer, a Mengele.


I live in Michigan also, just a few miles from the court house, I was DUMB founded when I read what this judge did, any other judge would have ordered an investigation… My cousin was also a victim of that dr., I’m surprised he is still living, he has gone to all the court hearings. Crazy Crazy times!!


If this were the case in Indiana, my husband’s 3 children would have been in juvenile detention 15 years ago! They are now all young “adults” and everyone said when they grew up they would change and be in their fathers life…not the case. Their sociopath “mother” had made it her life mission to continue to alienate them thru lies, guilt. and manipulation so that they despise their dad. He has been great to them and tried and tried to no avail! As upset as I have been with them since I met them 12 yrs ago, I cannot see punishing them like this? It is their choice now as adults, but they are brainwashed beyond belief. They deserve some kind of recourse but this is not the answer. We need to throw their “mother” in jail for continuing to destroy the relationship, but we all know, court’s do NOT recognize psychotic mothers!!!!
My husband is 65 and has always said, if they “get it” he will be gone by then…I guess that would be their punishment….sadly, even then they won’t wake up! Winifred


Courts rarely recognize sociopaths at all, neither when the sociopath is husband or wife.

And of course, sociopaths are rarely psychotic. So if your husband’s ex is psychotic, something else is going on in her head.

Sociopaths are not insane. They tend to be very aware and clear about their scams and abuses. It could be that you husband’s children are sociopathic too, and thus enjoy controlling and dominating him. Sociopathy does seem to have a genetic component. So maybe your husband has been spared yet again, and he has you, so he’s having love in his life. That’s a blessing he can be grateful for, and more than most people ever have.


NotWhatHeSaidOfMe, Sociopaths are also called psychopaths, so they are psychotic! She has been diagnosed as a sociopath(psychopath) with B.P.D. and is also narcissistic! I have lived with this for many years and studied their behavior to protect us. I also know that it is indeed genetic as you say, though it is hard to say if either of them take after their “mother”, since they will spend NO TIME with me, and my husband would not know what to look for without a bias view? His ex is very intelligent as they often are, and an expert manipulator! Even after knowing her for over 25 years, she can still control him, she doesn’t often try anymore, because she has learned it won’t work, cuz she has to go thru me!His kids have been raised with a selfishness and entitlement much greater than normal for kids…..we all know where they get it from! Take care, Winifred


More history of the court case, about who filed what and when over the past years, might give a clue as what’s going on.

As reported, the judge’s behavior seems off, like telling a child ‘have a health relationship with your father.’ That is a generality that is way over a child’s head as to how to do that, and out of a child’s control. Sending children to detention without being charged nor convicted of a crime may be legal, but it doesn’t make sense.

The news stories don’t seem to have complete information, just enough about the children in detention to generate outrage.


it concerns me that divorce courts regularly enforce stockholm syndrome through their lack of understanding.

we need to work harder to get the importance of this issue whether in diagnosing, teaching, enforcing, judging . . . and ultimately in losing our democracy because we allow the benefit of the doubt to immature conscienceless imbeciles (common, they only understand 20% of the emotional language we speak and without an experiential understanding of it.)

oh and one more point, they may not APPEAR insane, but they ARE morally insane…. and I would bet, they are insane period when one considers their napoleon like complexes and personal belief systems.


Gypsies, the courts are a joke…after going though a divorce with a sociopath I realized that the courts are clueless & that you put your future in the hands of a judge who is not educated nor do they seem to care about the fact that you are dealing with your abuser & the abuser loves to drag their victim to court every change they can get to continue to control their victims. My ex even tried to drag me to court on my birthday stating that this was the only day he could come to court because of work. This is what the courts do not get even when my lawyer had me file the court initial divorce paperwork as domestic abuse and I put in motion the evilness that he did to abuse me they still wanted me to sit in a room with me soon to be ex & “mediate” despite the fact I was terrified of my ex.

One of the best sites for dealing with a narcissist/sociopath in court is Onemomsbattle. com. Tina Swiften site creator dealt with the insanity with her ex in court & all the court officials. She created her site, wrote two books on the subject & has a great Facebook page under One Moms Battle for great support from others that are dealing with the soon to be ex in divorce court or child custody issues.

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