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New Jersey bigamist and con man William Allen Jordan pleads not guilty

William Allen Jordan arraignment

William Allen Jordan was in Burlington County Court with Public Defender Karen Thek. Sitting at the far right is Jordan’s latest victim, Mischele Lewis. (Photo by Donna Andersen)

By Donna Andersen

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. Her former fiancé was a lying, manipulative predator who had previously been convicted of fraud, bigamy, theft, possession of a weapon and molesting a child.

But as Mischele Lewis, of Florence Township, N.J., sat behind him in court yesterday, William Allen Jordan declined a plea bargain and pleaded not guilty to charges of theft by deception and impersonating a public servant or law enforcement officer.

When Jordan was arrested, he was also charged with sexual assault. However, a grand jury did not indict him on the sexual assault charge.

Last February, Mischele was devastated to discover that the man who had asked for her hand in marriage was not ‘Liam Allen,’ a single, childless agent for the British Ministry of Defense, as he had told her.

In reality, he was William Allen Jordan, 49, an American from nearby Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who had done time in a British prison.

Jordan had also been married three times at one point to two women simultaneously and had fathered at least 13 kids with eight different women.

Two of the children were with Mary Turner Thomson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, whom he married in 2002. At the time, Jordan was already married to another British woman, with whom he had five children.

Jordan told both women that he was a CIA agent. When they found out about each other, he convinced them both that the other relationship was merely a cover story.

Mary wrote a tell-all book about her experience, called The Bigamist The True Story of a Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal. In it, she described how Jordan swindled her out of £198,000 about $333,000 and carried on numerous affairs with other women, taking money from them as well.

After learning about Mary Turner Thomson last February, Mischele Lewis contacted her, and they spent hours on the phone.

Mischele, a registered nurse and single mom to two kids, was shocked to learn the extent of Will Jordan’s exploitation of women, and resolved to stop him.

‘I felt passionately that this needs to end, and it needs to end with me,’ she said.

Mischele strung Jordan along for two months, pretending that they could still be in a relationship. In the meantime, she reported him to the police.

Then Mischele lured Jordan to a New Jersey parking lot on April 22, 2014, where he was arrested in a police sting. The dramatic moment was captured on camera by the Daily Mail.

Jordan is still sitting in the Burlington County jail, unable to make bail, which was set at $45,000.

“I was really hoping he’d take the plea deal,” Mischele Lewis said. “I don’t know what he thinks he is going to defend against. He may not realize the evidence I have.”

While they were dating, Jordan kept telling Mischele to delete their communications. Instead, she backed them up.

Mischele was bitterly disappointed when the sexual assault charges against Jordan were dropped.

Then Burlington County Family Court Judge John Tomasello dismissed the temporary restraining order that she had against Jordan, saying that sexual deception was not a crime.

Mischele believes the law needs to be changed.

‘I’m absolutely going to advocate to change the terminology for a case like this, because right now nothing exists.’

Mischele believes that what she experienced should be a crime called ‘rape by deception.’


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Classic defiance that a spath exhibits. The lies get to a point where the spath themselves begin to believe them to be true. After my lawyer asked my ex in court whether she felt that her own family would think that she was a bad mother or not, her lawyer objected the question. She literally yelled and told her lawyer “NO! I want to answer that question.” to which she added “No, I do not think they feel that they would say that.” The entire courtroom was shocked and somewhat taken aback by her sudden dramatic act, even the judge himself look somewhat bewildered. defiance seems to be a spath confirmation that they are right or certain in their actions. this man in the above story clearly thinks in his head that he has the ability to beat the charges that he clearly has done and exhibits the same defiant attitude my ex did over a year ago.

I wonder if he’s a leo too….(just kidding Leo’s, lol).


Mine was a Leo too.


If only people who sat on juries were educated on personality disorders…then people like this guy would be found guilty by a grand jury because they know that his past behavior is indicative of a sociopath. Sad that this guy was not charged with assault because we all know he will be back out to plan his sick twisted con on more women.

Donna, on a different topic…I was flipping channels last night and stopped on “Shark Week” on the Discovery channel. The show was interviewing Dr. Kim Rossmo, a professor of criminal justice at Texas State University-San Marcos. We all know that sociopaths are land predators….Kim Russmo topic was “Great White Sharks serial Killers Share Stagtegies”….here is part of the interview in the Columbia Daily Tribune you can find by googling “Kim Russmo shark week”. You might be able to find his Shark Week show on

“Great white sharks have some things in common with human serial killers, a new study says: They don’t attack at random, but stalk specific victims, lurking out of sight.

The sharks hang back and observe from a not-too-close, not-too-far base, hunt strategically and learn from previous attempts, according to a study being published online today in the Journal of Zoology. Researchers used a serial killer profiling method to figure out just how the fearsome ocean predator hunts, something that’s been hard to observe beneath the surface.

“There’s some strategy going on,” said study co-author Neil Hammerschlag, a shark researcher at the University of Miami who observed 340 great white shark attacks on seals off an island in South Africa.

The sharks feeding at Seal Island could have just hovered right where the seals congregated if they were random killers-of-opportunity, Hammerschlag said. But they weren’t. The sharks had a distinct mode of operation.

They were focused. They stalked from a usual base of operations, 100 yards from their victims. It was close enough to see their prey, but not close enough to be seen and scare off their victims. They attacked when the lights were low. They liked their victims young and alone. They tried to attack when no other sharks were around to compete. They learned from previous kills.

“There’s a big difference between great white sharks and serial killers, and it comes down to motive. The great whites attack to eat and survive, not for thrills.

“They both have the same objective, which is to find a target or prey or victim,” said study co-author D. Kim Rossmo, a professor of criminal justice at Texas State University-San Marcos. “They have to lurk. They want to be efficient in their search.”…”


watching the show and reading this article sends chills up the spin thinking about a sociopath/psychopaths stalking their victims just like a great white shark. So scary to think about!

Just to clarify a couple of issues…

The term “Sexual Assault” is used in New Jersey criminal statutes rather than “rape.” And current NJ statues provide for penalties for Will Jordan’s offenses.

The 2013 Revision Commission that studied Case law in New Jersey suggested modifications to the language of the law in order to make such cases clearer, because they found that there is, in fact, current case law to support a conviction in this type of crime. Just because the language for their suggested revisions has yet to become the standard for “sexual assault” law, does not offset the fact that such case law currently exists. Currently existing case law serves as the basis for the language they created.

The problem, however, is that neither the Prosecutor who handled the case, nor the Judge who refused to issue a restraining order that was actually required under the law, are competent to stand up for the victims in such crimes. The Judge behaved exactly as he was not supposed to do, vilifying and blaming the victim. The Prosecutor leveled a charge of sexual assault by “coercion” when absolutely no coercion took place, and he knew no coercion took place. Because of his poor choice of charge, the Grand Jury could not possibly indict.

A charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault could have prevailed on the basis of current New Jersey Laws which state that the actions of the offender, not the victim, are on trial. And the burden of proof is whether a reasonable person could believe that Will Jordan, who knew he lied about every possible identity characteristic, could possibly believe that he had received Mischele’s “affirmative permission” to sexually penetrate her. Keep in mind, the laws on “fraud” are very clear that if consent is not “knowing” it is not “effective” consent. Therefore, a person who lies in order to circumvent “knowing consent” is fully aware that they do not have the victim’s “affirmative permission.”

New Jersey’s failure to stand behind its own current statutes underscores the lengths its appointed and elected officials will go to keep the “old boy” doctrines of sex as an “entitlement” alive.

Judge Tomasello actually faulted Mischele for being “gullible” and stated “If I restrain this defendant, I would have to do so for every frat boy across the country.”

It’s high time that Tomasello and every judge understand that a woman’s sexual sanctity is not a play toy for youthful miscreants or anybody else. Every person is entitled to enlightened self determination regarding their sexual choices; and to violate their self determination by any means, by assault, by doping them, intoxicating them, defrauding them, by preying on someone younger than the age of consent, or mentally incapable of consent, is rape.


Thanks so much Donna for your amazing article and for coming out to support me and giving voice to my cause, my case and certainly this horrible example of a human being. I am still kind of learning my way around this process and I do want to change the law that will actually apply to cases like this instead of trying to make something fit it and getting push back from either police or the prosecutor. Things need to change as the times change and soon. The fact he doesn’t have to register as a Megan’s Law offender burns me to no end but the US does not have reciprocity to foreign convictions. On my list of things that need adjusting.

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