People will complain about drums, but not domestic violence

A guy playing the drums in a Johannesburg townhouse complex drew complaints within minutes. The blood-curdling screams of domestic violence drew no reaction.

This was all shockingly documented in an online video released by a South African advocacy group, People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA).

Read Video test of domestic abuse awareness in South Africa gets more than 500,000 hits in

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Yeppers! One!
Too bad only the walls, pets and computer hear my laughs. Thank God there aren’t any bears to hear them! I am pleased with your happiness over my laughs. That is one thing I lost with xspth, my sense of humor and my laughter. ( He is so dry personalitied you would have more of a sense of humor out of a wet brown paper bag. ) My sense is coming back… I am coming back… I just can’t wait until I wake up with a smile on my face again. Instead of telling myself to smile. I don’t know if I will ever find that old happy go lucky, laughing, smiling bubbly gal ever again. I hope so….I miss her and so much liked her! In time! Take it easy on myself!
Thanks for the laughs!


bloody hell – just lost another post…lots of trouble losing posts lately – when i hit the backspace key, whoosh, they are gone!

was saying that i relate, soimnotthecrazee1.
the right side of my face is in such a frown i look like i had a stroke. my dad frowns like this – all the time. and you can imagine that seeing his ugly mug in my mirror is not good for me.

my snese of humor has a decided dark side to it now. i am good with that. to laugh at all is a blessing.

my spath had a great sense of humor. i have never laughed as much in my life. that, mixed with the carnage i am left to deal with makes my sense of humor a bit of a raped landscape – i am protective of it, not willing to show it as much, and also a bit distanced from it as it is vulnerable – it got hurt.

i miss me too. don’t like myself much right now, even though i know i have lots of likable qualities i feel like a pyriah somehow.

i know i do love myself, but abadonment is also in my lexicon of love. hard to access compassion for myself, when my heart feels so walled off most of the time. but i am making some progress.

going to hit send now..before i lose this one, too.

That darned backspace key! Mine does the same!
I relate to your raped landscape theory. That is exactly how I feel!
I love myself too. I remember defending myself to the ex and saying… I like me, I like my head and my heart! That, I guess is when my self preservation kicked in! That’s when the violence started, because I was fighting to save myself.
They have a way of making us feel like a pyriah and it sucks! We are NOT! Keep working on it and yourself! We will heal!


good nite soimnotthecrazee1.

Did I say goodnight? or did you?


me. 🙂

just faded out real fast…..zzzzzz

nite nite…

Night Night One! Sweet dreams!

My SIL {yea, theyr still not divorced after 5 years, LOL!}rang me 2 nights ago. {he has fullcustody of 3 kids now, thankfully.}
My spath D was “minding” her own kids in his house, while he was away with his girlfriend, to see her being presented with a prestigious award for Journalism.
He got home,and he said the house was in a helluva state, shed had a party in his absence, the place was filthy, brokenglass, full ashtrays,mess and mayhem. he said he shouted nd screamed at her. She had put out the garbage, but NOT in the bin, so the cat tore into it, and scattered it.I said,}”Oh, sound familiar, shes wrecked 3 of my homes in the past,” but at the time she was 16 to 20, shs now 46! HELLO! can we say, immature?He wouldnt let her leave till shed totally cleaned everything up.God knows how the kids fared.
Im sure the kids are starting to see her in her true colours. They never learn, and never change!!They are no respecters of persons. if she did it to me, shed do it to her ex hubby.
only dif is I now dont give a shit. mama gem.,

Gem –
Good. You really can’t afford to give an “anything”. What a sad waste of your mothering over the years. x

hedidntbreakme –
PHEW!! GOOD girl. xx (Had us worried there just for a wee bit)

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