Man cons woman to adopt baby

A Pennsylvania woman met a guy online, fell for his stories, and got pregnant. She claims that he then conned her into giving him the child.

Read: Woman fights man she met online for baby, on

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A good friend turned me on to Seth Godin’s blog.
Each day, he posts a short, insightful blog. I thought this blog was a really good one and I’d like to share it.

Ashamed to not know

Society changes when we change what we’re embarrassed about.

In just fifty years, we’ve made it shameful to be publicly racist.

In just ten years, someone who professes to not know how to use the internet is seen as a fool.

The question, then, is how long before we will be ashamed at being uninformed, at spouting pseudoscience, at believing thin propaganda? How long before it’s unacceptable to take something at face value? How long before you can do your job without understanding the state of the art?

Does access to information change the expectation that if you can know, you will know?

We can argue that this will never happen, that it’s human nature to be easily led in the wrong direction and to be willfully ignorant. The thing is, there are lots of things that used to be human nature, but due to culture and technology, no longer are.

Sky, what’s the link to this guy’s blogs?

I LOVE He is a marketing guru who encourages entrepreneurs to think from different perspectives. Currently he is encouraging biz to give something away. The more you give away, the more that is returned to you. Being miserly about your services does not make you valued by your customers, it makes you less appealing. In this day of being nickled and dimed by airlines, phone companies, grocery stores, etc., giving something of value that others don’t have to pay for makes your business stand out. Have a restaurant? Share a recipe. OR tell people something unusual and for a foodie wannabee, like how to cut a mango. I have been following this idea for years in my biz, sharing my knowledge so that my clients will come to me for more, b/c I have more to share. It also encourages GROWTH, b/c once we “process” what we have given away, it’s not GONE, it’s at the next level! That’s the Steve Jobs Apple growth model. Challenge yourself to innovate. Seth Godin inspires GREAT ideas.

I’ll look it up and see. I have always had the idea in business that the customer MUST BE HAPPY…and Ii have always tried to make my customers feel that they “got a good deal” and that is why I had such a big repeat business in my grass fed meat sales through the years. Even though I increased the size of my herd I couldn’t keep up with the demand for my meat.

Even now when I only have a few old pet cows to produce meat for us and our friends, and haven’t actually sold meat in over 6 years, I still get from one to three or four “word of mouth” requests for meat.

Unfortunately, the only person around here who raises grass fed beef and other meat is a what I think is very high in P traits and I will not recommend him to anyone just “on principle.”

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