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12 songs to help you heal from a sociopath

By “JustAboutHealed”

The songs that resonate with you can help pinpoint where you are in the healing journey. Written from the heterosexual female viewpoint, ”˜cause that is the path I know.  Try using music to chart your past and where you want to get to!

1.Yeah, maybe a bad boy, but still”¦

You think it is mostly an act. If you aim for his heart, you’re sure he’ll behave, he’s got the key.

Moves Like Jagger  by Maroon 5, featuring Christina Aguilera

2. You’re In Deep, and Quickly

“Crazy for you” is truer than you realize”¦

Crazy for You By Madonna

 3. Maybe Something is Wrong”¦

Maybe I’m just imagining things”¦

Just give me a reason By Pink

 4. This can’t be Happening

Say Something (I’m Giving Up on You), by A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera

5. Oh My God, He’s Doing it on Purpose!


Love to See You Cry, by Enrique Iglesias

6. Getting It, Angry, But Still Hurting

Jar of Hearts, By Christina Perri

7. He Tries the Pity Play, It Almost Works


“Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I’d done.
But I don’t wanna live that way,
Reading into every word you say”

Somebody That I Used to Know By Gotye, featuring Kimbra

8. Dreaming of Revenge

At least for awhile, sele till thinking maybe it could have been good”¦.

Rolling in the Deep By Adele

9. You’re Over it

(But you still sort of want him to know it”¦ )

Roar By Katy Perry

10. You Got This

When he tries to break your No Contact, pulls out the pity play ”¦ you feel NOTHING

My Give a Damn’s Busted By Jo Dee Messina

11. So Over It, That Now You Can Parody Him

Okay, so now you totally don’t want to ever see him again, because what is the point? You know by now that talking to him about any feelings or ethics is like trying to get across a calculus equation to someone who can’t do simple addition. His brain just cannot compute what you would say, no matter how simply you try to put it! And in his mind, he always comes out with a grade A on the calculus test!

So no point in ever talking to him again. But part of you can delight in singing this female path song to him in your head, as it’s what you wished you had sang to him after that first romantic, love bombing encounter, when he swore he was already in love with you and he gazed into your eyes for that answering reflection.  This is not a revenge song, this is a PARODY of a psychopath’s moves, delivered with a HA!

Oops I”¦I Did It Again By Britney Spears

12. Freedom! Life is Fun Again

The fakers and haters can just be. You’ve got a life to live! And you can”¦gasp”¦laugh at yourself!

Shake it off Taylor Swift.

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Music was/is sooo much a part of my healing! Thanks for sharing your favorites! Here are a couple of mine:

“Barely Breathing” -Duncan Sheik (lyrics are so appropriate!)
“You’re gonna Go Far Kid” -Offspring
“Black Cow”- Steely Dan
“You Can’t Rush You’re Healing” Trevor Hall

and pretty much everything by Nahko & Medicine for the People


(you can find these all on youtube by typing the band name, song name, and the word “lyrics”)

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