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Lovefraud Female Sociopath Survey – please share what you know

Outraged blonde woman  with arms crossed on white backgroundDo you know a woman or girl who you believe may have sociopathic traits? If you do, tell Lovefraud about her.

Most experts believe that there are more male sociopaths than female. In fact, experts estimate that there are three times as many disordered males as females.

Research about sociopaths is generally done with males. Not much is known about disordered women. So I’d like to gather data about female sociopaths for a new book that explains what they are really like.

I’m looking for input from Lovefraud readers who have been involved with female sociopaths in any of the following capacities:

  • Spouse or ex-spouse
  • Romantic partner
  • She is your mother
  • She is your stepmother
  • She is your daughter
  • She is your stepdaughter
  • She is your sister
  • Work colleague
  • Business associate
  • Other family member
  • Friend, neighbor or acquaintance
  • Other

I invite you to share your observations and experiences about one particular individual. If you’ve known more than one female sociopath, you are welcome to complete the survey multiple times.

The survey will probably take 15-30 minutes, depending on how much detail you provide there are some questions where you can say whatever you want. It is anonymous, unless you choose to provide me with your contact information so I can follow up on your story if necessary.

Collectively, Lovefraud readers have a lot of important information about disordered personalities, including women. By sharing what you know and have experienced, you’ll be contributing to global understanding and perhaps healing.

Go to the Lovefraud Female Sociopath Survey.


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Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the survey. It was cathartic indeed. I only wish that there was a place in the survey to provide a photo and social security number for this female sociopath. Don’t we want to warn potential targets that women like that are out there? Is there a database to register these sociopaths? I think that women sociopaths somehow are able to fly under the radar and we need to shine a big bright light on them. They are every bit as deceitful and manipulative as male sociopaths. Perhaps even better at manipulation.

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