Lance Armstrong’s former employee tells tale of vengeance

Last week, Lance Armstrong gave up his fight against doping charges. For two years, Mike Anderson was Armstrong’s personal assistant, during the height of his racing career. Anderson’s story, published by Outside magazine, makes you wonder.

Read My life with Lance Armstrong, on OutsideOnline.com.

Interestingly, Sally Jenkins, a columnist for the Washington Post who co-wrote Lance Armstrong’s book (It’s Not About the Bike), rode to Armstrong’s defense. She wrote, “Lance Armstrong is a good man. There’s nothing that I can learn about him short of murder that would alter my opinion on that.” Jenkins is also the sportswriter who originally believed Joe Paterno when he said he didn’t know that Jerry Sandusky had been accused of molesting a child.

Link to Mike Anderson story provided by a Lovefraud reader.

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Thank you for sharing this article, Donna. It helps me to cope with my current situation – an ex (who I believe is a sociopathy/psychopath) that continues his smear campaign against me. He’s telling people I’ve done what he’s done…….and it appears he’s come to believe his own lies. People believe he is an upstanding member of the community who is known for his high level of integrity. If only they knew what’s going on below the surface.

Any theories on why the S/P’s so easily start believing their own lies? Could it be due to their not having a true sense of self and tendency to mold their personalities to whomever they are with? My ex was always so proud of his ability to adapt his personality as easily as a chameleon. Makes me want to barf.

Thanks Donna. This was an interesting read. I had actually suspected he was one (along with people like Steve Jobs) based on some of the stories I had heard about him. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had made up his cancer for attention. I know, that is sad that my mind would even go there.

The interesting thing, for me, that came out of this article was the question: Why do people keep believing the psychopath after it becomes clear that they have left a trail of victims?

For example, every ex boyfriend of mine (except for the ex spath) would have nothing but good things to say about me if asked. I don’t have people out there who wish me harm (except for my ex spath of course). Luc, on the other hand, has left loads of people who will testify under oath (including his own family) to how much damage and destruction he causes. Of course, every time this happens Luc runs his typical smear campaign calling us all crazy and just bitter because he is so wonderful.

In court, my lawyer gave some analogy about 500 french men all saying the same thing and after all these people say the same thing…shouldn’t we believe that there could be something to it? Sure, maybe if one competitor of Lance’s (who had lost and was a sore loser) was the only one accusing him of being a terrible person and a drug user..this might be suspect; however, when everyone comes out of the woodwork and says the same thing – its probably true.

That being said, I brought victim after victim into court with me to talk about how abusive Luc is and how dangerous he is. Of course, in true Luc fashion his defense is that we were all bitter and scorned. Was the police officer I brought scorned too? I think not….

People like Lance (psychopaths…yes I am going to make that leap), are charming and very good at acting like the victim no matter what. When people who really know these people start talking…the public should listen because its probably true.

In my quest for books to read before my surgery, I found a copy of the book about Lance and bought it ($2 in good condition hard back with good dust jacket) becaue I had read somet things about him that made me think he was HIGH IN P TRAITS.

Rather than “name calling” so much and labeling people Ps, I have started trying to think of them as “higher or lower” in psychopathic traits.

Not all psychopaths are serial killers, or Hitler or Chairman Mao, but they are ALL “high in P traits” and maybe they wouldn’t have enough “crimes” to score a 30 on the PCL-R, but they sure wouldn’t be someone you would want to take home as a pet.

I think Lance Armstrong i s from what I have read “very high in P traits” and I have little doubt that he doped one way or another. That does not mean that SOME of the things he did in his life were not “nice.”

I think Steve Jobs was “High in P traits” but he was smart and successful in business, so EVEN PSYCHOPATHS can do a good thing now and then as well.

Well said Ox Drover. I only wish that my parasitic, bottom feeder, pond scum (I could go on and on) ex spath could do just one nice/good (or even successful) thing in his pathetic and embarrassing excuse of a life. Wait…I guess he was the sperm donor for my baby boy. I will chalk that up as the only good thing he created in his miserable life. I can understand, however, that there is a spectrum of psychopathy. I just happen to have been caught by someone on the low functioning end.

Dear C’Queen, unfortunately, some of the WORST people in terms of P traits are those who are in POWER AND CONTROL positions…Hitler, Chairman Mao, Stalin….others who are high in the emotional traits if not the criminal traits excel in business, sports, politics, etc. and become wealthy and powerful.

My husband used to be the private pilot for one of the world wealthiest (at that time) men and a man who was famous in the US for a lot of things….one of which was womanizing on a grand scale. Yet, he wasn’t “all evil” and he did a lot of things that were good for the human race in general and technology in particular (a’la Steve Jobs)

There are others though who are CRIMINAL and as such breaking the laws of society and victimizing people either with violence or with other forms of abuse….the AVERAGE score for ALL the criminals in us prisons today on the PCL-R is 22, and 25% of those in prison are 30 or above on the PCL-R.
Okay, the US has 2 million Plus inmates this moment…when those men and women go b ack out on the street, and 99% of them WILL go back out on the street….they are still HIGH IN P TRAITS….and there are 5 MILLION men and women on probation and or parole….though there are no statistics, you could say that ALL those paroled ex convicts (since at one time they were included in the INMATE POPULATION WHICH HAS 25% PSYCHOPATHS,, AND AN AVERAGE SCORE OF 22, as having that level of P traits.) are 25% psychopaths and all average 22 on the PCL-R.

If A=B and B=C then A MUST = C

Of course we know that there are those people high in P traits who are NOT “criminals” but we wouldn’t want them for pets. The Steve Jobs of this world, the Bill Clintons, the John Elliotts, and I could go on and on.

I know that I “harp on” criminals here, and ex-convicts because so many people here say that their ex who is giving them hell on wheels was at one time in prison….I say there are no EX convicts, just criminals who are either in side (inmates) or criminals who are outside, but they are all CRIMINALS and as such should be avoided like the plague.

Fark “rehabilitation” because the FEW that are “rehabilitated” are so few….and the many that get out, with a PhD in criminology after a term in prison are only worse.

Quit locking up some kid for an ounce of weed, and taking up needed bed space for the psychopaths and the ones HIGH IN P TRAITS and keep those in prison til their teeth fall out and they need a walker to ambulate. US violent crime rates HAVE GONE DOWN as more and more psychopaths are locked up for long periods of time. I think we need to do more of it.

As for those who are not “criminals” just users and abusers, then we need to educate people to avoid those people and to not become involved with them.

Some of the things in our society today that are “cool” and “hip” and really attractive to our young people or even OK with our young people need to be stopped and “de-cooled” I wish I knew how.

The number of parents raising their grandkids because their kids are too “hip” and “cool” to care for these children makes me sick.

I spent the day yesterday with a couple of friends who are raising the 2 oldest children (ages 2 & 3) of their only daughter who is way too cool to do such a thing. She is tatted up from head to toe, has her hair in an outlandish fashion, but this time her 3rd child is a boy, so her husband wants to keep that one, and she is “raising him” She was there at this family picnic event of my living history group…most of us have known her since she was a teenager and started off down “fool’s hill”

Her parents are in their late 50s and chasing after these two hyperactive children like Beagles after a couple of squirrels while the mother and father have decided now that they have a son, they won’t have any more kids…but they are not goinjg to take care of those two girls. The grandparents are so attached to the girls and they have no “right” to the girls even though they ahve raised them since BIRTH…the mother never took them home from the hospital even, that they are afraid to “cross” her because they are afraid the kdis will go back to her and be exposed to the drugs and other stuff at their daughter’s house. What a hard place these grandparents are in.

Look at our own Dear Milo, who has fought her daughter through thick and thin for legal custody of their grandson, and even YEARS LATER the daughter is able to go back to court (without a dime, while working as a hooker) and make them spend another $20-30 THOUSAND to defend their grandson from his mother’s “loving custody” The daughter has another child which Milo and her husband have elected not to “take in” because they feel they are doing ALL they can trying to raise the one grandson who is special needs. How heart breaking!

Yet, people “high in P traits” are the ROLE MODELS the singers, dancers, musicians, actors, sports stars etc. that these misguided kids pattern themselves after in our society which doesn’t seem to value moral compasses, or honesty and responsibility. Lance Armstrong is only one of those CROOKS who has “succeeded” in life. Doesn’t mean he never did anything “good” or “nice” just that good manners and sports or other success doesn’t mean you are a good person or an honest one.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just tired of these creeps being role models for our kids.

The P in my life did “nice things” in an effort to divert, manipulate, deceive, acquire positive remarks and attention. The “nice things” they do are part of the “mask”… and the “nice things” are always done in an effort to acquire something for themselves, and fulfill their own, personal agenda’s, however they see fit… It’s always all about them in the end… isn’t it.

Donna, thank you for this intriguing post. It certainly brings to light the question of “altruism” and “benefactors.”

In my personal experiences, those who crow loudest and longest of their own altruism usually have a personal agenda. The truest examples of altruism are those that go unnoticed and unsung. People who actually sacrifice from their own kitchens, bank accounts, and time to help others in dire need without any notice or compensation expected are those who are actually “giving from the heart.”

I’ve mentioned this, before, but I once had a female friend who seemed very supportive to me during my first separation and divorce. I was (again) in very dire straights, and she dropped by my apartment with a load of groceries and gave me cash to help pay for gasoline. I was so taken by her spontaneous generosity that I just wept and wept in gratitude. I later discovered that her personal “sacrifice” by purchasing these groceries and giving me cash was no sacrifice, at all. Her entire life was bought and paid for by her father’s substantial Trust Fund, and every financial need that she ever had was taken care of through this Trust. From medical insurance to utilities to copious veterinary bills, he paid her bills.

The point in recalling this person is that it is very, very easy to “help” someone when we’re not reaching into our own pantries and taking food from our own tables. The former friend’s personal agenda for this generosity was to cause me to feel indebted to her – that she could always help me (or, not) as long as I tolerated her rants, raves, and emotional loyalty. She did this to a number of females who were in trouble, and she would become obsessively enraged if these women began dating, got married, or began pulling themselves up by their bootstraps without her approval.

Armstrong’s type of spathy creates extensive collateral damage in that so many people who “believed” in what he did, his “causes,” and his innocence of doping have had their systems of beliefs shattered without so much as an, “I’m sorry for being a lying bastard. I was wrong, and I apologize for my choices.” Nope – he will maintain his Lance Stance to the bitter end, and his supporters will wander around in confusion as to whether or not they would be “guilty” of abandoning such a courageous icon for the sport of biking and cancer survival.

Shane – absolutely: it is, indeed, always about THEM.

Brightest blessings


Again, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

… and may I tell you…. although my P situations are very different from yours, I find myself relating to your comments while reading here, in such depth, and in turn find your words incredibly helpful to me… as are the words of all of the survivors here… however, there tends to always be something about your strength, how you put forth your most helpful, encouraging, wise words. I believe it may be your sensibilities, and how firmly you stand in your own, personal beliefs. I am reading here, more and more, most recently and feel most fortunate to have this place to come to and I hope to be able to give as much as I have been taking and utilizing in my own growth and recovery.

Blessings back to you, and everyone, here….

Shane, thank you for your kind words – if only I “felt” the way that I type! LOL

What are irrevocable in all spath entanglements are the damages, the carnage, the collateral damages, and their tactics. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, a coworker, a supervisor, a parent, or a priest….they all follow the same pattern of behaviors and leave behind the same wake of harm. Our individual situations may be different, but the damages are the same.

And, the first thing for you to remember (whether you believe it, or not) is that you are an integral part of this vast Universe – you are vital, important, and valuable.

Thank you, too! I understand and agree that we all share a commonality when it comes to the damage done by, and the recovery from the disordered, no matter how different. It still tends to blow me away that the occurrences can so vastly differ, yet the behaviors of the P, all in all, are identical. I just read “Without Conscience”, By Dr. Hare. The light bulbs and alarms were going off like warfare in my head. I love that book. I find it brilliant, extremely validating and honestly it piqued an interest in profiling as a possible career change. Probably though, just a passing phase of sorts.

Have a wonderful day!

This is a great topic and the responses have been so interesting and informative.

I am from the same city where Lance lives. I have always felt like he was “too good to be true”. I do believe this is one of the RED flags about spaths. Isnt it?

As far as degrees of psychopathy – I do believe there is because we all have not dated/married someone like Hitler. However, I did found out after my ex husband moved out and into his new GF’s house(guest bedroom-yikes) that he had been lying on our taxes. So, I am wondering how many of the “non-criminal” pscyhopaths are really non criminial?

They fly under the radar on everything else, so why not actually breaking our state and federal laws? They are really adept at the moral inepititude so what keeps someone with NO conscience from the rest? I think we may be splitting hairs on this one.

I was shocked when I learned the truth about my ex husband, but then to realize that he already was morally corrupt – what would be his” boundary” when there are NONE?

Sheryl Crow hauled ass for a reason. She has not said a word about this recent debaucle with her former boyfriend and she never will.

AND WHY IS THAT? ( about Sheryl Crow) Why is she not talking? This guy is really a piece of crap…he fooled everyone with his good guy mask

Hope, the “non-criminal” ones are usually DISHONEST in “some” way or form.

That is why I have decided that I will A) be totally honest myself and B) not have anything to do with ANYONE who shows the least sign of being dishonest, irresponsible or crooked

I have been around several HIGH LEVEL psychopaths, including my biological father and my son, both killers…My p sperm donor killed but never went to prison for it. He gloried in killing and getting away with it…and I have been around other “non criminal” psychopaths but every one I knew was DIS-honest in some way and I saw that about them but didn’t kick them to the curb the FIRST SIGN of dishonesty I just thought “well, that’s not too bad” but IT IS BAD.

I realize that psychopaths lure us in. Like Lance’s personal assistant knew he was doping but didn’t quit immediately, he let Lance’s fame and h is High paying job with Lance keep him silent, so dishonest by knowing and keeping his own mouth shut up until Lance screwed him. What??? Did he think Lance would dope and be dishonest and cheat on his wife and treat her like shiat and then keep his word to him?

If they will screw someone else or be dishonest withothers they will screw you and be dishonest with you.

It is like the woman (or man) who has an affair with a married man or woman and then thinks the person will leave their previous spouse and be FAITHFUL TO THEM. LOLROTFLMAO

I found out that my X boy friend had cheated on his wife for the entire 32 years they were married until she could prove it and toss his butt out (she suspected but didn’t know for sure) and I thought YEA, AND HE WILL BE TOTALLY FAITHFUL TO ME…..boy, was I stoooooopid! LOL ROTFLMAO

It finally dawned on me that he was cheating on me from the get go as well….even introducing me at one point to a woman he had slept with that day.

No, all psychopaths are not “criminals” by meaning they have committed a felony, but many have and gotten away with it. But, some never cross the line into felonies, but i f a person is dishonest do you want them in your life? MY ANSWER NOW IS ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO WAY JOSE! I pay every cent of taxes I owe and I expect everyone else to do the same. .I ran my business to take full advantage of every LEGAL thing I could to keep taxes low, but I paid the rest I owed.

Not all psychopaths are physically violent either, but many are or are CAPABLE of violence in the right circumstances.

Google “steve Nunn, Kentucky” and you will find a former goovernor candidate and the son of a governor who killed his girlfriend. His father who was a governor was I think probably HIGH IN P TRAITS if not a full blown P himself. (he was a wife beater at least) so many psychopaths and people high in P traits rise high in the business and political world as well as sports world like Lance Armstrong.

she’s scared.
is it a coincidence she got cancer after being with him?
toxic people disrupt our immune systems, just like they disrupt their own.

I think she doesn’t want to get into a fight in the media. It’s not worth it. Anyway, his mask is slipping without her help.

The truth always makes it’s way into the light…

Skylar, spot-the-hell-ON. Show of virtual Survivors’ hands: who has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder?!

Of couse, she’s scared – weren’t we all? And, another show of virtual Survivors’ hands: who did not suffer severe ramifications/fallout when they tried to “out” the spaths?

In my fantasty of vengeance, I see the exspath in his gimp suit on the front page with a bold banner headline reading, “Necrophiliac Commits Federal Fraud In Long Con,” with every forged document and draft he ever wrote, along with details of his deviant activities.

In reality, I am walking away without an act of vengeance or attempt to “out” him for what he is. As OxD posted in another thread, “So by their own actions will you know them.”

My energies are too important for my survival and recovery to waste on waging any campaign of vengeance on the exspath.

Brightest blessings

A year or so ago, I came across a website called http://www.justnotsaid.blogspot.com, written by John Craig. He writes about different topics, but has a definite interest in sociopathy, going so far as “outing” some of them, declaring them as spaths. He has written articles about Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Jesse Jackson, Tammy Wynette, etc. His article about Lance Armstrong was written in November 2010 (Sociopath alert: Lance Armstrong), giving the reasons why he thinks that Lance is a spath. It was just a matter of time before the public learned the truth about this particular celebrity.

I wonder what effect long term use of performance enhancing drugs has had on Lance Armstrong’s mind and behaviors.

Hi DawnG,

My friend is an ex pro cyclist. He would come home and tell me stories of Armstrong’s Narcissitic actions/behaviors, several years prior to his use of PED’s. He is a Narc., whether the drugs have altered his state of mind/brain function, or not… just an FYI.

One of his former teammates (and that teammate’s wife) says he admitted doping to his doctor way back in ’96 when he was diagnosed with cancer. That’s a long time to be injecting yourself with steroids, hormones, and all that other stuff. There’s no doubt in my mind he was a narcissistic a-hole way back in the day. It seems the older he got, the more success achieved, the more controlling and weird he became. He’s a Tiger Woods, micromanaging his own reputation with an army of lawyers. (And they’re like Scientologists — viciously smearing anyone who dares to criticize. )

DawnG, I’ve noticed something peculiar about people who fit the profile of sociopath that survive dramatic injury or illness. Where most empathetic people would view their recoveries as a chance to “get things right” in their lives and “do something” positive, spaths view their recoveries a an event of power/control. Put simply, they have beaten Death, and they are immortal in their minds. There is no expression of humility – no true and “real” humility – unless it’s to paint themselves as they believe they need to be seen.

Brightest blessings

Exactly! So profound!

From my earliest days here, any time the subject of psychopathic public figures appeared, I would mention Lance Armstrong. Before Mike Anderson’s book came out, I came across a copy of his deposition in his suit against Armstrong. A book is one thing, but a document that can leave someone open to perjury is another. Anderson’s deposition made change my mind about Armstrong; from a garden-variety sociopath to a full-blown psychopath. Tyler Hamilton’s book is further evidence that Armstrong is such. Certainly by now, only the most naive, or those with something to hide, believe Armstrong did not dope.

In depositions given to the USADA by virtually all of his former teammates, a picture of a win at all costs bully is painted. Lance Armstrong lies, he intimidates, he bribes and he threatens. But most important, who else other than a psychopath would use known carcinogenic drugs after fighting cancer? Then building a “foundation” based on lies.

I too know somebody having a business association with Armstrong. My friend’s observation was that: “Lance is all about Lance, 100% of the time.” Yes, my friend says Armstrong is charming and likes to talk — about himself and only about himself. He does not even have the courtesy to ask somebody how their day is going.

He is smart though. Without his “charity” work, Lance Armstrong would be facing significant jail time for perjury, fraud and conspiracy, perhaps even drug trafficking and money laundering. Unfortunately, we all know the difficulty of getting a guilty verdict on the likes of Armstrong, for example Roger Clemens, OJ Simpson and John Edwards. Thankfully, civil action is easier to obtain and Lance Armstrong will need to pay back tens of millions of dollars in prize money and bonuses paid by an underwriting insurance company. He has also lost all his sponsorship deals, upwards of $100 million in future earning lost. 🙂

Being both a cycling fan and somebody who raced on an amateur level, I have always been suspicious of Armstrong’s “miraculous” comeback. I also admit to not liking him personally. However, even I am stunned by the level of his doping and corruption.

Lance Armstrong is simply the biggest fraud in sports history and perhaps right now, the most visible psychopath in the USA.

yes Lance is a spath but let’s not forget Sandusky. I’ve vote him the biggest spath in sports history. He had a foundation too. That must be the latest fad for spaths, charitable foundations. Is that a red flag, I wonder.

I was reading a few years ago, that non-profits is where the money is now.


There are stories that Armstrong has used his Foundation for recruiting sexual liaisons. Unlike Sandusky, they were legal, but barely so…

Yes, non-profits are especially good for sociopaths, because there is a veneer of legitimacy.

They are tax exempt much if not all of the time and can receive federal tax funds to operate these foundations! It also makes them look good and sound good in their social circle. Spath CENTRAL!! Another prop. We have no idea what our tax dollars are buying but a friend of mine has been exposing it and it is widely used as Armstrong and Sanduskey did. I know of billions in just one area. Many of these places take your name and number when you call and then refer you to another number!! That’s it!! ……..Laughing all the way to the bank……….

I just read that Lance Armstrong is going to confess to doping in his interview with Oprah next week. A “limited” confession. He is also going to apologize.

Yea, Louise I read the same thing, then later his attorney said “No, he is NOT going to confess” so I am not sure what is going to happen. I don’t think there is any doubt he is guilty…and his continued lies are recognized as just THAT —LIES.


Exactly – lies. We will see what he ends up saying. I read that he said he will just let Oprah ask the questions and he will be open and honest…hmmmmm.

Well, here’s the “latest” but I will believe it when I see it happen. I can’t imagine him telling “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”

Lance Armstrong WILL admit doping in sensational Oprah interview

By Associated Press

PUBLISHED: 07:29 EST, 12 January 2013 | UPDATED: 08:29 EST, 12 January 2013

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Lance Armstrong plans to admit to doping throughout his career during an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, USA Today reported late Friday.

The interview, scheduled to be taped Monday and broadcast Thursday night on the Oprah Winfrey Network, will be conducted at Armstrong’s home in Austin, Texas.

Citing an anonymous source, USA Today reported that the disgraced cyclist plans to admit using performance-enhancing drugs, but likely will not get into details of the allegations outlined in a 2012 report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that led to Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life from the sport.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261251/Lance-Armstrong-WILL-admit-doping-sensational-Oprah-interview.html#ixzz2HpDHdGi4
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Interesting. I guess he probably figures why lie now? He’s already been stripped of all his titles sooooo…

I think he is hoping (I think i read some where) that he might be allowed to participate in some events IF HE ADMITS LYING there has to be some benefit for him I imagine. I can’t imagine him admitting anything if he had nothing to gain.

I don’t really care.


Good point. There always has to be something in it for them.

I read another article in my local newspaper today about Jimmy Savile. I’ll post it if I can find it.

I can’t find online the exact article I read about Savile, but basically it was talking about how people knew what he was doing, but they turned a blind eye. I just don’t get that. These predators all seem to get away with it. Oh, and it said that he made sure to prey on people who he knew would not report him…yep, just like mine…always preyed on the women at work who were beneath him and he knew they would never tell because they couldn’t afford to lose their jobs…like me, but I scared the crap out of him when I quit…I was no longer in bondage to my job and was free to tell whatever I wanted. That’s why he came back and lovebombed me some more and kept me on the line for another nine months to a year.

I think it’s so sad that Savile died without ever facing any consequences. All his victims never got any justice. Man, he was so creepy looking.

spaths can read us. They know what we will do, how we’ll react. They can see it in our natures, so they pick victims whom they see as “weak”. It means we have kind hearts.

To beat a spath, you have to rise above your nature — without becoming like him.

That means making choices that aren’t based on emotions which have been manipulated by the spath.

yep and dont be an open book like me..


Thanks for the advice. Rise above…I like that. Like an eagle.

yes Louise,
rise above like a butterfly over the worms.


I will. Thank you.

Actually because I eventually stood up to my P sperm donor and my P offspring is why they hate/d me so much. They sure do not like to be outed or stood up to. Jessica stood up to Patrick and he killed her for it. Not all Ps will go that far, but some will….and like Adam Lanza’s mother, we don’t always know what they are capable of. I am not saying Adam was a psychopath, he may have had other mental health issues, but my point is that she NEVER IN HER WILDEST DREAMS thought he would actually kill her (and/or others) and when we misjudge the Ps in our lives sometimes it COSTS us OUR LIVES.

I really wish we could hit a “like” button for some of the posts on here 🙂

Lance Armstrong…….EUGH……

I always “felt” that there was something VERY disingenuous and arrogant about him.

Apparently, he’s “reached out” to a select few people to offer apologies – probably by email or text messaging – and Oprah Winfrey interviewed him for 2 1/2 hours a few days ago with the edited (?) interview to be aired, soon.

Now, the Justice Department is “considering a lawsuit,” according to this morning’s news reports.

Although I feel that physical athletics has some merit, our Nation, as a whole, has placed too much emphasis on “sports” as a career, and turned a blind eye (enabling eye?) from the sins, crimes, and misdeeds of althetic “stars.” They are GROOMED to develop any spath traits that they might have otherwise managed, and the arrogance is so thick that one could slice it with a rusty butterknife.

What about the millions upon millions of people who “trusted” Armstrong’s vehement denials of doping? What about his teammates that were coerced or bullied into participating and enabling? What about the damaged integrity of the “Foundation” that Armstrong founded? What amount of money would repair these damages? The answer is NONE. There is NO amount of money or number of bullshirt apologies that can repair the damages that Armstrong has wrought in his arrogance.

FIE on Armstrong, and those of his ilk!

OxD, you are 100% spot-on. No spath wants to be kicked out of their proverbial Spath Closet, though their behaviors, choices, and actions clearly indicate that they have no remorse for their actions, right? How incongruous is that, anway?

The exspath was exposed as a really sick sexual deviant, AND he’s going to be exposed as a conniving thief, at some point. And, this all happened because of his very own choices and machinations. Spaths hate us for a host of excuses, but survivors that stand up and point them out are taking a HUGE risk because, as you mentioned OxD, we do not really or truly know what they are capable of.

When I examine my health issues while I was still living with the exspath, I was very, very sick. Sure, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (like MANY in recovery), but I was experiencing other symptoms that did not jibe with the diagnosis.

We simply don’t know the extent to which a spath will go to shut down a survivor, and it’s never wise to test that boundary, IMHO.

Brightest blessings

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

or stink as badly…..we all know what he is….

His “I am sorry and I admit to it all” campaign is just another angle of the spath…..gain empathy from the public due to his addiction….and start all over again…..

Like one comment here said that Sheryl Crow left….he might have threatened her therefore her silence…..I know when I split with my ex, he was very powerful as my bosses thought he was the greatest guy….he could have and would have had them believing his lies……he even threatened me with it…..

The list of these spaths goes on and on…..

Bicycling has been my main interest for 20 years. I remember seeing Lance Armstrong race before anyone not a fan of cycling ever heard of him. Initially, I was inspired by his comeback from cancer. That ended the day he first wore the Tout de France’s Yellow Jersey in 1999 — even back then, anyone with a knowledge of the sport new Armstrong could not have achieved what he achieved without doping. In that 1999 Tour, Lance Armstrong failed a doping control test for corticosteriods; conveniently, he produced a back-dated prescription and Cycling looked the other way and the monster was born.

Had Lance Armstrong been thrown out of that Tour and banned from Cycling for two years as he should have been, his career might have been over then…

While I want to watch the Oprah Show, at the same time I do not want to support this Psychopath’s last self-serving plot. The simple fact is Lance Armstrong is facing multiple civil suits that could cost him tens of millions and more important is facing potential criminal indictment by the US Government. He has lost all sponsors and right now, has no source of income.

By “confessing” on Oprah, he is merely trying to show “redemption” in the public eye, hopefully to prevent criminal action against him. Next will be a book so he can earn some money, a movie…

Do not let the Lance Armstrong Foundation smokescreen the fact that Lance Armstrong is a despicable person. The foundation was a con to provide cover to his cheating and to further his celebrity lifestyle — fighting cancer was tertiary. Many have provided testimony detailing Armstrong’s contempt for making public appearances on the part of Lance Armstrong Foundation.

There is simply nothing good about Lance Armstrong.

Here is anoter article about Lance and I think he needs to go to JAIL not on TV.


How does him “confessing” to Oprah show anything but contempt on his part, and on her part “anything for ratings and a buck”–I have no more respect for her than I do for him.

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