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Notre Dame’s fake dead girlfriend, and real dead girl

A Calimornia man suspected of being behind the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax apparently may have pulled the “Catfishing” scam on multiple people.

Report: Ronaiah Tuiasosopo confessed Te’o hoax to friend, on

In the meantime, back in 2010, Lizzy Seeberg, then a 19-year-old college freshman, accused a Notre Dame football player of sexually assaulting her. She filed a report with campus police. They did nothing. A few days later, Lizzy Seeberg committed suicide. Notre Dame still did nothing.

Brennan: Notre Dame forgets the woman who really died, on

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Ox Drover

I don’t doubt that one bit, look at PENN STATE and what THEY covered up and ignored, it is all about the TEAM, the SPORT, the GLORY, makes you think of Rome, “Bread and Circuses” keep the masses happy and rootin’ for the home team heroes. PUKE

Yep,the Almighty Sports arena has become more important than living ,breathing creation with emotions!


Years ago I bought a camper from a guy that told me he had cancer and only 6 months to live and had to sell off everything to pay his doctor bills. I saw him ten years later, he looked fine to me. Later someone told me he used that line all the time to get a better price for his campers.
People like that are a cancer.

Ox Drover

Moon, Karma is a biatch, so maybe some day he WILL get cancer and only have 6 miserable months to live…folks need to be careful what lies they tell. Sometimes they come true.


I have to say it is totally possible – given what I know others have gone through with “fake” online relationships – that this young man was truly fooled. If that is the case I do feel bad for him having to suffer this in the public eye – it is painful enough without that.

If he was part of it I hope it comes out quickly…


Can someone explain me the hoax? I’ve tried to read articles on it, but it was so spathically intricately weird that it just all went over my head. Reminds me of those weird ex-spath adventures that went over my head in understanding: who did what to whom, when and said such and this… No problem understanding my abstract physics courses… but the tales spaths spin are like a ball of wool that got so knotted together you can’t ever unravel it.

I agree though: the death of girl who accused a player of assaulting her is not something that should be silenced to death (pun intended)


Yes, let’s remember OneJoy and how she was manipulated by an online/phone relationship etc. He could be totally innocent, will be interesting as to how this one plays out.

I think the hoax is still being figured out, as far as which minions were involved knowingly and which were dupes and patsies.

Tuiasosopo is the spath in the story and he created a fake gf for Te’o. It’s obvious to me that he was envious of the football glory Te’o was achieving and wanted to crush him.

To this end, he used a female cousin as the “voice” of the gf and he used an old high school classmate’s facebook picture as the “face” of the gf.

What is unclear is why Te’o’s dad thought that Te’o had met the gf in person. From my experience, the spath will simply “plant a seed” and by repeating a story over and over and telling as many people as possible, it becomes real. Like any false rumor, it will spread until nobody knows who started it.

I agree, this yarn has been spun out of control.


The phrase I have heard used many times is ‘the relationship that never was.’

That’s kinda how I feel now about my ex-gf. But, it’s so hard to accept and resolve when placed beside the brief periods in the relationship of ‘niceness’ and calm -and the fact that I simply always wanted to be close to the gf. Basically – apparently what I had constructed in my brain.

Ox Drover

if the football player said he met her at a game, he may have lied to make it look like he really had met her because he didn’t want to admit he was in love with someone he had never laid eyes on. Just a small white lie that may come back to bite him in the butt.

I think Sky’s assessment of the ENVY of the main hoaxer is right on, he is the UNsuccessful member of a BIG TIME foot ball family and he envies the success of the ND kid—so he catfishes him.

HA HA , not funny, and now the whole foot ball bunch feels sorry for this hot shot player…but none of them feel diddly for the girl who CONVENIENTLY killed herself.

Yea, there is something here that stinks to high heaven maybe some sports writer will point this out.


Well, in true sociopathic fashion, the guy grants an interview stating he had no part in this. Of course. It’s never their fault…always somebody else. He states he is religious and everyone says he’s such a good boy. And again, in true sociopathic fashion, he is getting his way. The media is crawling over each other to get to this guy. Another snake in the grass.


Eugh….this whole things just reeks, on every level. Yay, sports – NOT.

Every sports jock that I’ve met over my lifetime was an arrogant, self-absorbed, over-indulged, tantrum-throwing, entitled boob. And, I’m talking about the types of jocks that had SPORTS in their eye as a career – not the people who were participating in gym classes, etc.

“Sports” has always been a primary focus of attention from ancient Greece to modern-day universities. I would love to see more attention paid to the researches who are trying to find cures for the common cold, rather than throwing laurels at sports figures. But, I don’t see this ever taking place.

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