Physiologically, power makes it easier to lie

A new study by the Columbia Business School is titled, People with power are better liars.

The average liar experiences negative emotions, physiological stress and fear of getting caught. Power, however, enhances the same emotional, cognitive and physiological systems that lying depletes. So holding power over others makes it easier to lie.

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Carla-I know what you mean about physicians. My ex spath was a surgeon. He was married and conned me into a relationship with him. He was telling me he was in love with me after 3 weeks and spent a year telling me I was the love of his life. I believed everything he said because I was naive. He was making plans to spend the rest of our lives together after his divorce. His wife found out and she filed and he moved in with me. One minute he was making plans for our future and the next day came home and said that he was leaving me, he used me for sex and that he never loved me. He moved out on the spot.

His wife tried to befriend me but she ended up taking him back and cancelling the divorce because he bought her so many gifts to buy her back. He had always said that I was the only woman that he was able to see behind her back because we had something so special and I believed all that crap. I found out later that he had done it 3 other times prior to me and all of the others were younger too, like me. He was 16 years older.

I promised myself that I will never go near another physician in my life, ever. They are narcissistic, power hungry and they lie so freakin bad. His friends were cheating on their wives too.

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