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Mischele Lewis receives ‘Nicole’s Law’ restraining order against William Allen Jordan

William Allen Jordan

William Allen Jordan mug shot.

Editor’s note: Joyce M. Short is the author of “Carnal Abuse by Deceit How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape.”

Our Unity Has the Power to Make a Radical Change

By Joyce Short

Although Judge John Tomasello flatly refused to issue a restraining order to protect Mischele Lewis, a victim of sexual assault by coercion, his absurd, misogynist decision was rendered to the trash heap where it belonged.

As a result of the media exposure on the issue, through this blog and additional coverage, I was contacted by Michelle Noberto, the outraged mom of a prior sexual assault victim.  ”Nicoles Law,” named for her daughter, which makes restraining orders automatic in sexual assault cases, had been grossly overlooked.

Noberto immediately rolled up her sleeves and demanded that the Prosecutor in Burlington County issue a “Nicole’s Law” restraining order forthwith. On June 20, only 15 days subsequent to Tomasello’s irresponsible ruling, Mischele Lewis was issued a temporary order to protect herself and her family. Upon conviction of the accused, William Allen Jordan, the temporary “Nicole’s Law” order becomes permanent.

Our efforts have shown that we can make a difference. Victims of this type of crime exist throughout the US, and throughout the world. By coming together to support each other and call out for protections and justice in a public way, we can, and are, making a difference.

The case against William Allen Jordan goes before the Grand Jury tomorrow. If the indictment holds up, there will be a trial, and all of us here on LoveFraud will have the opportunity to emotionally support Mischele Lewis and witness the case against a notorious sexual con artist first hand. We all know that justice is less about truth and more about proof, but the concept alone that Burlington County clearly saw this predator’s wrongdoing as a criminal offense is a victory, in itself, for all of us.


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I was so livid when I first read about this case on your site Mischele Lewis was trying to protect herself and her family in court where you expect to get some type of justice but most importantly protection and she was failed by a horrible judge.

I was thinking that any women who does not get a order of protection from the court should immediately contact the States Attorneys office to have them look into the protective order request case by requesting a “Special Prosecutor”. I just cant imaging that the States Attorneys office would not push an order of protect just for the mere fact it sets them up for a very large law suit should anything happen to the victim or their family.

These judges have way to much power with very little checks and balance oversight.

This article makes my day! It’s so powerful to know Donna that out of your heartache you have done so much good. So glad that Michelle Noberto contact you and thankful for all of her handwork in getting this extremely important law passed. I would love for you to do an article on what Michelle Noberto had to do to get this law passed in her state and her daughters story also.

Thank you so much Donna for allof your hardwork!!

ps is this just a NJ law or in all states??

Jan7 – this article was written by Joyce Short – she is the one who was contacted about the law. She deserves the credit.

As far as I know – it is just a New Jersey law.


Joyce my sincere apologies for not catching the fact that you wrote this updated post about Michelle. Thank you for your hard work and keeping us updated.


Way to go! Publicity for the cause does help. It is heartening to see us being able to help each other, so something good comes out of our experiences. Without your publicity, this help would not have come. Another 20/20 story?

Escape- You never know, stay tuned!

Jan7- No problem. I firmly believe this fight “takes a village” and all of us, including all who come forward for advice and solace in this and other public forums, or by reading the books that deal with this problem, are doing their part to give this issue the exposure needed to make a difference.

One day, everyone will understand, BEFORE they are duped by an emotional predator, that they exist, how to spot them, and how to recoup your life with dignity when it happens to you.

All the best!


Jm Short…I so agree with you that it takes a “village”…this is one thing a sociopath does not count on…he is so masterful at isolating a victims but when we escape we find each other and heal together. It’s a true blessing.

If every good person knew what we know there would be peace on earth. Hopefully someday soon everyone will be educated and will lift up a victims of abuse!


Joyce, well done!


Thank goodness for people like Joyce who are trying to make a difference for all victims by “educating” the legal profession (police, attorneys etc.) about the psychology of this devastating illness. I feel that we victims will never succeed until the leagal professionals are made to take basic courses in psychology BEFORE practicing their professions. Kudos to you!

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