Marriage to a sociopath ends in murder

Kelsi Miller

The beautiful young woman in the photo above is dead. On October 7, 2008, in Odessa, Texas, Kelsi Miller was murdered by her husband, Jarrett Weaver, a young man who fit the profile of a sociopath. He, too, is dead. Lovefraud just published their tragic story: Jarrett Weaver shoots his wife, then he shoots himself.

It’s heart-wrenching, worst-case scenario of what happens when people don’t understand the evil of a sociopath.

Kelsi Miller had everything going for her. Besides her obvious beauty, she was accomplished and caring. She was studying to be a nurse. Jarrett Weaver, however, was a manipulative drug addict who couldn’t hold a job. He was violent on the eve of their wedding, and the violence escalated to the unthinkable.

All the warning signs were there, if Kelsi had known what they meant. Jarrett rushed her into marriage. At age 22, he already had terrible credit, and all the bills were in Kelsi’s name. He erupted into rage many times. When his rage turned into assault and he was arrested, he pleaded for Kelsi to take him back, promising he would change and dedicate his life to God. He isolated her from family and friends. He threatened to kill her tiny pet Chihuahuas.

But Kelsi behaved as many women caught in domestic violence situations behave. Wanting to believe Jarrett’s promises and not his actions, she took him back. She didn’t tell her parents, who were justifiably concerned, what was really going on. She believed her husband, who so often proclaimed his love, would never harm her.

Kelsi Miller was wrong.

This case also shows what happens when sociopathy mixes with drugs. Sociopaths live to exert power and control over others. This makes them aggressive. Sociopaths also lives for thrills, which often makes them drug abusers. Jarrett Weaver was using alcohol, marijuana and Xanax. He was also abusing steroids, which probably made him even more aggressive—to the point where he lost control.

Or maybe he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. We’ll never know.

This tragic story illustrates why the world needs to understand sociopaths. The messages we all hear about “there’s good in everyone” are false. In fact, those messages are dangerous. And to whom are they dangerous? To the people who truly are filled with good.

Read Jarrett Weaver shoots his wife, then he shoots himself.

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Greenfern, my P had the same plan as yours : to stage a suicide. He was telling everyone I was suicidal and after i left him he even called the suicide help line and sent them to my parents’ house. My sleeping pill Rx never lasted the full 28 days, somehow they disappeared a few at a time.

I spoke to the 15 year old daughter of a friend and she was astounded by my story. She wanted me to speak at her school so that others will know about this.

I love what these blogs do for us, but I’m thinking that there should be a non-profit formed that also focuses on educating the public of what is happening with narcissism going rampant. And then we need to get it to the highschools starting at 9th grade. Twice a year. until everyone GETS it and there is no more N-supply in the country.

Should we talk to oprah about it?

kelsis mom, I am glad you have such resolve to educate people about sociopaths/psychopaths, I am sure you have made a difference in many people’s lives and they should thank Kelsi for that, you have probably saved people’s lives, it takes a special kind of person to even make the effort of trying to make a difference, and you are doing it!

skylar, that is really WEIRD how similar your story is to greenfern’s.

Skyler, i agree with your statement that the schools need to bring about more awareness—I don’t know what state you are in but in Texas, last year, it became a law that the secondary level schools have a Domestic Violence Awareness education in the schools—I think it should be a nationwide law—knowledge & awareness empowers us and it needs to start with the kids—I wish Kelsi had been aware—I don’t think she understood her situation and I know I sure didn’t—I was in the dark about him until that assault in December—I sure wish she would have told us more—I could have given her more and better advice—I just feel awful about it–

Kelsis mom, so what do we do to get the schools involved.
I really want to get rid of the word DV. It is a stupid word that glosses over the true evil that took your daughter and has taken our sense of selves. There is nothing “domestic” about a con artist, a misogynist, a poisoner, murderer, or a slanderer. DV actually gives credibility to the idea that there is a case of love gone bad. Or love with anger issues. That is why we all fell for the lies. And that is why many more people will continue to fall prey to these con artists. T

The word, DV negates the cold, calculating envy at the root of these crimes. Because love cannot envy.

kelsis mom… your cyber friends are thinking of you today.

Kelsi’s Mom,

This topic is close to my heart and I’ve thought of you and your beautiful daughter often, even though I’m a stranger. Even as I type those words, I’m getting very choked up and I have a very difficult time crying at all lately. I’ll make it brief and I won’t find the words to express what I’m feeling, but please know how sincere they are.

I am so, so, so, so very sorry for your loss. There are not words. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry you don’t have your beautiful daughter in your life. As a mother, I cannot even come close to beginning to imagine your pain.

Please also know that reading about your daughter here on LF has helped me to realize I did the right thing by leaving my abusive ex-husband. On down days, I don’t know why, but sometimes I catch myself wondering if he changed or could change. My life feel so completely upside down when I left him that I often wonder about my decision in leaving. Logically, I know it was good, but sometimes my heart hurts and wonders becuase I lost so much (family) in leaving him. However, your story helps me to realize I did the right thing, for me and for my baby boy. Thank you for being courageous and strong by coming on here. It helps people in your daughter’s situation know how bad it can get. I’m so sorry this doesn’t help your daughter though. I’m so, so, so sorry she did not have this advantage of LF and this support system. Please don’t be hard on yourself. It’s none of my business, so I guess you do whatever you need to do in grieving, but I think you are a beautiful soul and were and are an amazing mom. Please know this and believe it. I can see such a warmth and kindness in Kelsi’s eyes, in this picture. That only occurs in people with very good, kind mothers. I think her inner beauty is a testament to you. Thank you for sharing with us.

Again, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

P.S. To those of you who are struggling with children who are Ps or Ss, please don’t think I think you’re less of a mom by what I said to Kelsi’s mom. I don’t think this at all. You are great moms too and showed much love and patience for your children. I know that having a son or daughter who turns out to be a P or an S is a completely different ballgame.


After my daughter read this to me this past Friday, she finally unveiled some of the most horrific events that her “fiancée” did to her. I cannot shake the visions out of my head, nor have I stopped crying. After her last attempt on her life…in front of the babies…Midland county was gracious enough to give him two…TWO…years. She and I both know he will return with presents full of promises only to finish what he began that night. That same night I awoke to a horrible nightmare of my sunshine on a cross being slit stem to stern by him watching her entrails spill to the ground. Four hours later we were notified she was in the hospital with police guards. He fled the scene before the police arrived. US Marshals got him in oklahoma at his mom’s house…..four months later. She could never come see me, he set passwords on her multiple phones from him smashing them, and he knew I was on to him.

This tragic event in your life is the same one I have had to force myself daily for a year now that i will bury my daughter before her time. Power and control, manipulation, and sadistic brainwashing has taken her to a new depth of belief that he will get help in TDC. They don’t counsel there, matter of fact his rank in the AB gives him a free ride in prison, and by giving him a parole date? The great State of Texas just gave him permission to murder my Beari Sunshine. They are allowing him to make my sunshine away, and there is nothing I can do but to die inside a little more each day he draws closer to release.

She sent him this story. Even asked to get help so that she never has to worry about this again because she loves herself and the kids too much to let them see any more violence…let alone the many near death experiences. Without her, I will be lost because I’m sure I will land in prison for his death should he ever take my sunshine away. I am a strong Christian woman, wife, mom, grammy to four beautiful girls and then there is Mason. My only grandson. His son, who fills my days with happiness and joy.I know my daughter does not want Mason to not have a relationship with his dad, but I don’t want Mason to grow up like his Dad-accepting, rather believing, that women and children should be beaten as a show of respect and out of love. I will die before MY GRANDSON buys that lie.
I will die before another drop of blood comes from a blow to my daughter. I live in West Texas….small town good old boy cops. It’s still acceptable to beat your wife into submissiveness than to have to file warrants, pay county hospital bills from taxpayers money than it is to properly sentence someone. First offer was fifty years, never got her subpeona becasuse after that gruesome night she was evicted and had twenty four hours to move upon release at the hospital. However, they never went to her place of work which she listed. She missed court. He got two years. I am locked alone in my head with the horrific and brutal beatings of my daughter, the blackened eye of Mason, the broken leg of “Sam” the girls little puppy, and the selling of the house I bought her that she could never go back into from PTSD. She gave him everything, and he has scarred her for life that I think she thinks she doesn’t deserve any better…but she deserves the world, and I don’t know how to give it to her. I’m just her mommy, and …I let her down. I’m sorry Bear. Don’t let him take my sunshine away.


I’m so sorry for your daughter, her children and you. I hope that with each second that the monster who hurt her is put away, will be a second that her head can clear and she will become stronger. I pray that the blinders will be removed that are blocking her view of who he really is.

A dear friend of mine faced this same issue with her beautiful daughter and her grandson. It was life threatening and very oppressive. Finally, she and her husband went to their daughters home and forced her to leave with them. She brought her son and one bag of clothes. She left everything and Never returned. It saved her life. After only a short period of time, she came to se her husband for the abuser that he is. They divorced while she was living with her parents and protected as much as possible. This man still text her with vulgar assaults and threats, but she is somewhat immured to it.

I pray that while the Psycho is away, you and your daughter can plan her escape. Maybe even to another state.
I’m so so sorry for your heartache. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you and your sunshine:)

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