Lance Armstrong’s former employee tells tale of vengeance

Last week, Lance Armstrong gave up his fight against doping charges. For two years, Mike Anderson was Armstrong’s personal assistant, during the height of his racing career. Anderson’s story, published by Outside magazine, makes you wonder.

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Interestingly, Sally Jenkins, a columnist for the Washington Post who co-wrote Lance Armstrong’s book (It’s Not About the Bike), rode to Armstrong’s defense. She wrote, “Lance Armstrong is a good man. There’s nothing that I can learn about him short of murder that would alter my opinion on that.” Jenkins is also the sportswriter who originally believed Joe Paterno when he said he didn’t know that Jerry Sandusky had been accused of molesting a child.

Link to Mike Anderson story provided by a Lovefraud reader.

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Actually because I eventually stood up to my P sperm donor and my P offspring is why they hate/d me so much. They sure do not like to be outed or stood up to. Jessica stood up to Patrick and he killed her for it. Not all Ps will go that far, but some will….and like Adam Lanza’s mother, we don’t always know what they are capable of. I am not saying Adam was a psychopath, he may have had other mental health issues, but my point is that she NEVER IN HER WILDEST DREAMS thought he would actually kill her (and/or others) and when we misjudge the Ps in our lives sometimes it COSTS us OUR LIVES.

I really wish we could hit a “like” button for some of the posts on here 🙂

Lance Armstrong…….EUGH……

I always “felt” that there was something VERY disingenuous and arrogant about him.

Apparently, he’s “reached out” to a select few people to offer apologies – probably by email or text messaging – and Oprah Winfrey interviewed him for 2 1/2 hours a few days ago with the edited (?) interview to be aired, soon.

Now, the Justice Department is “considering a lawsuit,” according to this morning’s news reports.

Although I feel that physical athletics has some merit, our Nation, as a whole, has placed too much emphasis on “sports” as a career, and turned a blind eye (enabling eye?) from the sins, crimes, and misdeeds of althetic “stars.” They are GROOMED to develop any spath traits that they might have otherwise managed, and the arrogance is so thick that one could slice it with a rusty butterknife.

What about the millions upon millions of people who “trusted” Armstrong’s vehement denials of doping? What about his teammates that were coerced or bullied into participating and enabling? What about the damaged integrity of the “Foundation” that Armstrong founded? What amount of money would repair these damages? The answer is NONE. There is NO amount of money or number of bullshirt apologies that can repair the damages that Armstrong has wrought in his arrogance.

FIE on Armstrong, and those of his ilk!

OxD, you are 100% spot-on. No spath wants to be kicked out of their proverbial Spath Closet, though their behaviors, choices, and actions clearly indicate that they have no remorse for their actions, right? How incongruous is that, anway?

The exspath was exposed as a really sick sexual deviant, AND he’s going to be exposed as a conniving thief, at some point. And, this all happened because of his very own choices and machinations. Spaths hate us for a host of excuses, but survivors that stand up and point them out are taking a HUGE risk because, as you mentioned OxD, we do not really or truly know what they are capable of.

When I examine my health issues while I was still living with the exspath, I was very, very sick. Sure, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (like MANY in recovery), but I was experiencing other symptoms that did not jibe with the diagnosis.

We simply don’t know the extent to which a spath will go to shut down a survivor, and it’s never wise to test that boundary, IMHO.

Brightest blessings

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

or stink as badly…..we all know what he is….

His “I am sorry and I admit to it all” campaign is just another angle of the spath…..gain empathy from the public due to his addiction….and start all over again…..

Like one comment here said that Sheryl Crow left….he might have threatened her therefore her silence…..I know when I split with my ex, he was very powerful as my bosses thought he was the greatest guy….he could have and would have had them believing his lies……he even threatened me with it…..

The list of these spaths goes on and on…..

Bicycling has been my main interest for 20 years. I remember seeing Lance Armstrong race before anyone not a fan of cycling ever heard of him. Initially, I was inspired by his comeback from cancer. That ended the day he first wore the Tout de France’s Yellow Jersey in 1999 — even back then, anyone with a knowledge of the sport new Armstrong could not have achieved what he achieved without doping. In that 1999 Tour, Lance Armstrong failed a doping control test for corticosteriods; conveniently, he produced a back-dated prescription and Cycling looked the other way and the monster was born.

Had Lance Armstrong been thrown out of that Tour and banned from Cycling for two years as he should have been, his career might have been over then…

While I want to watch the Oprah Show, at the same time I do not want to support this Psychopath’s last self-serving plot. The simple fact is Lance Armstrong is facing multiple civil suits that could cost him tens of millions and more important is facing potential criminal indictment by the US Government. He has lost all sponsors and right now, has no source of income.

By “confessing” on Oprah, he is merely trying to show “redemption” in the public eye, hopefully to prevent criminal action against him. Next will be a book so he can earn some money, a movie…

Do not let the Lance Armstrong Foundation smokescreen the fact that Lance Armstrong is a despicable person. The foundation was a con to provide cover to his cheating and to further his celebrity lifestyle — fighting cancer was tertiary. Many have provided testimony detailing Armstrong’s contempt for making public appearances on the part of Lance Armstrong Foundation.

There is simply nothing good about Lance Armstrong.

Here is anoter article about Lance and I think he needs to go to JAIL not on TV.

How does him “confessing” to Oprah show anything but contempt on his part, and on her part “anything for ratings and a buck”–I have no more respect for her than I do for him.

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