Lovefraud Lesson #9: Why do sociopaths marry?

In response to my last video about sociopaths and love bombing, a Lovefraud reader asked a question: Why do sociopaths marry? In this video, I answer the question. For more videos, visit the Lovefraud Video Page.

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Hope52, DivorcedFromGasLighter & WifeNo5: My former husband was running a $22 million Ponzi scheme and, thankfully, had been under surveillance for several months prior to a federal raid on our home last year. After he was hauled away in handcuffs, I found out that our phones had been tapped and my innocence was determined by my frustration and complete lack of knowledge during personal conversations. I also discovered that the Feds had questioned my friends and his assistant as to my knowledge or lack thereof, since, initially, I was considered “guilty by association.” Once they realized that I was his biggest victim, I was treated very well and with compassion by the agents who were charged with seizing jewelry, cars and other items of value. My husband had used my identity on one of the companies that was instrumental in his scheme, but the IRS interviewed me and reported that my identity had been used fraudulently and without my knowledge; however, I was advised to file my own tax returns as quickly as possible. I’m hoping that the “Innocent Spouse” rule will protect me if either of two joint tax returns are ever subjected to further scrutiny.

Donna: Thank you…and thank you for LoveFraud. The healing that takes place from the information, understanding and compassion found here is unquestionably the best to be found anywhere online. As much as I dislike “victimhood,” betrayal dished out by sociopaths is the very worst type there is and, 16 months later, I’m still cleaning up messes and working on “moving on.” If only all sociopaths could be imprisoned and locked away from caring, honest people. In that, at least, I consider myself very lucky.

2TimeSurvivor, welcome to LoveFraud and I am horrified by your experiences. I’m so grateful that you weren’t involved in the spath’s activities as so many victims/targets are often drawn into their deviant underworlds.

I’m also grateful that ONE spath is being held accountable. Holy cow…..

It hasn’t been all that long for you to process your horrific experiences, so be kind to yourself. Although I had bad experiences and was literally wiped out on every level, I was not raided by any agency and didn’t experience any of the unimaginable carnages that you must have.

Brightest blessings

When I read stories like 2TimeSurvivor I realize I got off lucky. Good luck to you.

TruthSpeak & Kmillercats: Thank you for your kind words. Now that 16 months have gone by and I’ve completed one major move, I am able to look back and realize how far I’ve come. At the same time, I look at the remaining messes and realize how much I still need to do before I can move forward. But I’ll get there! 🙂

2TimeSurvivor, your experiences and your resilience is an inspiration to me, personally.

From what I’ve read, you were able to accept the truths about the spath and detach yourself, quickly. Yeah, you were left with the “messes,” but your recovery and resolve are powerful. Even with everything that you experienced, I’m reading a serenity and acceptance that I aspire to.

Brightest blessings

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