Outrageous: Judge gives ex-Senator Vincent J. Fumo light sentence

Vincent J. Fumo, a former Pennsylvania senator found guilty by a jury of all 137 counts against him, could have been sentenced to 21 to 27 years. Yesterday, the federal judge in the case, Ronald L. Buckwalter, gave him four years and seven months.

Fumo defrauded the Pennsylvania State Senate of more than $1 million. He defrauded the charity he founded, Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods, of more than $1 million. He defrauded the Independent Seaport Museum of more than $100,000. He used Senate employees to clean his house and manage home improvements in his 33-room mansion. Then, when the authorities started sniffing around, he obstructed justice by destroying records and e-mail.

I am outraged.

So are many people in Philadelphia. Writers and columnists at the Philadelphia Inquirer are all over the story—they think the guy skated. So do the readers. The Inquirer’s website has a poll question, “Do you think the sentence was too lenient?” Nearly 90 percent of the respondents said yes.

Apparently, Vince put on quite a show at the sentencing hearing yesterday. He walked in pushing one of his supporters in a wheelchair. He cried. He pleaded that he never meant to take anything from anyone.

Yeah, right.

So 300 people sent letters to the judge, most of them supporting Vince. And the judge considered all of the former power broker’s “good works.” The judge also apparently felt that when it came to Vince Fumo, the media were on a witchhunt.

Personally, I applaud all the coverage that the Philadelphia Inquirer and other news organizations gave this case. The only way it could have been improved would be to explain to the public why Vince Fumo did what he did—because he was a sociopath.

Sigh. This is going to be a long education process.

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Witsend, thank you for understanding what I’ve gone through — and am still going through.

Yes, he is a MASTER at maskwearing. But, I’m pretty sure our children have seen through it by now. They just remained trapped, too, (until lately) because he “punishes” them if they have tried to contact me.

On another thread I just told of being frightened for the past two days due to some STRANGE happenings around my house (with a state of the art security system) that only could have been orchestrated by him — but how could that be when I am 1800 miles away from him?

THIS morning I found that that he and his live-in girlfriend had been in MY city (1800 miles away from theirs) the past few days for a conference. It all made sense. But, I had hoped that his GR would detract his attention away from his hatred for me for escaping from him. No, they don’t change even with the passing of years!

I don’t have TIME to allow myself for any reaction to this news. One of our granddaughters is stationed in Kuwait and her boyfriend is stationed in BASRA, Iraq where many of their unit was killed or injured Thursday and/or Friday. She had requested extra prayers, now we know why.

I am eager to hear from her!! (She did write that she was safe but didn’t mention her boyfriend or her other friends — yet.)

Be Careful, as you know your ex better than anyone so you know what he is capeable of. Don’t underestimate him for what he might do.
I hope you hear from your granddaughter soon to see if her friends and boyfriend are safe.
Bless you…..You have alot on your plate right now.


Yes, I done all that without the knowledge of sociopaths. My desperation was so intense that I had to have a plot of my own to survive. And that was what I have done. To be honest. I separated from him 7 years ago and after that is when I started investigating about mental health and have the knowledge that I have today. Now I see what I have done was brilhant even without my knowledge that I was doing something brilhant. I am not divorced because he refuses to give me a divorce but this is not a problem because I also found out he was bigamous with me and that explains why he does not want to go on that path..

I am so sorry to hear all that has happen to you. Yes, they try everything they can to finish with us. I think in your situation you will have to be carefull to keep whatever is left. My children were 13 and 15 when I understood what I was dealing with. The ex tried to do the same with me, brainswashing the kids always saying MUM is sick because they would see me always unhappy and crying. He even had a life Insurance policy against my life and believe me that was the only bill he never forgot to pay.

My children were very good at sports at that time and he was using their glories as if they were his glories. He never had any interest in the childrens activities Never showed up in any event and everybody always though I was a single mother until the day they started becoming the stars in their sports. He took over and by then would not even allowe me to be present in the events . He was taking all the glory to himself (using the children to feel his ego). At one stage he decided to become the couch of my daugthers team. She hated it and he started shouting at her when she did not score goals. By then he treathen to expell her from the team but she was so strong and started seeing what was happened and she managed to stay put until he cracked down and left .
It seems we have no scape when we are in their hands. They play havoc in everyones life.

Once you understand their minds you start having the tools to survive and free yourself. You are doing great and keep up with your healing . I will tell more later and I really hope that I can be an inspiration to help other to get freedom from those monsters.

Although I was left with 75% of assets it was a struglle because I had huge mortgages and was left to pay it alone and childrns education and debts left by him. He sold a second house for peanuts to get quick cash to go overseas to see lovers and left me struggling but I knew that when hhis money finished he was coming back. And that was when he got the surprise of his life.


The motivation was the survival of the family , my children and myself. I always dreamt in have a beautiful family. I knew I was beautifu, my daugther was beautifu, and my son also a very beautiful person. and yet we were leaving in hell The only reason was because the sociopath. By then I decided if someone here has to have a miserable life it not not me nor the children. The miserable piece has to go. We loved our husband/father very much because as you know they know how to make us loving them as well as much as they know how to make us hating them. The hate started becoming more often then the love, then it was time to act. My children needed my support and I was the only one who could do something to save their future and we all saw that. They actually asked me to do something. Then I did in great pain but I though I had no energy left in me so I was gentle in my plot. Actually I was very gentle like a very bad sociopath when they want something.. It worked..

Thanks, Witsend and Brilhancy. I admire both of you so much for your courage, strength, wisdom and COMPASSION.

I need to take a nap to calm the emotions of the past few days but wanted to let everyone know that not only is my granddaughter safe but SO IS her boyfriend. PTL

They did lose three of their male comrades from their Battalion in the Basra, Iraq attack of Thursday/Friday. Basra had been considered relatively safe! I don’t have all the details and the newscasts don’t say much.

They are both looking forward to their 2 week leave in September. I hope they can visit me, no matter how briefly.

I just wanted you to know what I know. Steph thanks everyone for their “extra” prayers!


I am so sorry to hear about the losses of your grandaughter’s friends and of those young lives. It will be good for you to have your grandaughter visiting you. It will be good for her as well. My prayers are with you and them. Enjoy the company of those precious to you.

Brilhancy, thank you for your condolences. It is after midnight and I can’t get those three young lives that were snuffed out too soon out of my head and heart. All through this war – and the preceeding ones, I have “suffered” simlarly but this is the first time I’ve known the victims — or at least two of them and Steph and her boyfriend knew all three.

Her brother had served a year in Bosnis — and met with some resistance there — but their whole unit returned home en masse.

I think I just expected that Steph’s unit would come home together too.

Several of my maternal ancestors served in the Revolutionary War — and I’ve been giving thought — and gratitude about all of those families who worried about their soldier relatives, too.

Steph reminded me that all of the soldiers know they are willing to even give their lives so the rest of us can be free. And while they are on active duty they have been able to do some marvelous helpful things for the native civilians and their children.

It makes me kind of sick, though, that southern Iraq was basically conflict free until our government pulled out most of our troops on June 30th. Would those three young men still be alive if that hadn’t happened?

Thanks for listening, anyone. I sure don’t want to start any controversy on this topic. But, I am really suffering for those boys and their famillies and friends and I needed to “tell” someone. Who else could I talk to in the middle of the night!?

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