New research says sharks hunt like serial killers

A paper recently published in the Journal of Zoology says that great white sharks hunt in a highly focused fashion, just like serial killers.

According to a report on, the researchers used geographic profiling—a criminal investigation tool used to find serial killers based on the locations of their crimes—to examine how the hunting patters of great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.

Sharks establish well-defined hunting bases in strategic locations. The researchers noticed that smaller sharks searched further, and had less success, than larger sharks. They surmised that great white sharks refined their search patterns with experience, and concentrated their hunting in locations with the highest probability of success.

For more information on the study, read Geographic profiling works: Great white sharks’ hunting skills as refined as Jack the Ripper’s.

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super chic

blue, I do not have any experience with this type of thing. If someone ran a credit check on me I think I would consult with an attorney to see if anything could be done. There are companies here in the US that will send an alert when someone trys to run a credit check, I’m not sure if they do it before or after the fact (you have to pay a monthly fee).


Thank God for you people. So much of what you say resonates to the core. I used to think all people were good. I never dreamed a person could be so conniving. The isolation is due to the fact that he “buys” everyone around me. Then he gets their loyalty, engages in behavoir that he knows I would not tolerate & tells them “not to mention” it to me. My family & my friends. They all think he is wonderful and that I am the one with the problem. He exploits them. Buys the women, threatens the men with violence. He has done nice things for my family and friends. He uses me to “get to” people. Because I am friendly, I attract the kind of people he NEEDS to feed his ego, etc. He has never hit me. He just screws my mind up. I got back with him in 1998, left him finally after his alcoholic ways could no longer be tolerated. He got sober during the time we were apart. Seemed to be a different person, with problem solving skills, a healthy outlook, etc. Then found where I was and came running. I had a serios health issue. Was on chemotherapy, and ill. He provided. After that storm, I was weak, mentally and physically, but thankful he was there. He was very distant, went to the garage every nite right before bed. I asked him if he had drugs in the garage. He told me I was paranoid and a psycho. For 2 years. I believed it finally. I told my mother that I was “mental”. Paranoid. She just looked at me. She wanted me to explicate, but I just changed the subject. I just wanted her to know. Then I found a pill. Had it examined by a pharmacist. It was methadone. I had never heard of it. She explained and told me to have nothing to do with this person. That it took searching 4 databases to find it. It was the kind hard-core heroine addicts took. I confronted him. Told him he threw me under the bus for a drug. I have been emotionally, physically and spiritually bankrupt. I don’t even feel love inside me anymore. I feel like I am morphing into him. I have no trust in myselft or anyone else. Trust conditionally. That really resonates with me. Be careful. He is always so sorry. Will do anything. He went to a counselor and got on some mood stabilizers. It seemed to help I felt guilty leaving him, after all he had done for me financially. Then he quit. All the manipulation started again. I got counseling for awhile. I can’t afford it right now. I was much more in control when I was in therapy. This website seems much like therapy. He helps me financially. I put him on my credit cards so he would build credit because his was absolutely horrible. I now have credit card debt to pay off and cannot do it without him. I did take him off, he wasn’t happy, but I did it anyway. Courage. He even tried to get the numbers off the back of my card because he was going to make a payment and said he needed to last 3 digits on the back. I told him he didn’t need those to pay on the bill!! He acted like he didn’t know! He knows that I am getting wise to his ways. It is all a big act. I just need to get this done and overwith. He is getting angry with me. Because he can’t manipulate me. Or is having a harder time doing it. He is still getting me. Just not all the time anymore. The more I read about Anti-social personality disorder, Sociopathic behavoir etc, it scares the beejesus out of me. I have been such a fool. I am empowering myself. Knowledge IS power. Thank you people out there. I actually cried when I read what you wrote back. I haven’t cried for a long time. I guess it is being understood that made my heart FEEL again. I have been so alone in this. Anyone that meets him likes him. He is sooo smooth. They don’t see it at all. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I will come out a survivor. Thank you all for listening.



You’ve gotta get out girl!

Keep posting for strength – you can do it!

Ox Drover

Dear 2 much,

I agree that you have to get out. As long you stay with him, the problems will only get worse. There is no way you can deal with him and get or maintain your sanity.

NO CONTACT is the ONLY way to deal with these people. Sometimes it takes a great deal of pain for us to see that this is the ONLY way. As long as you deal with him, you will never get your credit cards paid off. I can say that because of my own experiences and reading the esperiences of others here, it is almost a given that he will sabatage anything you do.

No matter what they say, it is a lie. Their intentions are for their own benefit, not yours.

Escapee’s advice is good, though it may sound radical, but you just can’t deal with them. (((hugs))) and my prayers for your strength!


As further commentary on the predation of P’s might I suggest that they assume the role of “Faux Schmoos” to seduce their victims into believing that they are the embodiment of all their aspirations and as such have a profoundly strong gravitational attraction that belies their true motives.



A shmoo is shaped like a plump bowling pin with legs. It has smooth skin, eyebrows and sparse whiskers – but no arms, nose or ears. Its feet are short and round but dexterous, as the shmoo’s comic book adventures make clear. It has a rich gamut of facial expressions, and expresses love (often) by exuding hearts over its head.

Cartoonist Al Capp ascribed to the shmoo the following curious characteristics. His satirical intent should be evident:

* They reproduce asexually and are very prolific. They require no sustenance other than air.
* Naturally gentle, they require minimal care, and are ideal playmates for young children.
* Shmoos are delicious to eat, and are eager to be eaten. If a human looks at one hungrily, it will happily immolate itself, either by jumping into a frying pan, after which they taste like chicken, or into a broiling pan, after which they taste like steak. When roasted they taste like pork, and when baked they taste like catfish. (Raw, they taste like oysters on the half-shell.)
* They also produce eggs (neatly packaged), milk (bottled grade-A), and butter no churning required. Their pelts make perfect bootleather or house timber, depending on how thick you slice it.
* They have no bones, so there’s absolutely no waste. Their eyes make the best suspender buttons, and their whiskers make perfect toothpicks. In short, they are simply the perfect ideal of a subsistence agricultural herd animal.
* The frolicking of shmoon is so entertaining (such as their staged “shmoosical comedies”) that people no longer feel the need to watch television or go to the movies.
* Some of the more tasty varieties of shmoo are more difficult to catch. Usually shmoo hunters, now a sport in some parts of the country, utilize a paper bag, flashlight and stick to capture their shmoos. At night the light stuns them, then they can be whacked in the head with the stick and put in the bag for frying up later on.

The actual origin of Capp’s word “shmoo” has been the subject of debate by linguists for decades, leading to the misconception that the term was derived from “schmo” or “schmooze”. However, “shmue” was a taboo Yiddish term for the female reproductive organ, the ultimate fertility symbol. It’s one of many Yiddish slang variations that would find their way into Li’l Abner. Revealing an important key to the story, Al Capp himself wrote that the Shmoo metaphorically represented the limitless bounty of the earth in all its richness – in essence, Mother Nature herself. In Li’l Abner’s words, “Shmoos hain’t make believe. The hull whole earth is one!!”

Beware the Schmoo!


The Perils of Schmooness…


For instance, in the past couple of weeks, I received e-mails from two far-flung friends that sparked an observation. In the first, Steve Finefrock of Oklahoma reminded me of the shmoo, a creature introduced over 50 years ago by Al Capp in his comic strip, “Li’l Abner.” The shmoo was a magical little pear-shaped entity that lived only to serve man’s wishes. If it even thought a person was hungry, it would die happily to feed him. It had the ability to taste like chicken or steak, its eyes could be used for buttons and its whiskers made fine toothpicks.

Another friend, Don Melquist of Arizona, reminded me of cargo cults. During World War II, many such cults sprang up in the South Pacific. When thousands upon thousands of G.I.s suddenly showed up on sparsely populated islands, mysteriously appearing from the skies and the ocean, bringing with them food, radios, medicine, watches, candy and Coca-Cola, the villagers naturally thought their prayers had been answered. In much the same way that dogs are said to be awe-struck by the hunting abilities of their masters, who come home bearing armloads of edibles, the natives had good reason to assume that the gods had taken up residence. Long after the war ended, the islanders constructed piers and carved out airstrips in hopes of their return.

This was intended to be illustrative and not a political commentary in the current context of US politics.

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