Priest says, then regrets saying, children are often seducers

Rev. Benedict Groeschel of New York says, in an interview, that priests accused of child sex abuse are often seduced by their accusers. He then apologized, and his order, the Franciscan Friars, says the priest is “mentally frail.”

Read NY priest apologizes for saying child is often seducer in sex abuse cases, on NBCNews.com.

And then there’s this:

Trial to open in notorious archdiocesan abuse case, on Philly.com.

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You know I read the first article and I was so furious I ground an inch of enamel off my teeth!

That ATTITUDE is what keeps the Catholic church in need of close monitoring by Catholics…not the government…I think except for prosecuting CRIMES committed by members of an organized group or religion, government should stay out of religion, that said, though, where there is covering up of crimes, like the Jeff’s thing on the mormon off shoot, and other CRIMES like the Tony Alamo thing, where he was “marrying” 9 year olds. I am so upset by this carp that I am babbling! LOL

I think the people who KNOW ABOUT THE CRIMES and COVER up the crimes should be prosecuted as well.

What about the parents of the 9 year old girls that Tony Alamao “married” or the young women that Jeffs “married”???Where are those parents in this deal? Why have those parents not been prosecuted for KNOWINGLY ALLOWING their children to be used in this way?

What about the other adults that KNEW ABOUT the children being abused and DID NOTHING?

I will be willing to bet the farm that this priest who said that children are seducers has either been conned by one of these pedophiles or is a pedophile himself. Either way, I hope he is fried by the media. UGH!!!!!!


Yes it beggars belief. I have first hand experience of Benedict boarding schools .. the notion ‘they’ have no idea where the ex Abbot of Ealing is a joke ..



Dear Moving on, yep, the church is hiding him, or someone from the church….and at his age, I imagine he will try to hide out until he croaks…that is the thing, they escape any way they can.

Thanks for posting that article. So typical.

Of course though I am not happy with UK “justice” in allowing murderers and pedophiles as bad as this to get “life” which means 7-8 years in prison. US isn’t much better, but SOME better about putting them away when they have killed or attacked kids.

I have a particular hate for pedophiles though.

I met a nun last nite her name was, Sister Mora Lee Wrong. She was handing out free condom’s.

Donna…..thank you for posting this danged article. I say this with absolute certainty: if Jesus dropped out of the sky, this afternoon, to fulfill the Second Coming, he’d take a look around at what has become of his command of “Love Thy Neighbor,” and zip right the hell back out of the atmosphere, never to return.

Holy criminy crissmass……..

Hens……..LMAO!!!!!!!!! Don’t get me started down that road!

Brightest blessings

I see any clergy and mindless followers that do this to children or that try to cover up the crime, guilty of a crimes against humanity. I think societal termites should be exterminated. Instead they are allowed to carry on damaging boys and girls so that they fall into drugs, alcohol and promiscuity so that they are the ones that are blamed, and not the sociopaths that wounded their hearts.

Hens, while condoms do LESSEN the amount of the STDs spread, they are not, I repeat, NOT, totally a guarantee of “safe” sex.

When I was at the college doing STD awareness talks, I tried to get the kids to listen to me with humor…and then facts. One of my favorite “one liners” was

What do you call people who use condoms for birth control?


Then go on to point out that a woman is only fertile about 3 days a month, and if condoms are not a good birth control then why would they expect that they would be a total DISEASE control?

Then I would go into details about the 18 different STDs (that many of them had never heard about) that condoms don’t even slow down, much less prevent.

I don’t know if I made any lasting impression on most of these kids when the hormones were raging, but maybe I did on a few of them and got them to be more careful about who they slept with, but if I helped one or two not get some disease that penicillian wouldn’t cure, then maybe I did some good with my talks.

A male friend my age recently got an STD that he will ahve to live with the rest of his life, though it won’t kill him. He came to me to talk about it, he is like a brother to me, and I’ve known him since we were toddlers. I told him about using condoms etc. and he said “Oh, I don’t like to use condoms, I only have sex with women I KNOW WELL ENOUGH TO NOT USE A CONDOM.”

I laughed like a hyena and asked him like Dr. Phil, “and how is that working out for you?” LOL ROTFLMAO I don’t know if he will use condoms from now on or not, but statistically the fastest growing group of people with STDs is my age (old farts) because so many of them don’t use condoms. Condoms DO help, but they are no guarantee.

I also told him that IF I were to be attracted to someone and I wanted to go to bed with them I would INSIST THAT THEY BE TESTED FOR EVERYTHING FIRST AND GIVE ME THE PAPERS TO PROVE THEY WERE OK. AND use a condom.

His reply was “well, what if they said NO?” I told him then I would say NO to going to bed with them. He had a stunned look on his face. DUH!?

I am an old fart, but I would not want to get a lot of things that I can think of by trading body fluids with someone else. In the climate of today,, I think that is the ONLY safe way to do it. But if someone wants to have sex like playing Russian Roulette with sexual organs, that is their choice…and so are the consequences.

It ain’t about the Nun Moral Lee Wrong, and it aint about NONE, it is about being SAFE with my body and my health. If someone doesn’t care enough about me, or about themselves, to wait until test results come back…then I don’t think I want to crawl into bed with them anyway. Or crawl into bed with someone I can’t talk to about disease transmission.

And hey, just because there is snow on the roof doesn’t mean there isn’t fire in the stove…even us old farts like sex, but I would just want to be safe about it for sure.

Yesterday I was watching a documentary with my father, and it was about the dancing boys of afghanistan. These men were so vile in their actions, using boys as young as 9 to “dance” for the dictators and men of power. The corruption when you get a whole groups of men in a society together, they cover themselves and when it is brought to light it is handled with a pat on the back. Disgusting.

Sorry if I was off topic,lol,there was a lot to read here and I just kinda skimmed through.

Jusst, here is a link to that practice and yes, it is as old as history and especially in the Muslim countries.


But women are also “property” as well as young boys and young girls in those countries.

THERE IS SO MUCH EVIL in the world….it does break ones heart to think about it though.

I read the other day where in UK that young Muslim men who are UK born and live in England, that 1 out of 5 think “honor killing” is OK if a young woman “shames” the family. It takes generations away from those customs for people to no longer believe that women are property, or that others are property. It is a shame, but it is just the way the world is. We assume that our own culture is “what is right”

Thank you Donna for covering this! I know so many “gay” men that are on a pedophile spectrum they use women (wives) as social cover and later they use homosexual men as social cover.

They manipulate and ruin lives of the adults they use and influence kids just coming out of the closet. This is such a HUGE problem and it’s not studied because it’s politicized and most of the targets are of legal age.

The message they send homosexual kids is that they need to be having a lot of meaningless sex all the time. They strip the kids down to get them in the habit of being sex objects as soon as they leave the house and that’s the only message most homosexual kids are getting out there!

The victim mentality of the predator is how they blame others for what they do. Took a child’s natural actions of pleasing and flipped it to blame the child. Demented…..


I totally agree that those who KNOW about or BECOME AWARE OF other adults OR older kids who are molesting/having sex with children of either sex and don’t turn them in, that those who don’t report it are just as guilty and need to be prosecuted. This is the one area that I think needs to have harsher, stricter laws: child protection.

The sad, or I should say the most tragic fact is that the statistics show that most child sexual abuse occurs in the child’s own home, perpetrated by a close relative. What tends to happen is that if Daddy, or Bubba or Cousin Spath or Uncle Rancid is the perp, then the child victim’s own mother and the rest of the family will close ranks to protect *the abuser* to protect the family from shame and legal prosecution. The little child victim gets thrown under the bus.

Of course there are also female perpetrators of child sexual abuse, its just that (so far) the overwhelming statistical evidence shows male perps. Plus there is still a HUGE, ghastly stigma or reluctance to consider the very idea that women perpetrate child sexual abuse, but it does happen. (see “Female Sexual Abuse of Children: The Ultimate Taboo” by Michele Elliot. Most of the research on that topic seems to be coming from Great Britain.)

Anyway, I figured that by now the Catholic Church had had enough shame and fund reduction due to pedophile priests and had decided to thoroughly clean house in that regard, but, apparently not. How naive of me! From what I’ve read, that particular line is THE *classic* thought-pattern and excuse of the child predator: “The kid wanted me to, the kid seduced ME.” Makes me want to puke.

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