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LA Times says Boy Scouts failed to report child molesters

The Los Angeles Times reviewed 1,600 confidential Boy Scout files from 1970 to 1991. In many cases, the newspaper says, the organization covered up reports of abuse.

Read Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show, on LATimes.com.

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Predators of children are keen and observant – attributes that would be better served in a Tasmanian Devil, but they can pick out the children who are damaged and needy. The kid isn’t in a clean uniform, they’re painfully shy, or whatever clues tell the predator that the child is neglected, abused, or damaged in some other way. They exploit those vulnerabilities to the Nth degree and take down their quarry with gleeful anticipation. I cannot – in my wildest nightmares – imagine how this crime destroys a child so thoroughly, and predators of children are incurable and, therefore, should be taken out of society, entirely. Either put them on an island or something else, but these types of predators destroy the most innocent of all targets, and it makes me absolutely sick that they go to prison, eat three meals a day, have clothing and medical care provided, have a “job” within the prison, and so forth.

Hens, when I used to work craft shows and demonstrate my craft over the weekends, parents would leave their children in my booth to watch what I was doing – for hours. Some of these kids were the offspring of other crafters, and they’d foist these poor kids off on other vendors instead of taking responsibility for them. These kids would have been PERFECT targets for predators or children, and people just don’t seem to “get it.”


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While I am well acquainted with the protection that the BSA affords children, I know it is not perfect….but I do think that over all it is better than many programs.

The regulations/policy in scouting is that NO adult leader is ever alone with the scouts. There is supposed to ALWAYS be another adult in visual at least contact with the leader and the scouts. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, but the POLICY is that no scout is alone with a leader. Each year the leaders at the camps are given repeat training in these policies.

That being said, Charles “Jackie” Walls III over a 20 year period molested about 1,500 scouts and was responsible for one of them murdering his family to try to hush it up. Walls is in the Arkansas department of prisons doing life without parole….

After he was kicked out of scouting for suspicions, he went back to a jamboree under a fake name (his photo was taken there) so just kicking him out didn’t stop him from trying to approach kids.

There are more and more reports in the news of teachers, preachers, coaches etc. molesting children….and I think actually that is a good thing, it has always happened, but now it is being reported more. There will ALWAYS be pedophiles, and I think it is important that they be outed, and PROSECUTED.

The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn state may make the people who think they can cover things up sit up and take notice and get off the fence and do what is right!

The latest scandal about rapes of women (and even some men) in the military is a good thing I think becaue it is bringing to light what has been going on since women were allowed into the military in the first place.

Scouting is a good program and I think over all it is probably one of the safer venues for our youth.


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