Pain connections, emotional and physical

New research shows that emotional and physical pain draw responses from the same regions of the brain.

Read To the brain, getting burned, getting dumped feel the same, on CNN.com.

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And amen to your last paragraph above Oxy.

Just wanted to check in. I am going to bed as I am still recovering from a trip to the dentist. Today is my ex spath’s birthday. I had to take a peak on his FB page. Yuk!

Oh well, I am glad I am me and not him.

Regarding dental work. I am phobic so I put it off and use any co-dependent relationship to put off my needs. I was very calm at the dentist, (2 days ago) but after a root canal, he looked at current x ray again and found that root had split and was not going to take so he had to pull the tooth. Now I am getting a bruise at the bottom of my chin. The good news is it is a back tooth, and I finally found an anti-biotic that I can successfully take that I am not allergic to. Rather than play “let’s try this one”, I researched on the web the night before to find one that was not related or in the same family of the one’s I have been allergic to.


My mother had a brain tumor. That tumor caused so many physical problems. I didn’t know she was in pain. I didn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together until years later. She thought she had MS after a doctor diagnoised it. (it was the tumor) I now know that MS is painful. I now know that my mother lived with pain.

Poor mom was labeled a difficult patient. Cause the doctor didn’t know how to help her. Mom was put in a room at the back of clinic and ignored. She was swept under the rug.

My dad had to threaten to sue the doctor in order to get the doctor to sign the release. Mom was then sent to Mayo’s Clinic where the brain tumor was FINALLY found.

By this time the tumor did it damage.

Mom was cheated in life.

Dear Jeannie,

I am sorry that your mother was misdiagnosed, and that she was not validated in her pain. I’ve seen it happen to patients and I’ve had it happen to me as well. It is FRUSTRATING and horrible when it happens. Pain is not something that is seen though like a broken leg or a big boil on the end of your nose…it is just what we feel and perceive and no one has the right to “judge” what we FEEL or if it is “real” or “imagined.”

God bless your mother! (((hugs))))

Sociopaths ARE tools!

Somebody needs to adjust their mask…….!

My third.

Are you troll? Or are you meat for EB to chew this evening?

Oh wait…..that’s the same thing, isn’t it?

From where is it that you troll, My third?


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