LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: Can you count the love bombing red flags?

Editor’s Note: This Letter to Lovefraud was submitted by reader whom we’ll call “ProudMom.”

This was a text conversation between my 19 yr old daughter and a guy she’d only known at work for like 2 weeks. He’s already gotten her flowers, a wallet from her favorite superhero and it contained a special $2.00 bill inside of it. She saw the red flags but after making up excuses 3x previously, she was kind of worn down and was going to just humor him with one date so there wouldn’t be gossip.

She only saw the red flags because her sociopath father tried to kill both of us and we took classes. The creeper reminded her of her father, who was also pushy and also always carried the coveted $2.00 bill in his wallet.

(D) daughter
(C) creeper

(D) I know I’ve rescheduled our date three times. The truth is you are really nice and I appreciate your kindness, but I absolutely never date people I work with. I hope you want to remain friends, however I’m not going to change my mind.

(C) How come? And I can understand that but give it a chance it might be fun (: pls don’t cancel the date I was super excited for it !

(C) Trust me I won’t make it weird when I see you at work if anything when I’m at work I’m at work and I’m there to make money so I hope your not worried about me being a distraction cause I promise you I won’t be and of course we could still be friends but it be nice to see if something els happened wouldn’t it ?

(D) I’m not worried. I am politely trying to say that I’m not interested in dating at this point in my life. I appreciate you asking. Thank you anyway, I hope this doesn’t effect out friendship. See ya tomorrow. Thank you for understanding.

(C) Yeah your welcome and thanks for being polite about it I appreciate you for that and don’t worry kinda sucks but I guess when your not interested I can’t force you to go out with me I ‘m not that type of guy and I can respect that and yeah it won’t affect our friendship I still think you are nice girl and hopely In the future maybe we can try again but for now have a good night and I don’t work till Friday so I probably won’t see you till then bye.

(C) And I’m not mad just to let you know i will always be here if you need me .(:

(D to me) now I look like the bad guy. Mom- but you’ve graduated from sociopath school. Yay! Let’s just hope he’s not a stalker too.

This is creeper school 101! Love bombing! So glad her dad is such a psycho that she saw the signs and flags flashing! She never went on the date, so I guess good can come from very bad experiences!


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