Pedophile’s wives can be the last to know

Almost seven years ago, Darlene Ellison’s life was turned upside-down when her husband was arrested as an “inner circle” member of NAMBLA—the North American Man-Boy Love Association. She had no idea what he was doing.

Read How Dorothy Sandusky could have been duped, on

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He was the lawyer???? Kind of makes you wonder about a jury of his “peers”, doesn’t it?


Did you ever hear the joke about the guy arrested for having sex with a goat? He went before the magistrate who gave him a choice between two attorneys. One attorney was a very persuasive communicator. The other had a knack for picking a jury. The defendant chose the attorney who knew how to pick a jury.

Fast forward a few months to the trial. The arresting officer is on the stand getting questioned by the prosecuting attorney. The conversation went like this:

“Tell us what happened on the night in question.”
“I saw the defendant walk into the barn…”
“And then what happened?”
“The defendant proceeded to the goat’s stall.”
“And what happened next?”
“The defendant had sex with the goat.”
“And then what happened?”
“The goat turned around and licked the defendant in the face”

At that point, juror #1 turned to juror #2 and whispered, “A good goat will do that, you know.”

Star, That is sooooooo bad…

You mean baaaaaaaaaahhhd. LOL

You TWO are really getting my goat !!!!

LMAO, Milo!!!!

Well ladies, I have to run now…
*Skylar puts Milo’s goat in the back of her pickup truck and drives away*

**Star runs off to have a salad with feta (goatsmilk) cheese for dinner**

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