New York Times article on child psychopaths

Today’s New York Times Magazine has an excellent article on the signs of psychopathy in children. It presents a heartbreaking story of parents trying to cope with a “callous-unemotional” 9-year-old, and covers much of the current research on the disorder in children. Very well done.

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Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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G1S, Yea, feeling better…still weaker than I’d like but got a walk in the woods this evening. Our baby pig that we got yesterday some how got out of the stable through a hole I wouldn’t have thought a cat could have gotten through…and we was last seen high tailing it into the woods. Not much chance of finding him, but we had to do it. Son D is still out pig hunting and I guess will be til dark….guess the coyotes will dine well tonight on pork chop! (that was his name!)

Are some just born bad? Reading this I don’t see what the professionals stated at all.. maybe he had faulty brain chemisty.. throwing tantrums doesn’t make a person a psychopath..

oxy and grace,
it’s amazing how my ex-spath did that exact thing.
For 25 years he showed many faces. first he was wonderful, then “difficult” then a jerk. In the end, he said, “We have to have ONE OPINION in this house. We need to agree on everything.” WTF? why can’t we agree to disagree? We were only talking about politics.

But no. He was determined that I agree with his every schizophrenic word. Of course now I understand that he never had an opinion about anything. It was all about making me bend to his wishes. How sick is that? It’s been 3 years and I GET PSYCHOPATHS COMPLETELY. I know how they think, I know what they want, I know them better than the back of my hand. But I still can’t wrap my little brain around this need to make me agree to his insanity.

Cog / Diss is STILL my middle name.


COG/DIS may still be your middle name. But, I suspect, not for long.

You’re already working your way out of that one.

I know it.


Thanks Athena, I hope so!

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