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Now, more SEAL impostors than ever

On Lovefraud’s Is he or she military? page, we state that 11,000 soldiers actually completed Navy SEAL training, but fraud busters have found more than 35,000 fake SEALs. Now that Navy SEALs have taken out Osama Bin Laden, there are even more frauds, including a pastor from central Pennsylvania. Don Shipley, a real ex-SEAL who exposes the fakes, says it’s not unusual to find members of the clergy pretending to be former SEALs:

“It’s something with these guys who are in a position of trust that causes a lot of them to do it,” he said. “The fact that they are in a position where whatever comes out of their mouth is believed — I think that causes some of them to take advantage.”

Shipley has the cause-and-effect backwards — these frauds are in positions of trust because they can convince people to believe their lies.

Read After Bin Laden raid, fake Navy SEALs are ‘Coming out of the woodwork,’ says watchdog on

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Ox Drover

Donna, your comment about Shipley having the cause-effect BACKWARDS is right on the target….these people who are fakes and liars gain their positions of trust because they are GOOD at being fakes and liars and especially in religious organizations, it is assumed that anyone who enters the pulpit is there for a “good purpose” not to defraud people.

This man had KNOWINGLY lied for over 5 years—and knowingly sat down and told stories that were lies to the newspaper—-and then he stands up and tries to make it look like he didn’t lie, he just let “people assume” he had been a SEAL. DUH?????

What ya wanna bet he is “forgiven” by his church and continues to preach and draw a salary? It was only a lie after all….and he’s such a good man when he isn’t telling lies. Yea, RIGHT!


I just read the article about the “reverend” right before it appeared here.

He’s been lying for 5 years, this has nothing to do with Osama! He’s just a liar. When will people see this as a personality disorder and not just a “wittle white lie”? PUKE! PUKE! PUKE!

BTW, are there going to be any consequences or is the freedom of speech going to protect him? The reason I ask is because I WAS A NAVY SEAL!! YES!!
I WAS a member of a special elite unit of SECRET FEMALE navy seals. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Nobody knew about us because we were stationed in … umm…. like… antarctica! yep! that’s right! we were in Antarctica! doing espionage.

Everyone knows women can take cold water temperatures longer than men, so we patrolled the cold Antarctic waters wearing our scuba gear and um disguised um as…. PENGUINS!!! That’s the ticket, yeah, pinguins. which explains my affinity for black and white… any ways, I digress, yes, I was attacked by a REAL SEAL the animal mammal type… but ACTUALLY it wasn’t a SEAL at all. It was, like, a member of AL quaida? (sp?) DISGUISED as a seal!! uh huh, yep. Seals always attack penguins, so this um terrorist alqueda, was like, a female alquaida and she was, like, disguised as a seal? but she was wearing a BURQUA too, that’s how I recognized her and got away. But not before she stabbed me and so anyway that’s how I got my purple heart.

kim frederick

Skylar, 🙂



Thanks for the story – love it.

Ox Drover

Dear Sky,

Darling you win the award for the “liar’s contest” this week! LOL TOOO FUNNY ROTFLMAO

In my living history group we do “tall tale telling” and we call it the “liar’s contest” and I have been very successful (believe it or not!) in winning these contests consistently. hee hee imagine that, but I take my HAT OFF TO YOU GIRL, YOU WIN THIS ONE!

Last time I entered I got beaten by an old man I had never heard tell stories before. He was tooooo funny. He was wearing a bear skin coat and carrying an ax, and his story was how he got the coat….and how he was out chopping wood and got attacked by the bear and hacked his way inside the skin (thus the coat!) and the crowd loved it and voted him the winner. I had used one of my VERY best stories, and he beat me hands down. He was just toooooo cute.

I’m so glad that you were a REAL SEAL…er, ah Penguin…LOL but recognizing the fake SEAL by the burka was really good! Smart, proves that only a REAL PENGUIN/SEAL is really the genuine article! LOL ROTFLMAO You win the prize girlfriend! 🙂


Thumbs UP for the REAL SEALS that rearranged osama’s life.


I should have known you would call me a liar!! 🙁
Why don’t you believe me? LOL!
or as my spath put it:
“When did you stop respecting me?”

kim frederick

That’s it Sky…Righteos indignation. Turn that table. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Kim,
I knew YOU would believe me. So now it’s 2 against 1 so it MUST BE TRUE! Oxy’s a liar!

kim frederick

I think if we work hard enough at it, we can smear her, and everyone will believe us. We must maintain our reputations, however. At all costs.


No problem, Kim. I’ll use the pity ploy and tell everyone how mean she was to me.

She called me a LIAR! WAHHHHH!!! 🙁

kim frederick

I know!!! I’ll put on my baby white seal suit and look out with those huge black eyes, and every one will think she’s about to bludgeon me on the ice and snow…….whatdaya think?


ooh excellent idea for a smear, make her look like the crazy one!

Oh and did I tell you that I was just in Pakistan last week? yes, I was part of that elite team that took down bin laden, but I’m not supposed to talk about it. But I can tell YOU, because it will be our little secret…

Seriously Kim,
you and I should write a book from the spath’s perspective, just to expose all their dirty little tricks. Did you see the video with Donna’s radio interview? When she was mimicking the way spaths will smear you and she used that conspiratorial tone, it freaked me out because she sounded so much like my spath!! And then the radio DJ commented on how well she did it too! LOL! I actually got a little triggered watching her do that.

kim frederick

Yea. It was a little spooky. She did a great job. I was a little miffed at Dr. Paul for emphasizing (over and over again) that the spath had to have ALL TEN charactoristics, even after saying so and asking Donna, “right”. She answered that they should have 8 or 9 or 10, but he just brushed that off and reasserted his belief. That is a devaluation of Donnas opinion and knowledge. I thought he was a bit of an N. What did you think?

Ox Drover

Another article about Shipley and the fake seals and this “preacher” claiming to have been a seal.

Gosh you guys are ganging up on me, I’m gonna tell my egg donor about how you are treating me! LOL ROTFLMAO You guys are toooo much! BABY SEAL with big black eyes being bashed to death of the ice! LOL YOu are TERRIBLE KIMMIE!!!! what a couple of nut jobs! LOL

I took today off after 4 days of hard manual labor trimming trees and hauling brush, and cleaning up after baby duckies….

Had a friend over and got some good news…a guy that went to FEDERAL prison for child porn who had been working for the state parks service (they hushed it up) gets out and comes right back and rejoins our living history group, and gets a job at the state museum working with kids….I had lots of park service friends so I knew about him being in prison and for what….after I realized he was back in our group, working with kids and at the museum, I raised cane with the board of our living history group and the N/P president and I got “into it” because he said “well, he paid his debt to society” YEA, RIGHT! Anyway, the women on the board backed me and he got asked to leave.

I also got him fired from his state museum job—well, heard today that he got arrested and accused of child molestation. Dr. Anna Salter, one of THE experts on child molestation, says that the AVERAGE is like 300 molestations for each pedophile who gets caught and arrested the first time …. well this guy had never been CAUGHT TOUCHING a child, just kiddy porn, but after being questioned and I guess thinking he faced being arrested and going to prison, he went directly home and blew his brains out. I hate to gloat, and I guess that is actually what I am doing, but you know, one less pedophile in the world.

His wife was a school teacher and she was waiting for him when he got out of prison. I never did understand why…not judging her, as she may have been trauma bonded to the jerk, who knows, but for whatever reason she stayed. I don’t think that a HEALTHY PERSON would have stayed with someone who went to prison for purchasing kiddy porn. I actually saw her the other day and literally didn’t recognize her, she had aged “100” years.

kim frederick

Kiddy porn disgusts me. Can’t even say much more on the subject. I can’t imagine laying in bed beside someone who masturbates using kiddy porn. If the nasty fuck ever touched me, I’d probably puke. Sorry for the F bomb, but not spelling it out was NOT approppriate.


Dunno about SEAL impostors, but I knew a guy who seemed to be impersonating a walrus. You should have seen the size of his mustache…


I mean no offense Ox Drover, but the comment you just made gloating over how you led someone to killing themselves sounds like something a sociopath/psychopath would say and do.

I rarely ever post on Love Fraud but I’ve been reading articles and comments here for a long while, and I haven’t seen too many comments as malicious as what you just wrote.

If the guy was indeed convicted over pedophilia and has went through his sentencing and paid his debt to society, it comes across as highly malicious and sociopathic to continue to try to make someone’s life more complicated and more miserable, and then enjoying the fact that you got that certain individual whose life you are trying to ruin to then kill themselves. It just reeks of what some kind of psychopathic vigilante would do.

Or that is my opinion anyway.


Yeah Oxy,
I mean no offense either, but ….you are losing your touch. If you can’t share more honest joy about the death of a pedophile, then call on me to pick up that banner… I LOVE dancing on the grave of my sire and celebrating the misery he felt as he lay dying. And I feel so bad that I found out too late b/c I missed my chance to hound him into suicide, but at least I could have enjoyed trying. I best I could do was taking a sledge hammer to his gravestone. But at least his final rest was NOT BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you Oxy. God knows what child you saved. Now it’s a beautiful night and I think I will work on my rock garden.

Ox Drover

I did not say I led him to kill himself….I said 5 years ago I got him fired from his job working with KIDS and I got him tossed out of my living history group working with kids.

HE WAS ARRESTED AND QUESTIONED ABOUT A MOLESTATION. After the cops let him go home, he killed himself.

I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM KILLING HIMSELF, hadn’t seen or talked to him or done anything to him for several years before that. I DID PASS ON PUBLIC INFORMATION TO HIS EMPLOYERS ABOUT HIS CRIMINAL RECORD….and many of them did choose to let him go due to his criminal record. But again, hadn’t even done that for 3-4 years before he killed himself AFTER HE WAS QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE about a molestation.

As far as me gloating about it…I admit I should not feel that way…but I did NOT DRIVE THE MAN TO KILL HIMSELF.


He had NOT explained his criminal past to any of these organizations…. so if you think it was appropriate for him to be working with kids after a conviction for kiddy porn, then I dont’ really want to be a part of ANY organization YOU ARE A PART OF.


Please grow up…better yet, have you tried planting flowers? How about a rock garden? I LOVE them. Esp. gray rocks, flat, boring gray rocks. They make a very BORING garden, but I don’t give up! I know someday I’ll get that exciting gray rock garden flourishing. Give it a try…it’s very relaxing.


Redwald – You cracked me up with the walrus comment to funny

Hope to heal

Hey Ana ~ Yeah, gray rocks in the garden are NICE. I also find POTTED PLANTS quite lovely too.



ana i know what you mean. i want to get my own gray rock garden up and about as well, but too bad i’ll have to clear all the potted plants already situated there in order to make room for them. we’ll see.


NO pedophile EVER pays their debt to ‘society’. EVER. they may do time, but that it is not the same thing. They offend and re-offend – just like my spath will – until the last person who can be conned dies, SHE will con.

it hurts my heart that pedophiles exist – that this mass of ‘humanity’ scars and disfigures so many people. there is in me a groundswell of grief THAT they exist, and out of respect for this horrible dis-figuration of humanity i will not dance on their graves. but that is out of respect for US, not them. I do not give a shit about them. I’d hand out loaded guns in locked rooms.

i gardened all morning. have had enough of potting plants for one day.

Ox Drover

My tomato plants are doing well…..and I actually found the neatest rocks covered with gray moss and lichens out in the woods to put next to my plants and herb garden….


I like to use the flat gray rocks for hot stone massage, they hold the heat well and don’t burn the client or my hands. So many uses for gray rocks! They sure do come in handy…


y’all – i am not blind; i made a conscious choice.

Hope to heal

One/Joy ~ I hear you, and I agree. I don’t think even castration would work for the male pedophile. Perhaps lobotomy?? I dunno. I just don’t think that there is a cure for those sick, twisted @%$?*&\\.

I believe that there is a special place in HELL reserved for them.


For all of us who didn’t have decent moms:
a beautiful song by Sinead O’Conner.

This is to mother you
To comfort you and get you through
Through when your nights are lonely
Through when your dreams are only blue
This is to mother you
This is to be with you
To hold you and to kiss you too
For when you need me I will do
What your own mother didn’t do
Which is to mother you
All the pain that you have known
All the violence in your soul
All the ‘wrong’ things you have done
I will take from you when I come
All mistakes made in distress
All your unhappiness
I will take away with my kiss, yes
I will give you tenderness
For child I am so glad I’ve found you
Although my arms have always been around you
Sweet bird although you did not see me
I saw you
And I’m here to mother you
To comfort you and get you through
Through when your nights are lonely
Through when your dreams are only blue
This is to mother you


nice song sky – well I am a rock collector, big rocks, little rocks, grey, brown, black or blue. Our state rock is the rose rock, they are red and look like roses, some look like crystal. I have paved paths with flat rocks, steppin stones, my gardens, my ponds are full of rocks.
And then there is my passion for bricks, I never pass up a brick, I have bricked patio’s, paths that go through the woods made with old bricks, new bricks. Bricks and rocks are like Lego’s for me, give me a pile of rocks or bricks and I am a happy camper. Potted plants? well I make a living with potted plant, most go in the ground and the pot’s are stacked up in piles out behind my barn, I re-use them to start new potted plants. So my point is I love gray rocks and potted plants, I just dont sleep with em anymore….

Ox Drover

Hens, I love rocks too, and in my wild flower garden son D and I have collected rocks—rocks from the back of the farm, and rocks from trips we have taken…petrified wood, fossil rocks, crystal, odd shaped or colored ones, red ones, white ones, ones covered in moss and lichens, and pieces of turtle rock. My front walk to the door from the driveway is paved with stepping stones, huge one, and my front porch actually is huge odd shaped rocks put together like a jigsaw puzzle rather than squared up. It is unlevel but easy to walk on…and makes my little brown house in the hole in the woods look like it was just grown here. Over the door is a long horned cow skull in a single ox yoke, and a sign over the door that is printed on old barn wood that says “kicking ass freight company” and a 36 star US flag that is 4×5 ft. beside the door. The 36 star flag is the one after Arkansas became a state in 1836. Bent willow arm chairs made out of willow branches provide seating for relaxing there in the evenings. I also have two potted plants there….an aloe plant (a big un) and a “Christmas cactus” that ALWAYS blooms in June.

I really love my little gardens…my walks, and the peace here…though right now at night I can hear the sounds of gas wells being drilled like the background noise of a freeway.

Anyway, I just take my hearing aids out and then I can’t hear the drilling. LOL There are some advantages to getting old…with the hearing aids out you don’t have to listen to things you don’t want to hear, and with my eyes going back, When I take my specks off I can’t see the wrinkles in my face when I look in the mirror. That’s why I try to keep my glasses off when I am around a mirror. God is Good, he makes our eyes go back as soon as we start getting wrinkles to see. LOL

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