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Overcoming Evil, Tragedy and Fear

Editor’s note: The following article refers to spiritual concepts. Please read Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual Recovery.

It’s Christmas Eve and I am full of gratitude today. I witnessed evil first hand as my father, a sociopath, murdered at least four (4) people and destroyed countless lives. It almost doesn’t make sense that I could be so happy and peaceful today, but it is a fact for me. I do not ask or need others to believe what I believe; I only share my personal experience.

It is Faith that changed my life. I came to a place, a way of thinking, that was just too painful to live with so I made a decision to try something different. I prayed for help, for truth and understanding.

It took me years of physical illnesses and drug and alcohol abuse to finally believe that maybe there was a power greater than me after all, so I asked for help. I was told that Faith was the opposite of Fear and I was tired of living in fear so I tried it. I just didn’t see a down side to trying this Faith thing. I asked for protection and I received it. Now I know that Fear and Faith cannot be practiced at the same time. These are miracles that happened in my life.

It wasn’t easy. My father was my original higher power and he taught me that faith in God was a weakness. Now I know different. It takes great courage to have faith when faced with circumstances that come from being the victim of a sociopath. All I could see was evil.

Today I am married with a beautiful thirteen year old daughter. My family is happy, peaceful, loving and caring. We are involved in community service, feed the homeless and give back as a family.

It all began to change with a simple prayer that had a glimmer of hope. The rest came from a power greater than me. I am grateful for all of you that have commented on my story and thank you for helping me. That is what lovefraud does”¦it provides a place where people can share their experiences and help each other heal. It turns Fear into Faith. Now that’s a Miracle. Peace to all of you and Merry Christmas.

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May The Peace of The Lord always be with you ! LOVE JJ

I can definitely echo your sentiments. The damage done to our self esteem are devistating, long lasting, deep deep wounds that take a long time to recover from. I know I am still recovering, some days it’s harder than others. I am eternally grateful to this site, & all the loving people who post here. It took me almost a year of reading here, to finally get up the nerve to post. It felt like I was saying, “Hey everybody! Look how stupid I was! Can you believe I actually put up with this for 10 years? I must be the idiot some village somewhere is looking for.” What I found here was compassion, understanding, love, & some of the pieces of me I thought were forever lost. I know I am a life long member of this site, to read, share, & most important of all LEARN.

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