No shame: Disgraced sociopathic governor repackages himself

There’s a little TV in the corner of my kitchen, and in the morning, as I make breakfast, I usually have it tuned to CNN. Today I was shocked to see Jim McGreevey, former governor of New Jersey, talking about his new involvement, an organization called “Faith in America.”

You remember Jimbo.  He was the governor who, after someone threatened to expose his alleged affair with a male staffer, decided to spill the beans himself. On August 12, 2004, with his traumatized wife at his side, McGreevey announced to the world, “I am a gay American.”

I don’t believe it. McGreevey isn’t gay—he’s a sociopath.

Many sociopaths, if not most of them, are neither gay nor straight—they’re sexual opportunists. Sex is one of their main objectives in life, and any partner who can provide a thrill is fair game. My ex-husband told me he didn’t have “a gay bone in his body—”at the same time that he was soliciting male prostitutes. I’ve heard from many readers who were shocked to find that not only were their spouses cheating on them, but they were cheating with someone of the same sex. I’ve also asked several gay readers if they thought the sociopaths in their lives were actually gay. The answer is usually no.

Faith in America

Back to McGreevey. I last wrote about him when I reviewed his ex-wife’s book. (See BOOK REVIEW: Silent Partner, by the wife of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey.) When he made his big announcement, things were not going well for him as governor. In my view, McGreevey played “the gay card” to distract from his political failures.

After being booted from the governor’s mansion, he moved in with a rich male financier and attended an Episcopal seminary. On TV this morning, McGreevey said he graduated from the seminary. But the reason he was on TV was to talk about his involvement with Faith in America.

McGreevey is on the board of directors. Faith in America is an organization dedicated to “ending religion-based bigotry toward LGBT people.” According to its website:

Faith In America was formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in 2005 to effectively counter-message the bigotry, prejudice and hostility toward the LGBT community being sold to the public for several decades under the guise of religious belief and religious teaching.

I think this is an admirable mission. As McGreevey said on TV this morning, many religious organizations quote scripture to justify their condemnation of homosexuals. The organization hopes to promote tolerance, so that regardless of their sexual orientation, people can be their authentic selves.

McGreevey isn’t being authentic. He’s being expedient. He’s found a platform to put himself back in the limelight. A few weeks ago he was on the Joy Behar Show, and today he was on CNN.

In this interview this morning, McGreevey said, “I knew when I was six or seven years old that I was gay.” Really? Is that possible? Society may be moving faster now, but McGreevey is about the same age as me, and when I was six or seven years old, I was clueless about sex, let alone sexual orientation.

Oh well, for the sake of Faith in America, I hope that McGreevey can keep the act going. Time will tell.

Coming soon: The repackaging of Eliot Spitzer.

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oxy hmmm, didn’t think holding still was a perquisite. 🙂


Sky – did you see this from:…..pathy.html

‘When you feed him false information, it ends up like one of those dry British farces where misunderstandings and confusions abound. But you’re not confused because you know what’s going on. And then you’ve beat him.’ it’s what you say all the time.

One/Joy, I’m not sure how you can stand to read that site…..the entire thing makes me want to puke!


oxy – i can see why. I went to read that one article about sexuality and then saw another post i wanted to read. so i haven’t spent any time there to speak of. the bit i read suggested that they don’t see themselves as lacking a core identity, but ‘fluid’ and perhaps more ‘evolved’. giggle.

One, I actually think that psychopathy gives them certain “advantages” in evolutionary terms, and in climbing the corporate ladder, in procuring sexual partners in larger numbers (thus the chance of more offspring). In terms of survival, they would be the ones who would steal scarce shared resources (food or water) or be the one to do whatever it took to survive at the expense of others. No morals or ethical concerns to slow them down.

So maybe they are right, they are more “evolved”—but that’s okay, I’ll keep my conscience and my moral compass, I’m sort of attached to both. But I will defend myself.

Oh, BTW egg donor called me yesterday about some “pressing business,” and damned if I didn’t answer the phone. Didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t read who was calling. Actually it was something that we actually needed to handle. I talked to her about five minutes, handled our business and then said goodbye. I actually wasn’t upset by the conversation which in a way surprised me. I do think I am APPROACHING that point of the NIRVANA OF INDIFFERENCE with her….just NADA in the way of feelings, no hate, no love, no disgust even, just NOTHING –either positive or negative. That’s a good thing actually.

One Joy,
I noticed that. It’s pretty obvious advice if you know that they lack depth and insight into real emotions. They also talk about being boring and passive agressive (not cleaning or bathing or going out). Do you think they learned that here?

the site seems to have changed for the better somewhat since I was last there. It used to be a whole bunch of socios putting each other down, it was almost comical. Now it is a bunch of victims with tragic stories, and some helpful advice, just like LF… hmmm…

I’m not sure, but I’m not convinced that the owner of the site is actually a sociopath. The changes make me wonder if they are competing with LF for web hits and how much of the posting is real.

When they talk about lacking a core identity, it’s interesting that they see this as a positive. Of course they do, any personality disorder is a survival tactic and it works to some limited degree to get you what you want, but not to help you grow or experience a fulfilling life. We all “like” our PD’s. They make us feel powerful, that’s why we don’t like to get rid of them. Even my martyr syndrome “helps” me in various ways. It’s my crutch or as Oxy calls it, “functioning in my dysfunction”.

When you’ve never experienced something you don’t know what you are missing. They can’t imagine that the world is round and that if you keep walking in a straight line, you are actually walking in circles.

Oxy, it would seem that the spaths might have an evolutionary advantage in producing more offspring. Especially in a society that has been rounded up and milked to continue supporting these offspring so that the spath can go his merry way. It remains to be see if this will work forever. In my father’s family, he had 2 brothers and a sister, another brother died as a teen.

My father had four offspring and only my good sister produced 3 offspring, the spath siblings and myself, didn’t.

My spath uncle had 3 kids and none of them produced offspring.

My other uncle had 2 kids and none of them produced.

My aunt had one spath boy and he has produced 2 that I know of.

I can tell you that the reason most of us didn’t have kids is because our childhoods were too awful and we were told repeatedly that having kids was a fucked job of slavery and servitude. Why would we want kids?

Sky, well “statistics” need LARGE numbers of individuals to get a sample that is “valid”—if your sample is too small then you dont’ get a good picture of the class. For example, STATISTICALLY a man with one foot on a red hot stove and the other one on a block of ice is ON AVERAGE COMFORTABLE. LOL I love that comment from the prof in my statistics class in college.

My P sperm donor had 4 kids, and one of them is apparently a psychopath like him, and one of his grandsons (my P son) but I don’t know about the other 5 grand kids how they turned out as I don’t have contact with my half sibs except a bit through “family information systems.” (gossip) LOL

Liane published a statistic on here once, can’t remember the article that said that 25% of the kids fathered in UK in public housing (welfare households) were sired by psychopaths. I know of many young women who have children who are probably pretty disordered themselves who don’t even know who the father of their children are….the step dtr of a friend of mine had 5, the last one born in jail. She has not raised ANY of these kids. The guy she married at first (father of 2 of the kids) was one of 11 kids who were all neglected and abused and most were slightly MR as well, and that guy had 5 kids by 4 different women by the time he was 21.

I’m not sure what the answer is for people to be responsible for their children, and not to have kids when they are not able to take care of them. There was a time in this country when women who had children out of wed-lock were publicly whipped at the courthouse and yet, it still happened. In some countries today it is enough to get a woman whipped or beheaded and yet it still happens. I wish I knew the answer, but I’m not sure there IS an answer unless it is education, but you can’t force a person to learn and you can’t force a person to comply with good sense either.

I was only presenting my family as an example where disordered people DON’T meet the norm of having kids all over the place. I can only speculate why that is, but at least it IS an example which shows it is possible.

I was like Justus5, in that I knew I was with a large “child” and couldn’t bring myself to deal with more children than the one irresponsible overgrown child that I already had.

Yea, Sky, I know, I was just pulling your leg with the “on average comfortable” LOL but I do know a bunch of folks in my community who have kids by the litter and do not take care of them….it breaks my heart, but there’s not a doggone thing I know that anyone can do to stop it except try to educate the young, but “you can lead a horse to water….” Actually, my son C decided NOT to have children of his own after his divorce because he learned just how much genetics are involved in psychopathy, and our family is full of it. I’m glad actually that he made that decision. If I had known “then” what I know NOW I would also have NOT had children.

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