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UK law enables people to learn if their new partners are violent

It’s called “Clare’s Law,” named for a woman who was murdered by her boyfriend, a man that she met on Facebook. Both men and woman in the UK will be able to ask police if their new intimate partners have a history of domestic violence.

Read: Women will get right to ask for new boyfriends’ police files under controversial Clare’s Law initiative, on

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Donna, there is NO font large or bold enough to respond to this article. TOWANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is precisely what is needed, everywhere. Not just women, but men seeking criminal records of females, as well. Criminal records should be a public matter, even if time was served and they have completed Parole.

Yes, there are a scant few convicted criminals who were not guilty of what they were convicted for – but, that is a very scant few.



When will they do something like this for children being returned to abusive parents?

There should also be stiff penalties for people who maliciously report individuals as violent who are not, not just a weeding out process.


G1S, I agree. The whole system – legal, law enforcement, education, etc. – is all broken and needs repair.


It’s about time someone in the world cared about the ‘survivors’ and the ‘potential victims’!!!!!!!!!!!

I might have to think about relocating, this is such amazing news!

Thanks Donna for sharing this.
Hope still lives!


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