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New York paramedic almost gets away with murdering his wife

On Sept. 27, 2013, at the conclusion of the longest trial in the history of Sullivan County New York, a jury of eight men and four women found Paul Novak guilty of arson, burglary, grand larceny, insurance fraud, and first- and second-degree murder of his wife, Catherine.

During the week, Paul Novak, a career paramedic in Queens, New York, lived a life  of prescription drug abuse, porn, and life-or-death situations. On weekends he went to the country to be with his stay-at-home, church-volunteering wife and two children.

Novak separated from his wife, killed her and burnt down their house with the help of a co-worker, Scott Sherwood, and his girlfriend, Michelle LaFrance. He took the insurance money from Catherine’s death and moved to Florida with his children and LaFrance, where he lived until LaFrance reported him to New York authorities.

Novak was sentenced to life without parole.

The Paramedic Murderer of Narrowsburg, N.Y., from The New York Times Magazine.

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“No goods” come in various shades of dirty, rotten, people, who feed off the good will of others. The girlfriend probably got off for turning in her boring partner. After a very short time losers start to wear us down with their low class remarks and spendthrift ways. This lady got bored, that’s all so she “stabbed him in the back” when she thought his time was up. No good conscience here!! Kalina

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