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No shame: Disgraced sociopathic governor repackages himself

There’s a little TV in the corner of my kitchen, and in the morning, as I make breakfast, I usually have it tuned to CNN. Today I was shocked to see Jim McGreevey, former governor of New Jersey, talking about his new involvement, an organization called “Faith in America.”

You remember Jimbo.  He was the governor who, after someone threatened to expose his alleged affair with a male staffer, decided to spill the beans himself. On August 12, 2004, with his traumatized wife at his side, McGreevey announced to the world, “I am a gay American.”

I don’t believe it. McGreevey isn’t gay—he’s a sociopath.

Many sociopaths, if not most of them, are neither gay nor straight—they’re sexual opportunists. Sex is one of their main objectives in life, and any partner who can provide a thrill is fair game. My ex-husband told me he didn’t have “a gay bone in his body—”at the same time that he was soliciting male prostitutes. I’ve heard from many readers who were shocked to find that not only were their spouses cheating on them, but they were cheating with someone of the same sex. I’ve also asked several gay readers if they thought the sociopaths in their lives were actually gay. The answer is usually no.

Faith in America

Back to McGreevey. I last wrote about him when I reviewed his ex-wife’s book. (See BOOK REVIEW: Silent Partner, by the wife of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey.) When he made his big announcement, things were not going well for him as governor. In my view, McGreevey played “the gay card” to distract from his political failures.

After being booted from the governor’s mansion, he moved in with a rich male financier and attended an Episcopal seminary. On TV this morning, McGreevey said he graduated from the seminary. But the reason he was on TV was to talk about his involvement with Faith in America.

McGreevey is on the board of directors. Faith in America is an organization dedicated to “ending religion-based bigotry toward LGBT people.” According to its website:

Faith In America was formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in 2005 to effectively counter-message the bigotry, prejudice and hostility toward the LGBT community being sold to the public for several decades under the guise of religious belief and religious teaching.

I think this is an admirable mission. As McGreevey said on TV this morning, many religious organizations quote scripture to justify their condemnation of homosexuals. The organization hopes to promote tolerance, so that regardless of their sexual orientation, people can be their authentic selves.

McGreevey isn’t being authentic. He’s being expedient. He’s found a platform to put himself back in the limelight. A few weeks ago he was on the Joy Behar Show, and today he was on CNN.

In this interview this morning, McGreevey said, “I knew when I was six or seven years old that I was gay.” Really? Is that possible? Society may be moving faster now, but McGreevey is about the same age as me, and when I was six or seven years old, I was clueless about sex, let alone sexual orientation.

Oh well, for the sake of Faith in America, I hope that McGreevey can keep the act going. Time will tell.

Coming soon: The repackaging of Eliot Spitzer.

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Ox Drover

Donna, thanks for this article.

There are SO MANY examples of psychopaths in the news and media, from this creep, to Eliot Spitzer and others of their ilk, and Bernie Madoff, and all the way up to Charlie Manson, but they all have ONE THING IN COMMON, NO conscience. NO shame. Without conscience they have no ability to feel shame, without shame and conscience, they have no ability to change or to grow or become better people.

Many times people like Jimbo hook on to a legitimate “cause” and use their sociopathy to make themselves appear down trodden victims of “discrimination.” It makes me want to puke! Especially when the media falls for their “remaking” and their “rebirth” as champions of the down trodden!

Thanks for the article and following up on this psychopath, and can’t wait to hear how old Eliot has repacked himself! They just never seem to get enough of the lime light! Actually if it weren’t so SICK it would be funny!



I was reading your book and I can tell you that that James Montgomery was a piece of work!!! God have mercy on him! The guy was just the son of Satan altogether!!! You are a really strong person and I admire you, because you really went through a lot with that piece of junk. My ex sociopath was not even close to what this guy was and I am so devastated” imagine you? I was thinking what Martha Stewart said in her book about sociopaths being a lost soul and sometimes if you really want to know if a person is sociopath wait and see how they end up their lives” and this James really fits the profile of a complete lost soul. He end up with no job, no money no wife”and no teeth! No nothing at all. Ahahahah! Lost soul.



“and can’t wait to hear how old Eliot has repacked himself!”

He already has. Spitzer co-anchors a new CNN show called Parker-Spitzer.

I have seen Spitzer running in Central Park. He is such a dork.

Ox Drover

BBE, yea, it is amazing to me how they “repackage” themselves and somehow the media seems to “absolve” them of the FILTH that they are–filth is filth–regardless of how much CHARM a person has, or how prominent they are/were.

That always amazed me about Ted Kennedy—the man was cheating on his wife, had a car wreck, and fled the scene while he tried to get up an alibi that would not make him look like a cheater, and the woman MIGHT have been saved from drowning if he had even TRIED to save her….instead he is reelected to the senate for more decades. He had a life long record of cheating going back as far as COLLEGE where he was caught cheating….but because of his family name and money and position, he was “absolved” from what I believe in my mind was a SERIOUS lack of conscience or concern for others.

Bill Clinton LIEs to the public and to the government about his CHEATING….and he has now been “rehabilitated” as former president and stands up and politics for other politicians as HONEST!

(head shaking here) I could go on with a list upon list of others just like them….liars, cheats, politicians, investment bankers, murderers, psychopaths all…and they walk free among us in positions of power and authority and given fame and admiration….what the frack? Kind of reminds me of imperial Rome. Well, I’ll get off my rant now, if I keep it up, my blood pressure will go up! LOL Doesn’t change the reality of it though!


Ox Drover,

Ted Kennedy carried out what he learned from his dear old dad, Joe Sr. (the patriarch of the Kennedy clan). His father was a crooked man, teaching by example screwed-up morals, values to his offspring, all of the sons giving the appearance of being upstanding men (eg. faithful husbands to their wives, etc.), but in private, totally messed up due to what they learned via their dysfunctional upbringing.

Ox Drover

Yea, and this isn’t a political forum, but it seems to me that so many politicians are sociopaths like Spritzer and Jimbo here, and somehow the voting public doesn’t seem to care. What gives here? Why do people admire these people who DEMONSTRATE that they have no moral compass?

Well, I guess I shouldn’t throw stones, I had a BF who was a P, and I let my P relatives and friends walk all over me–so who am I to throw stones at the adoring voters who keep on voting these psychopaths back into office? LOL

Ah yes, the ROSY COLORED GLASSES of belief! I had several pair, very tick and very rosy but I smashed them! LOL



I’m with you – when I was six or seven years of age, I didn’t know about sex or sexual orientation. I just spent my time being a kid, my thoughts being simple, childlike.


When the Spitzer scandal broke, I was talking a friend of mine:

“The Governor of New Jersey resigned over a gay sex scandal.”

The Governor of New York resigned over a sex scandal with prostitues.”

“I can’t wait to see what kind of a pervert is the Governor of Connecticutt…”

Ox Drover

Delay in Texas is going to trial now—finally for state corruption, somehow the federal charges were not prosecuted—after almost 5 years after the Scandal “broke”—and only the TIP of the power-ice berg showed above the water line, or probably ever will.

My personal opinion is that in order to get a congressional or senatoral seat or a governorship you must sell your soul to Satan. Not to say ANYTHING about what you have to sell to become president of these United States. Go Bloggo, and I can’t believe that they couldn’t find a jury to convict him of every count on the indictment. But then, apparently, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict OJ of murder either, but I don’t think with a VIDEO TAPE of him killing Nichole it would have been enough evidence. With the audio TAPES of Bloggo trying to sell the senate seat, WHAT MORE DID THE JURY NEED? DUH??? (Head shaking here) I’m figuring that we have the kind of government that as a nation WE DESERVE, because “we the people” don’t stand up for honesty.

Just as we let psychopaths rule our personal lives and kept hoping that they would change, I think we as a nation are letting the psychopaths rule our nation, and until we individually get healthy and we as a people get healthy and say “This isn’t working for me” and “I won’t stand for this kind of behavior,” that our country and our lives will go down the sewer.

A nation is made up of “we, the people” and a family is made up of “we, the family” and as long as WE allow others to abuse us and remain mute and compliant and “ever hopeful” that somehow these people will change, then WE, the individual and WE, family, and WE the nation, and WE the world, will continue in corruption, fraud and abuse.

Tomorrow is election day in the US–get out and VOTE! Let your voices be heard for HONESTY (whatever your opinion is, I don’t care, But VOTE IT!) If nothing else, vote for the crook you think is NOT AS BAD as the other one–the lesser of two evils may be the only “choice” we have, but at least exercise your VOICE.


I very much appreciate the work that you do here and I categorically agree that ALL politicians have sold their souls to the highest bidder.

However, I must take exception to your comments on the sexuality of very young people. Some children may not have any idea of sexuality in general and/or their own sexuality to come but some children ARE extremely aware of themselves and sexuality around them and to paint all children with one brush does a disservice to them and to society as a whole. We need more understanding of the ways in which we differ (in healthy ways, of course) and it is perfectly healthy for very young children to know they are sexual beings. I firmly believe that if society were more open to understanding and not suppressing the ways young people express HEALTHY sexuality, there would be MUCH less perversions throughout our world. The majority of perversions (sociopathic and the like) begin in VERY young childhood. I would bet that SOME of sociopathy’s origins stems from a misdirected/damaged sexual energy.

Keep up your very fine work.

Ox Drover

Dear Thetruth,

Thank you for your contribution here to LF, while I don’t agree that sociopathy’s origins STEM from misdirected/damaged sexual energy (from an early or any age) I do agree that sociopaths ARE frequently sexual predators and data show that they tend to be very sexually active with multiple partners and more likely to be active with inappropriate partners (i.e. pedophiles) as well as a variety of partners. That data in no way shows CAUSATION though. There seems to be a very definite genetic connection, and twin studies of twins raised apart by adoptive families shows a high correlation between identical twins both being psychopathic if one is, regardless of the environment in which they are reared.

While I agree that young children are aware of gender differences quite young, I don’t think being aware of GENDER differences correlates so much to “sexual” differences at an EARLY age. In other words, I was aware of being a “girl” quite early, but though familiar with my own body, had no idea of sexuality until much later, or even the differences in anatomy between male and female.

When you talk about the “majority of perversions” (define perversions) beginning in very young childhood I think, again, the definition of “perversions” is important to continue the discussion about this. My definition of “perversions” might not be the same as yours. Like the old joke about “to tickle your lover with a feather is kinky, but to use the whole chicken is a perversion.” LOL

Oh, as for your first sentence in your post, my opinion entirely, and am anxious to see which set of crooks gets elected today. I AM going to vote, hopefully for the lesser of the two or three evils on the ballots. LOL Thanks again for your post! Glad you are here!


Donna, this is a very interesting comment – one which I never thought about. However, years ago when this “I am a gay american” speech happened – I was dating his friend/confidant. His friend told me, that Jim was gay – and the whole “wife” thing was a cover up due to politics. Now, it could be that Jim is both gay and a sociopath. It’s possible. Anything is possible. Having been with a pathological liar and sociopath – I don’t rule anything out anymore.

Ox Drover

I think just as some psychopaths like chocolate and some like vanilla and some will eat either chocolate or vanilla, I think psychopaths are kind of like that with sexual orientation. Some prefer to swing one way and some another, and some will screw a snake if someone will hold it still.

The article here on LF about psychopaths are “neither gay nor straight” I think sums it up pretty well. Sex I think to them is more like a “bodily function” that may be pleasurable, but there’s no “connection” to other people involved in the act. If there is another party involved in the “bodily function” I think it is more like a “sex toy” rather than a living being who is participating in a bonding ritual between two humans.


I think i may have just had a call from the spath. I have only two numbers (to my knowledge, can’t access the list function on my handset) blocked on my phone.

I do have private numbers blocked – but they don’t come up ‘caller blocked’, just as private. there is also always a phone number in the phone log when i get private calls. this time there is none.

so, don’t know. but maybe. gotta love call block. i think my xmas gift to myself will be a new private phone number. that would be even better.


I’ve received two private calls in the past week. I answer and it sounds just like spath used to do when he’d butt dial……sounds like the phone is inside a jacket pocket scratching around……
Ya gotta wonder.
He changes his phones….YES PHONES…..frequently, (that’s what drug dealers do ya know)…..

Keep the balance baby…..I say, get that x-mas gift to yourself early if you can.
Block em out!


yah know eb, there is software that you can use to listen in on a cell phone….this must be a sign of my healing (as long as applied correctly; as in don’t do it) that i have the energy to even shallowly contemplate such a thing.

i wrote a whack of stuff about the fake story tonight. first time really. wrote lots of details about a couple of the dramas i went through. i had the idea earlier today (while sitting in the shrinks office during neuro-feedback) that i could forgive myself back then – that i was doing the best i could at the time. i thought he was real and i cared for him. a lot. i can’t play it backward and judge myself; i didn’t know it was a lie. i was caught up emotionally, and I didn’t read the facts dispassionately – in fact read some of them all the more passionately and tried passionately to ignore the very bad behavior of the bf.

i hear the caution in your voice the last days; are you keeping safe?


I am truly upset because I recently found out that my S becomes a CEO of a company that has office in Hong Kong and LA, paramount studios even! Worst, is my paralegals/lawyer in Las Vegas did not received his signed docs, to proceed with our annulment.

I did not ask him to pay back all the money he owed me, I just want to get rid of him and not to be attached in names with him anymore. I wrote a blog to get him out, he post nasty stuff about me. I paid for everything, so why does he still not want to end our marriage??? I don’t get it. I don’t dare to buy any property, put anything in my name, because of him.

I have a company to run here, I don’t have time to play these games with him. I feel so drained with all these issues, that it affects my work, so most of the times I just buried it and not think about it. I don’t know how to deal with him anymore. How am I going to get people to believe me, when he managed to fool so many?


Yes, keeping safe and aware. I’m taking steps to arm and protect….my constitutional right!

Just had a cop outside…..had a nice chat with him about this ‘current’ issue…..he offered a bit of reassurance AND info on the topic.
he also offered to come by and help with the landscaping for 10%. 🙂

super chic

Nolife, I am sorry to hear you are so upset. It sounds like, of course, that he is still trying to control everything. I wish I had an answer for you… everything they do is so opposite of normal, none of it makes any sense. Hang in there! You’ll get what you want!! I think it’s pretty awesome that you are running a company and going through all of this at the same time! You are fabulous!


If I remember correctly, you are out of the country and hired a NV attorney to handle this divorce?
Who’s got the 6 week NV residencecy?

If he works at a large firm… should be able to track him down?

If not, in NV you can run an ad in the paper for some weeks to notify him of divorce proceedings.

It’s not too tough to do in NV.
As long as you have the residency issues out of the way.

Good luck!


Thanks shabbychic, I shouldn’t let him get to me. He told me that if I pissed him off, he wouldn’t give me what I want. That’s to be free of him.

Hi ErinBrock,

Yes, I am not living in NV, but because we are married at NV, thus we are able to process it there. I have spoken to the lawyer a few times over the phone. I had already made payment to them. I have all my paper signed and done, just waiting for his paper.

I know the address of his HK and LA office, and I even know some of his staff contact numbers, but I don’t want him to know that I know, just in case he starts disappearing from me again. Now, I am slowly monitoring his movements, without him knowing. But time is really not on my side. I have never spoken to so many lawyers in Asia and USA before.

I should start to blog about him soon. To stop him from scamming more people.

Ox Drover

Dear Nolife,

For the time being I would suggest that you do not start a blog to warn others about him–for now at least.

Get what you want first, and I think he already knows what that is and is doing his best to NOT let you get what you want….and unfortunately he may be able to do that for quite some time.

Also, unfortunately, he will ENJOY the fight, the keeping you from getting what you want, the keeping you hopping and keeping you upset and spending money on trying to succeed. It is a big game to them…not to us, but to them it is FUN!

You are obviously a strong woman to be able to run your company and still be going through something this nasty, so I know you are coping, but their bullying will wear down the strongest person, it is like water wears down the mountain over time, slowly eroding the rock….they just keep on wearing our strength away. So focus on the most important parts and not on protecting others right now. Focus on YOU, and getting what YOU need FIRST!!! Good luck!



I agree with Oxy, I think would drop the effort on your part to expose your ex to others, instead concentrating on getting what you really want, to be permanently free of him via an annulment. Good luck.


I believe then what your seeking is an annulment?
(Nevada Revised Statute) NRS 125.360 Annulment of marriage contracted within State: No requirement of residence. Annulment of marriages contracted, performed or entered into within the State of Nevada may be obtained by complaint, under oath, to any district court of the State of Nevada for any cause provided by law for annulment of marriage.

[Part 1:147:1931; A 1951, 58]

There are residencey laws in Nv 6weeks PRIOR to filing, with residencey affidavit, and you file for a DIVORCE in the county of your domocile.

See*NV NRS- pertaining to disolution of marriage

Particularly note NRS 125.181
Summary proceeding for divorce: Conditions. A marriage may be dissolved by the summary procedure for divorce set forth in NRS 125.181 to 125.184, inclusive, when all of the following conditions exist at the time the proceeding is commenced:

1. Either party has met the jurisdictional requirements of NRS 125.020.

2. The husband and wife have lived separate and apart for 1 year without cohabitation or they are incompatible.

3. There are no minor children of the relationship of the parties born before or during the marriage or adopted by the parties during the marriage and the wife, to her knowledge, is not pregnant, or the parties have executed an agreement as to the custody of any children and setting forth the amount and manner of their support.

4. There is no community or joint property or the parties have executed an agreement setting forth the division of community property and the assumption of liabilities of the community, if any, and have executed any deeds, certificates of title, bills of sale or other evidence of transfer necessary to effectuate the agreement.

5. The parties waive any rights to spousal support or the parties have executed an agreement setting forth the amount and manner of spousal support.

6. The parties waive their respective rights to written notice of entry of the decree of divorce, to appeal, to request findings of fact and conclusions of law and to move for a new trial.

7. The parties desire that the court enter a decree of divorce.

I would hold off on ANY factors of alerting anyone else until you achieve what YOU want…..and that is legal divorce or whatnot.
Pick your battles girl……know what your playing with…..achieve what YOU want first…..then decide if it’s worth it.

Good luck!

Here’s an article by a sociopath saying that they don’t have real sexual orientations:


Dear Eternal Student,
Just the name makes me laugh!lolololol

Ox Drover

Eternal student,

Donna did an article a couple of years ago about how many psychopaths are neither straight nor gay…just hyper sexed it seems, but will have sex with anything that will hold still. YUK!


Eternal Student – that’s been my assertaion all along – they are just prdators.

went on to read a bit more on that blog – very interesting breezey tone. ick.

found this though: ;But with that said, I can predict situations in which you might want to beat a sociopath at his own game. What next? Well, as mentioned in earlier posts, one of the sociopath’s main tools is mimicking human emotions. How do they know what to mimic? By watching you. How do you trick them? By feeding them false information. A sociopath’s ability to act normal is only as good as the information he has available to him about what you expect. When you feed him false information, it ends up like one of those dry British farces where misunderstandings and confusions abound. But you’re not confused because you know what’s going on. And then you’ve beat him. That’s all there is to it. ;


oxy hmmm, didn’t think holding still was a perquisite. 🙂


Sky – did you see this from:…..pathy.html

‘When you feed him false information, it ends up like one of those dry British farces where misunderstandings and confusions abound. But you’re not confused because you know what’s going on. And then you’ve beat him.’ it’s what you say all the time.

Ox Drover

One/Joy, I’m not sure how you can stand to read that site…..the entire thing makes me want to puke!


oxy – i can see why. I went to read that one article about sexuality and then saw another post i wanted to read. so i haven’t spent any time there to speak of. the bit i read suggested that they don’t see themselves as lacking a core identity, but ‘fluid’ and perhaps more ‘evolved’. giggle.

Ox Drover

One, I actually think that psychopathy gives them certain “advantages” in evolutionary terms, and in climbing the corporate ladder, in procuring sexual partners in larger numbers (thus the chance of more offspring). In terms of survival, they would be the ones who would steal scarce shared resources (food or water) or be the one to do whatever it took to survive at the expense of others. No morals or ethical concerns to slow them down.

So maybe they are right, they are more “evolved”—but that’s okay, I’ll keep my conscience and my moral compass, I’m sort of attached to both. But I will defend myself.

Oh, BTW egg donor called me yesterday about some “pressing business,” and damned if I didn’t answer the phone. Didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t read who was calling. Actually it was something that we actually needed to handle. I talked to her about five minutes, handled our business and then said goodbye. I actually wasn’t upset by the conversation which in a way surprised me. I do think I am APPROACHING that point of the NIRVANA OF INDIFFERENCE with her….just NADA in the way of feelings, no hate, no love, no disgust even, just NOTHING –either positive or negative. That’s a good thing actually.


One Joy,
I noticed that. It’s pretty obvious advice if you know that they lack depth and insight into real emotions. They also talk about being boring and passive agressive (not cleaning or bathing or going out). Do you think they learned that here?

the site seems to have changed for the better somewhat since I was last there. It used to be a whole bunch of socios putting each other down, it was almost comical. Now it is a bunch of victims with tragic stories, and some helpful advice, just like LF… hmmm…

I’m not sure, but I’m not convinced that the owner of the site is actually a sociopath. The changes make me wonder if they are competing with LF for web hits and how much of the posting is real.

When they talk about lacking a core identity, it’s interesting that they see this as a positive. Of course they do, any personality disorder is a survival tactic and it works to some limited degree to get you what you want, but not to help you grow or experience a fulfilling life. We all “like” our PD’s. They make us feel powerful, that’s why we don’t like to get rid of them. Even my martyr syndrome “helps” me in various ways. It’s my crutch or as Oxy calls it, “functioning in my dysfunction”.

When you’ve never experienced something you don’t know what you are missing. They can’t imagine that the world is round and that if you keep walking in a straight line, you are actually walking in circles.

Oxy, it would seem that the spaths might have an evolutionary advantage in producing more offspring. Especially in a society that has been rounded up and milked to continue supporting these offspring so that the spath can go his merry way. It remains to be see if this will work forever. In my father’s family, he had 2 brothers and a sister, another brother died as a teen.

My father had four offspring and only my good sister produced 3 offspring, the spath siblings and myself, didn’t.

My spath uncle had 3 kids and none of them produced offspring.

My other uncle had 2 kids and none of them produced.

My aunt had one spath boy and he has produced 2 that I know of.

I can tell you that the reason most of us didn’t have kids is because our childhoods were too awful and we were told repeatedly that having kids was a fucked job of slavery and servitude. Why would we want kids?

Ox Drover

Sky, well “statistics” need LARGE numbers of individuals to get a sample that is “valid”—if your sample is too small then you dont’ get a good picture of the class. For example, STATISTICALLY a man with one foot on a red hot stove and the other one on a block of ice is ON AVERAGE COMFORTABLE. LOL I love that comment from the prof in my statistics class in college.

My P sperm donor had 4 kids, and one of them is apparently a psychopath like him, and one of his grandsons (my P son) but I don’t know about the other 5 grand kids how they turned out as I don’t have contact with my half sibs except a bit through “family information systems.” (gossip) LOL

Liane published a statistic on here once, can’t remember the article that said that 25% of the kids fathered in UK in public housing (welfare households) were sired by psychopaths. I know of many young women who have children who are probably pretty disordered themselves who don’t even know who the father of their children are….the step dtr of a friend of mine had 5, the last one born in jail. She has not raised ANY of these kids. The guy she married at first (father of 2 of the kids) was one of 11 kids who were all neglected and abused and most were slightly MR as well, and that guy had 5 kids by 4 different women by the time he was 21.

I’m not sure what the answer is for people to be responsible for their children, and not to have kids when they are not able to take care of them. There was a time in this country when women who had children out of wed-lock were publicly whipped at the courthouse and yet, it still happened. In some countries today it is enough to get a woman whipped or beheaded and yet it still happens. I wish I knew the answer, but I’m not sure there IS an answer unless it is education, but you can’t force a person to learn and you can’t force a person to comply with good sense either.


I was only presenting my family as an example where disordered people DON’T meet the norm of having kids all over the place. I can only speculate why that is, but at least it IS an example which shows it is possible.

I was like Justus5, in that I knew I was with a large “child” and couldn’t bring myself to deal with more children than the one irresponsible overgrown child that I already had.

Ox Drover

Yea, Sky, I know, I was just pulling your leg with the “on average comfortable” LOL but I do know a bunch of folks in my community who have kids by the litter and do not take care of them….it breaks my heart, but there’s not a doggone thing I know that anyone can do to stop it except try to educate the young, but “you can lead a horse to water….” Actually, my son C decided NOT to have children of his own after his divorce because he learned just how much genetics are involved in psychopathy, and our family is full of it. I’m glad actually that he made that decision. If I had known “then” what I know NOW I would also have NOT had children.

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