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Police say 15-year-old boys shoot and kill a man who was walking his dog

Brandon Smith Tyfine Hamilton

Brandon Smith, left, and Tyfine Hamilton, both 15, were arrested in the murder. (Philadelphia Police photos)

James Stuhlman, 51, of the Overbrook section of Philadelphia, was walking his dog last week when he was allegedly killed by three teenagers in a totally senseless murder.

They were going to rob him. One of them had a gun.

“Please don’t shoot me,” he begged.

One of the boys allegedly shot him. Then they ran away, without taking anything.

All three suspects are now in custody.

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Something human is missing in them. I can see it in their empty eyes. Perhaps it is not just genetic but caused by never being loved…Welfare children neglected as infants and raised on the streets. Sad but terrifying.

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