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Soldier allegedly fakes divorce and commits bigamy

Army Staff Sgt. Zachariah Siemers allegedly dumps his wife of 20 years, and their four children, with a bogus divorce decree, then marries another woman. The Army charged him with seven violations of military law—then dropped the case.

Read Woman divorced from suspected Army vet bigamist, on

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Well, at least the names aren’t anyone “I” know.
Which is surprising, actually.

This is NOTHING compared to some of the schemes
“I” have seen and witnessed. Trust me.

Just because someone is a veteran and suppose to adhere to
the rules of loyalty, honor and honesty, we all know that isn’t
always the case. I am happy to say that the MAJORITY of
our veterans are good, fine, strong, upstanding people who
we owe a lot to.

It’s SLIME like this that taints the honor for everyone else.


Ox Drover

Well, maybe she can attach part of his retirement pay for the debts he owes her.

Bless her heart! Pox on him and may the fleas of 1,000 camels inhabit his arm pits!

So much for the army, hope the Prosecutor has the fleas of another 1,000 camels.

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