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LETTERS TO LOVE FRAUD: A tale of 4 wives

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following email from a woman who knows the 3rd wife. We’ll call her “Observer.”

While married to the 1st wife, he had a child out of wedlock with another woman, so two of his daughters are the same age. He left his girlfriend and went back to his wife, never making an attempt to contact this child again. He still brags about removing all the household belongings while the grandmother babysat, even taking the pictures off the wall. Years later his 1st wife’s sister would explain to the 3rd wife that she came home from work to find her house cleaned out, “She got the kids, but he gets everything else.” His excuse is that none of his wives work and don’t deserve anything from the marriages. His three children from his 1st marriage have 10 illegitimate grandchildren between them, all on welfare.

He married his 2nd wife in an elaborate ceremony while she was still married to her 2nd husband. The State does not require proof of divorce, only the date of dissolution. It would take her three years to save up enough money to divorce her 2nd husband. Using the excuse that this marriage was not legal, he moved on to his next victim.

The 3rd wife

While still married to his 2nd wife, he married yet a 3rd wife, 2-3 weeks after the death of her husband. Two years into the marriage, $275,000 in insurance money, savings and IRAs would be gone. She had to get her 3 front teeth capped on welfare after he jerked her out of bed for refusing to get up and busted her face against the bedpost. There would be numerous other accidents never reported: slammed fingers in a door 2-3 times breaking them, and the same to her toe, black eyes.

The business she inherited from her 1st husband was in foreclosure as well as both houses, which the business had been refinanced against, hers having been built by and paid by her 1st husband. After she obtained work elsewhere, he arranged to leave work at 9 am every payday while still residing with his 3rd wife and withdrew her paycheck, explaining he was getting ahead on bills. What he did was make her pay for a 2nd warehouse and remove their belongings to hide them and show his probation officer the 1st storage unit almost empty.

Annulment and back with 2nd wife

The annulment of the 2nd marriage dragged on for 5 years. During that time, he had left his 3rd wife several times and set up house with his 2nd wife, telling the police that his 2nd wife was his legal spouse. Within weeks of moving back in with his 2nd wife, while his 3rd wife lived with her brother, he would finally be charged with domestic abuse by the State. He again reconciled with the 3rd wife after these charges, explaining this was caused by a soup can slipping out his hand and hitting her on the foot.

Four months after the annulment of his 2nd marriage, he again left his 3rd wife and moved back in with his 2nd wife after she received a small inheritance from her grandfather and set up house in a luxurious brick condo with a double garage, and the flag pole from his 3rd wife’s husband’s business. He also received a new truck and camper. During this domestic arrangement, he again beat up his 2nd wife and his probation was revoked and he was sent to the County Jail, which is the employer of his 4th wife.

Hidden assets

He had his 3rd wife’s family help hide assets from the 2nd wife during the 5-year-long annulment proceedings, which were dropped for numerous reconciliations in exchange for dropping restraining orders. He forged his 2nd wife’s signature on a Harley-Davidson and traded it in for a new one with his and the 3rd wife’s name on it. He also received 2 snowmobiles and a new truck financed in his 3rd wife’s name. He needed her credit because his former wives did not work and they ruined his credit when he did not pay the bills. Neither of the Harley’s would be seen again, until he changed parts and painted them black and started riding them with his 4th wife, who works at the courthouse. They are both in replevin and he denies having them.

He also has a 3rd Harley in replevin that was owned by a friend that had fallen victim to him, trading it for a car that his 2nd wife’s son had defaulted on. His 3rd wife exposed the fraud and the car was repossessed, having been reported stolen. He did not show up for court for any of these hearings and never hires an attorney, although both his 3rd and 4th wives hired lawyers for him to settle his previous relationships to be with him.

Blames STD on wives

When his 3rd wife went to the emergency room, she was told by the attending physician it was the worst case of genital herpes he had ever seen in his career. This presented itself three years into the marriage and her only other partner had been her deceased husband of 23 years. Being the kind, gentle understanding person Con Man is, her 2nd husband offered to seek out his 2nd wife and beat her up. But he is not violent. He has told his 4th wife he doesn’t have it. His two ex-wives gave it to each other and his 3rd wife believes that to this day. Her 3rd husband contracted it and it presented during hospitalization for open-heart surgery.

He uses his spouse to obtain access to firearms. The probation officer had revealed a Texas gun felony, which the 2nd and 3rd wives had hid from their families. His 3rd wife was called uncooperative by the probation officer after she dropped a domestic abuse restraining order three weeks after filing it when she came home and found her house cleaned out except for her children’s graduation pictures, a box spring and mattress and her clothes thrown on the floor. He didn’t even leave her a dresser or a television set. He convinced the probation officer to drop the domestic abuse restraining order from the 2nd wife and they moved in together to reconcile with marriage counseling, although their marriage had been annulled four months prior. They would become engaged during the 3rd wife’s divorce proceedings. All three of his last four wives would be engaged and travel to Las Vegas to meet his family.

The 4th wife

His 4th wife, a recent widow of one year, became engaged to him 2 ½ months after their 1st date because of his deep understanding of her feelings regarding the passing of her husband. He moved in with her rent free. Within 4 months, he had convinced her to build him a new cabin and garage. He managed to remove his 2nd and 3rd wives’ names from the property in his divorce and annulment; however, it is not paid for. He has paid nothing for this property owing to an inmate in the State prison system.

The 4th wife considers this to be judgmental after spewing that this is all pathetic lies and jealously. He thanked her for being understanding, especially after someone else had to confront her with his court records, which are in the courthouse that she works at. This is in the past and she is the right wife and their love is real.

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Ox Drover

Dear Observer, which wife’s mother/sister are you? Or are you wife #3?

This POS (piece of shiat) is really a great one! He should be in prison for life and yet he SKATES.

They are good at finding men/women who are vulnerable to their lies.


I could be reading my own story here it is so similar. I am ex wife “4 he is presently back with ex wife “2 again, silly stupid woman.My sp gave me genital warts from having sex with women off a sex dating site, Then blamed me for it.(of course) told them all he was divorced and i was living hundreds of miles away, the truth was I was visiting my family for the holidays.My god talk about a smear campaign, I haven’t even met his ex 2nd wife but she has damned me and is 100% on his side,despite him doing the same to her years ago, of course he is wealthy and cahrming and soooo convincing.He deserves an oscar for his acting skills.

He then decided to pay me a visit burglarize my home and then tell the police I invited him and gave him my personal property including Xmas presents that were for me from my kids. Anyway the state attny is dealing with it. I can’t say anymore until this is done then will up date everyone keep ur fingers crossed for me

My goodness good luck with this. Hope they crucify him…

Learus Ohnine


He was arrested by police on Tues and charged with a 2nd deg felony for burglary. He was bailed out the same day. and now his family are saying shame on me!!!!! unbelieveable. I guess the fun will start now and his true skills of lying will come out, luckily no phone records no contact and witnesses so I am hoping he will be found guilty. If he is I am asking for the maximum sentence, after all he has given me a life sentence of an std


If she’d just check his cell phone, she’d see he is still talking to his ex-wife.


Oh yes, he likes the strip clubs, goes to them with his son who just had a baby out of wedlock. And their computer if full of pornography. He’s a truck driver, that’s how he met his 2nd wife and contracted VD, but he doesn’t have it.


Dear Observer, just WOW! What a tale of deceptions! Going to have to go back and read it again a frw more times! Just wow. To all outward appearences, to a “normal” person, this is just to far-fetched. But to us here at Lovefraud….yeah, we get it! We certainly can relate! Best wishes!

Dear Observer,
This reads like a soap opera! This man is out for himself and doesn’t care who he hurts or what rule he breaks!Then he has the audacity to blame others!He needs to pay for his ‘sins’-not be allowed to wander and ‘fester’.

Tea Light

Another one rumbled. Thanks observer and very best wishes to wife3 who appears to be your friend or relative?


Observer, just……………

This guy is a walking disease and there is absolutely NO pun intended.

Wife #4 is in such deep denial that she’s not going to know what hit her after he drains her finances and moves on to the NEXT victim.


Brightest blessings


I remember having the same feelings as wife #4. That all his past issues were in the past and he loved me and would never treat me the same way as all those other women. He had me believing that I was his true love and that I was the one to make him a better man.

Boy was I wrong.

She will come to that same realization. Unfortunately she will have to do it the hard way.

We live and learn!It’s too bad that others must learn the hard way rather than learning from our experience!


I want to PUNCH this man. The monster I divorced also felt that it was fair that I got the kids and he got everything else. It doesn’t seem to concern him that having nothing makes it quite difficult for me to support the children he supposedly loves.

It seems like wife #4 suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder; she got married too quickly in order to replace the loss of her husband. Sociopaths love to jump on the opportunity to take advantage of someone who just recently lost someone they were close to because they know the person is not thinking clearly and is more vulnerable than someone who is not emotionally distracted by the grieving process. It makes things easier for the sociopath to conjure up lies geared towards the grieving person’s hope to regain balance in their life again.

Just my opinion.



More than just an opinion… The psychopath never would have gotten me even though I was only 18 when he targeted me. But my mother was dying of cncer and I was totally lost and vulnerable.

I was sent away to college even with her diagnosis of six months to live. He found me at enrollment, he was a senior and creeped me out totally. He was obviouly there to stalk younger girls. I did not want to be at college, I did not want to know him. I even tried to steal books from the Universtiy book store to get sent home.

There was no getting rid of him. I got pregnant shortly after my mother died and did not want to marry him but he found out and I gave up. Then when I decided to get a divorce I got pregnant again. Did he know? It took me over ten years to get away from him.

And when the children were grown I tried to declare my total independence from him and he used them against me. I have been in a twenty year battle to iradicate myself from him without losing my children. I failed. I lost my daughter and grandchildren. So did he; at least the babies are safe…for now.

And I still have my loving husband, my wonderful son and his wife who I love dearly.


But that’s why she loves Con Man, he is so understanding.

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