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Man in Turkey sentenced to rape by fraud

Cengiz Simsek in Turkey

Cengiz Simsek, a con man in Turkey, was convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

Editor’s note: Here’s more news from “Mavi” in Turkey. She has translated a news article for Lovefraud. Some more accurate English translations are suggested in italics.

Women rights are miserable in my country. We have the so-called rights, but socially we don’t have them. I should probably separate myself from the majority because I live in an intellectual circle, so I don’t suffer from social pressure like the others do.

Anyway, the rapists, pedophiles, murderers don’t get what they deserve legally most of the time. But yesterday I read this news: A psychopath defrauded many women; many of them have been scared and avoided giving testimony but two women did and he has been condemned for rape because of having sexual contact by defrauding.

The court called it aggravated sexual assault. This is a first in my country and wanted to share it with you.

I am architect Cengiz, nice to meet you

Cengiz ÅžimÅŸek, who introduces himself on online platforms as the son of a diplomat and defrauds women by false marriage proposals, has been convicted for having sexual intercourse by using a fake title (identity). This kind of intercourse is considered as an aggravated sexual assault by the Supreme Court. ÅžimÅŸek received 15 years of prison.

According to the court case, Cengiz ÅžimÅŸek, who appears as “thousand face” in the police records, married and father of two children, introduced himself to women as an architect graduated from Hamburg University and the son of a diplomat who serves in Egypt. ÅžimÅŸek, who founded a fake architectural office in Ankara, introduced the other members of his network (co-conspirators) to women he met as his sisters and brothers, thus he had their confidence. It appeared that he defrauded the woman named N.D. by giving a blood sample in Çankaya Municipality, bringing a fake marriage officer to home and creating a fake wedding scene (ceremony).

Two lovers and the wife in the same house

ÅžimÅŸek introduced his ex-girlfriend NurÅŸan Ayana a member of his network to his lawyer girlfriend, A.K., as his sister, and GülÅŸen Duyak as his cousin. ÅžimÅŸek and his lawyer girlfriend A.K. lived in the same house until the marriage. As lawyer A.K. demanded, the wedding is decided (planned) to happen in Mersin. During the ceremony, suspect Nazife ÅžimÅŸek (mother of Cengiz ÅžimÅŸek) played the role of ÅžimÅŸek’s aunt, NurÅŸen Ayana his sister (actually his lover), and GülÅŸen Duyak his cousin (actually his lover). The suspects kept the jewelry and money given by the guests as wedding gifts. ÅžimÅŸek made A.K. sell her house and take credit from the bank under the pretext to buy a bigger house.

Hidden camera archive

After Cengiz ÅžimÅŸek has been arrested, some sexually explicit materials of 20 different women were found on the captured computer, hard discs and CD’s. The blackmail purpose had been recorded on the materials, arranged in alphabetical order according to the different names and cities. Between the women identified, most were scared of lodging a complaint, however two of them were deposed in the court. ÅžimÅŸek, still arrested, had been on trial on Ankara 9th High Criminal Court. On the first decision (charge) the court condemned ÅžimÅŸek to 11 years in jail for two different crimes: “directing a criminal organization,” “infraction of personal life,” “using fake identity,” “fraudulency.” The court acquited ÅžimÅŸek for having sexual relationship with two different women, considering it was voluntary (consensual). The other 5 suspects have been condemned to between 1 and 3 years of jail.

She wouldn’t have sexual intercourse if she knew

Victim N.D.’s lawyer, Barış Ozan Vural, differentiated (objected to) the decision of acquittal for “sexual assault.” The Supreme Court overruled the decision by saying “having sexual contact by using a fake title is an aggravated sexual assault, she wouldn’t do it if she knew he was unemployed and a liar.” Ankara 9th High Criminal Court inspected (reviewed) the case and ÅžimÅŸek was sentenced to 15 years for “aggravated sexual assault.”


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What an outrageous story. It’s interesting that a man has been convicted of rape by fraud in Turkey, but no one is convicted of this in the United States.


I just shake my head at the level of craziness these people go to…the saddest part is most people have no clue that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths. The only people that learn about how common and what lengths these sociopaths will go to are all victims that have been told the truth by a counselor or have done a extensive search on the net. I am glad that the Turkish court gave this convictions to this sociopath but sadly we know that once this guy is released he will be back to his old tricks again.

I look at all the con artist sociopaths on Wall Street scamming 100’s of millions to billion’s of dollars and they are only give just several years in jail instead of a life time sentence. I think that it is not justice for the investors who lost their life savings have to endure their emotional & financial pain for life.

Mavi, thank you for taking the time to translate this case for us to read, it’s interesting to see how other countries handle such cases regarding these evil people.

Thanks Donna for bringing this article from Turkey to light.

Anyone who would like to know what the laws are on rape by fraud in the US can log onto my blog,, or read my book, “Carnal Abuse by Deceit, How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape.” I have recently made a revision and it will be available to the public on Amazon on January 23rd, for paperback, although the Kindle version is currently available now.

There are cases in which rape by fraud is prosecuted in the US, however, (truth is stranger than fiction,) by and large, it’s as a defense against charges of the statutory rape of an under-aged prostitute. The concept is that the rape of the rapist was offset by the rape by fraud, (lie about age) by the minor. Many states that allow this defense do not allow prosecution for lies (fraud) as a means of rape in any other circumstance.

In some states, and I’m not making this up, rape by fraud is only a crime if the victim is married.

I am collecting information from people who would like to participate in an effort to lobby legislators for enactment of penal code for rape by fraud throughout the US. Anyone who is interested should contact me at [email protected]. Together, we can make a huge difference!


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