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Lovefraud Lesson #4 – Sensationalism and sociopaths

In the latest video of the Lovefraud Lessons series, Donna Andersen explains that what you learn about sociopaths on television is, at best, incomplete, and at worst, dangerous. Watch it here:


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Donna, what an excellent topic for your video series: NOT ALL KILLERS……..

And, I particularly identified with the emotional predators that you mentioned.

Thank you for your hard work and efforts to educate.

Brightest blessings


Right on the target. One missing link, people ask me did he take your money, I say no, but he made me lose all my money without feeling a pinch of regret, that I am cause for this woman losing all her life saving and I have millions and I am walking away without giving her one penny.

So long story short, yes he didn’t take moneywise from me, but made me lose all my life saving, and worked very hard to control me every which way, and when he saw he can’t control me, he took off, but in the process he did damage to me that I was having anxiety attachs. I was a strong woman when I met him, and he took a pleasure in controlling me, it was a game, like winning over somebody, like testing his own ability and I was a subject. Yes I let him, but I didn’t know I was doing that, manipulation was so much that I was confused. After 3 years of his leaving, I feel more normal now, but then I have hard time trusting another man.


This site is so on target.


Czarinamom, a friend of mine sent me an email, yesterday, in response to my current situation. I had been whining (?) about how it seems that lying, cheating, stealing, and all bad behaviors seem to be more profitable than walking a righteous path.

What he said has stuck in my mind, hopefully, forever. He said (paraphrased) that it may seem profitable, but it is imperfect, in the whole scheme of things. What they take, today, they cannot take with them when they inevitably die. They die, and that’s it – no light at the end of any tunnel, no relatives or friends waiting to guide them on to whatever lies beyond….nothing. It’s lights-out, and tits-up.

Empaths, on the other hand, maintain a pure positive energy, and the first Rule of Science is that energy can neither be created or destroyed. It just “is,” and transfers from one form to another. This was the inference that he was making, I believe.

So, this is another thing for me to hold on to. This is just a step on the path of my energy. I hope to have some sort of spiritual epiphany from all of this.

Brightest blessings to you, and pity for the spath’s new source…..deep pity



Yes, they die on their mountain of money all alone with noone to remember them. We live on in the memory of people, friends, family, people we loved and loved us back. They die still envious, still greedy, never satisfied, a wasted life without legacy or lasting impact.

And even those dictators who thought they were immortal and almost like a god learn that death comes to them as well and as humbling as it comes to everybody else they looked down on. Khadaffi, Hoessein, Bin Laden, Hitler, Pinochet, Caucescu… many died a violent end, but they all had to face the humility that they were as mortal as anybody else, and ‘just like that – puff – he’s gone’

Death is always humbling, except for those who are already humble.


Thank you my heart and truthspeak for your comments:


Czarinamom, it may “seem” or “appear” to be all parties and shopping, but his new victim is going to feel the hammer stroke, in due time, and it is vital to feel the same pity for her that you would feel for any of the LoveFraud contributors and readers.

Didn’t it take time for you to uncover the illusion? So it will be with this new victim.

What her children may, or may not, think is irrelevent. In situations like this, the children are shoved right out of the picture to complete the illusion of devotion. The big house, the cars, the parties, the money – don’t allow bitterness at what appears to be his “good fortune” fester. It’s all an illusion.

Right now, the exspath who relieved me of over 250,000 and 14 years of my life is pretending that he’s Ernest Hemmingway. He’s creating what he believes to be a romantic illusion that cloaks what he really is: a violent, sexual deviant and fraud. His next victim will buy into the illusion, just as I did, and I pity whomever that will be.

The Reality Hammer is going to fall squarely on this new victim’s head. She will wake up one day, and see that the spath has destroyed her social status, her integrity, her finances, and her life will be left in ruins just as yours was. Her recovery will be harder won, as well. To repair one’s social, political, and financial integrity is a far greater task than the emotional and spiritual recovery, IMHO, because her life – her ENTIRE (caps for emphasis) LIFE – has been centered around her political and social status. Once that has been dismantled, it is nigh-on-impossible to rebuild it, and she will be utterly ruined.

Pity this woman from the depths of your soul, and push bitterness away with both hands. And, be prepared to be truthful if she ever reaches out to you with, “Why? Why did he do this to me?” No bitterness, no blame, just truths.

Brightest and most comforting blessings to you


Dear Truthspeak:
Thank you for the lovely response.

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