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Women create educational video on sociopathy

Jade Joddle, and her business partner, Charlotte, create animated videos that offer information on love, relationships and personality disorders.

One of the videos that content manager, Jade, and illustrator, Charlotte, collaborated on  may be of interest to Lovefraud readers:

Sociopath Quiz: Have you fallen in love with a sociopath?

Link supplied by Lovefraud reader.

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Thanks for posting – the video is really good! Two caveats – and thankfully these are pointed out many times here on LF – women can be sociopaths, too, and it’s not just in romance that these people can do real harm. Keep your eyes open at work and many other places. I feel it’s very valuable to keep my eyes open in all situations. The video exposes the sociopath’s tricks in some really new and creative ways. I hope they do more videos.

Hopefully the video helps some people walk away from sociopaths and have no contact.

Thanks again for posting!

This is a great little video. What hits home with me is the charm and charisma part. My xhusband is an attractive man and he was always surrounded by other women. Always. He even worked toward a career where he would be with more women than men throughout the day. When he was offered different positions where there were more men, he’d reject the offers. So of course when I met or spent time with his female colleagues, tension was thick in the room. I can’t remember a time where I ever felt comfortable or confident in his presence when there were other women surrounding him. THIS should have been THE most blatant sign to me .. alas, it wasn’t. In my denial, I saw it as a sign that he was well liked by others and so must be a good person at heart.

Good educational video!The more education,the more these vampires can hopefully be prevented from ‘doing their thing’!

I was just thinking;as I have often,that when we first attended a congregation meeting together,I SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SIGN!But I was completely naive at that time about many things;especially sociopaths!Before going inside the building,he told me,”Listen,you’ll have to introduce me to these people because I’m very shy!” I thought “awww,how sweet!”He made it inside before I did-he walked fast!By the time I got inside he was shaking hands and exchanging greetings with a huge smile on his face!!! I was flabbergasted!But because he was getting along with everyone,I was happy,and didn’t question it…BIG MISTAKE!

He didn’t move quite as fast as the video;simply because he knew our standards to be high.But less than 6 monthes later,we were married.And although we’d had the “children conversation” during the engagement period;and it was MUTUALLY decided that we’d put starting a family off for a time…on our wedding day,I was informed that he didn’t think we should use birth control;that if I got pregnant,it was “God’s Will”!I did let him know that I was using birth control,and reminded him of our mutual decision!However,I still ended up pregnant 3 monthes later!Before that daughter turned 3 yrs,I had 2 more girls!Then I INSISTED on a tubal ligation.Our intimate life was history.

I stayed and took care of him and our girls despite the domestic turmoil.Everytime I tried to make plans to leave…it was like he was already informed!There just was no way!

Ok.So I stay.The oldest daughter leaves home.The other two girls are just about finished with school.My sister helps me leave…assisted by the police!I stayed away for 5 yrs.But he kept in contact!By this time the other girls were off on their own.Due to health issues/frailty and his comforting me at this vulnerable time,we ended up getting back together.BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!
It was his way of getting revenge!For the first few weeks,it was like a honeymoon period;then very abruptly,he becomes bedridden,stops taking his own baths,stops walking to the bathroom,stops brushing his teeth & shaving!Suddenly I became his 24/7 caregiver!Then he peed in the bed.He tried to say he couldn’t help it.Then he tells a story about a handicapped friend of his who peed in his bed to get back at his wife!UHHUH!

But I finally got to the point that I walked out on him again…this time for good.I went No Contact (now 1 year and 7 monthes) andsought counselling.I’m happy once again!


I worry a little about this video because it paints an over the top view of the predatory sociopath. Spathtard was just WAY more clever and certainly couldn’t pretend to claim the “great sex and over the top romance” aspect of the love bombing phase. I was actually and embarrassingly a cheap conquest for him. Flowers from his mothers garden, brought me leftovers from the meals she had paid for and prepared for HIM. Sure, he bought cards now and then and gifts but in the love bombing phase? I don’t think he ever even asked me to go on a date. He did something so tailored to ME that I don’t know if he would have pulled it off with someone else. Of course he probably would have done things differently with someone else.
I just find myself concerned when I read or hear things written about them that makes it seem like you could identify them easily because of X,Y &Z..

I know that my relationship with Spath was different than many that are described here at Lovefraud as “exciting;good sex,etc”;but it’s still pretty easy to figure out the ‘red flags’ of a sociopath,even when they vary!Think about it;people are different-they come from different cultures,different environments.Sometimes the sociopath you run into next is a woman.Just keep the ‘red flags’ in mind and it will help you figure out if you’re looking at a sociopath!


Blossom4th……I hear you and i think what I’m trying to say is that many of the red flags were not INITIALLY visible or they were absent altogether. Don’t get me wrong…..even at the very beginning I KNEW there were things to be concerned about but not OVERLY concerned about because I didn’t know what the red flags meant in HIS case, i.e.,,,,,,a psychopath. See the picture of the “Lovefraud Media Survey” predator stare guy on the left?? I saw that look many times and once directed at me……….but not until I was in deeper that I could swim out of. He was just something i had never come across before and my reaction was like the people who have never seen a Tsunami before and instead of running, they stand entranced by the spectacle.

I think I do understand what you’re saying!”my reaction was like the people who have never seen a Tsunami before and instead of running, they stand entranced by the spectacle.” That describes how I felt when I realized that my husband wasn’t normal….and I’m pretty sure that’s how most victims of sociopaths feel….like helpless,drowning victims!!!


I’m telling you that picture of that man NAILS “the look”. I can’t tell you how many times I saw him looking at other people like that and once I caught him looking at me like that. I said “why are you looking at me like that… look angry. What’s wrong”? He dismissed it. It just creeps me out so badly that HE had THAT look!

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