Michelle Rowling’s ominous Facebook message: ‘If anything happens to me’

When Michelle Rowling, 25, of East St. Louis, Missouri, found out her former boyfriend was being released from prison she knew there was a chance something might happen to her. It did.

Five days after she posted a warning on Facebook, police found her stabbed to death in her apartment. Montrell Cooper, her former boyfriend, is being investigated in her death.

 ‘If anything happens to me, let my kids know I love them’: Mother’s terrifying Facebook premonition three days before ‘ex-boyfriend stabbed her to death’, from MailOnline.


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Vicki Kuper

How sad. It’s unfortunate she didn’t go stay with family. She may have been afraid of putting them in danger if he pursued her at their home though. Such a sad and avoidable situation.


Men who murder innocent people in cold blood–especially defenseless women–have got to be the lowest life form on this or any planet.

God bless family members of the targets of these crimes.

The kooks who do these kind of things are much less than human. They lack human qualities. These kooks are surely subhuman throwbacks.



To echo IAfraud’s comment: in hindsight, Michelle may have wanted to be far more proactive towards her safety.

As I discovered when dealing with the disordered throwback who saw me and my son as “soft targets”, when you feel your life is in danger, you want to do more than post it on Facebook. You want to call police, authorities, sheriffs, neighbors, friends, family and everyone you know. You want to spread the word *very quickly* that something horrible is amiss.

The authorities in Missouri’s penal system could not have been unaware of the possible danger this subhuman cretin posed to normal society. To allow a psychopath to roam free and unmonitored is like allowing a ticking time bomb to just sit on the sidewalk and not be concerned about the impending explosion.


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