People will complain about drums, but not domestic violence

A guy playing the drums in a Johannesburg townhouse complex drew complaints within minutes. The blood-curdling screams of domestic violence drew no reaction.

This was all shockingly documented in an online video released by a South African advocacy group, People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA).

Read Video test of domestic abuse awareness in South Africa gets more than 500,000 hits in DailyMail.co.uk.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Night Night One! Sweet dreams!

My SIL {yea, theyr still not divorced after 5 years, LOL!}rang me 2 nights ago. {he has fullcustody of 3 kids now, thankfully.}
My spath D was “minding” her own kids in his house, while he was away with his girlfriend, to see her being presented with a prestigious award for Journalism.
He got home,and he said the house was in a helluva state, shed had a party in his absence, the place was filthy, brokenglass, full ashtrays,mess and mayhem. he said he shouted nd screamed at her. She had put out the garbage, but NOT in the bin, so the cat tore into it, and scattered it.I said,}”Oh, sound familiar, shes wrecked 3 of my homes in the past,” but at the time she was 16 to 20, shs now 46! HELLO! can we say, immature?He wouldnt let her leave till shed totally cleaned everything up.God knows how the kids fared.
Im sure the kids are starting to see her in her true colours. They never learn, and never change!!They are no respecters of persons. if she did it to me, shed do it to her ex hubby.
only dif is I now dont give a shit. mama gem.,

Gem –
Good. You really can’t afford to give an “anything”. What a sad waste of your mothering over the years. x

hedidntbreakme –
PHEW!! GOOD girl. xx (Had us worried there just for a wee bit)

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