Psycho movies add to the confusion

In the 2004 movie Taking Lives, Angelina Jolie stars as an FBI profiler sent to Quebec, Canada to help solve a grisly murder. Shortly after she arrives there’s another murder—and a suspect.

Jolie interviews the suspect. Afterwards, she says to the Canadian investigators, “Psychopaths actually have very different brain patterns. You say words like tree, sofa, house, rape, incest, murder. A normal person’s brain pattern changes; the frontal lobe reacts. Psychopaths have no reaction. They feel the same about rape and murder as they do about eating dinner. They have no emotional reaction.”

Jolie’s character is right. Everything she says has been validated by scientific research.

As the movie continues, we learn that the murders are part of a pattern, and there’s a serial killer on the loose. A psychopathic serial killer.

Movies such as Taking Lives contribute to the public’s perception that psychopaths are depraved serial killers. Although many serial killers are indeed psychopaths, the vast majority of psychopaths never murder anyone. Psychopaths lie, cheat, steal, defraud and abuse—totally without remorse. But they usually don’t kill.

As Dr. Robert Hare, the international expert on psychopaths, says in his book Without Conscience, “Serial killers are extremely rare; there are probably fewer than 100 in North America. In contrast, there may be as many as 2 to 3 million psychopaths in North America.”

But the imagery is powerful. In the 1991 movie, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins, is a brilliant psychiatrist—and a serial killer who practices cannibalism on his victims.

Lecter is housed in a hospital for the criminally insane. “Oh, he is a monster,” says the hospital administrator. “A pure psychopath. So rare to capture one alive.”

And then there’s the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. Despite the title of the 1960 film, the disturbed individual who murders Janet Leigh while she showers isn’t even a psychopath.

Due in part to movies like these, you may associate the term “psychopath” with individuals who are deranged, disturbed murderers. Consequently, you may not realize that you have a psychopath in your life—and it’s your spouse, boss or lawyer.

That’s why Lovefraud has chosen to use the term “sociopath” instead of “psychopath.” The goal is to help you get past the serial killer mentality and identify the character disorder as it usually occurs. When you know what you are dealing with, you can protect yourself.

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Dear Hope4,

Well, (laughing here) your mediator caught on, huh? Yea, you were gaslighted to the max, but when you finally got it, you finally got it, so you get a big TOWANDA sugar! It took me DECADES to get it, so you being “slow” to get it isn’t anything new….and once you did get it you have not taken the arsehole back have you? So another TOWANDA!!!!! for you!!!

The thing is that yea, we don’t want to believe that any human is like this, especially someone we loved and thought loved us…..but once we realize it, and get on with our lives we can heal and SEE THROUGH THE FOG (fear, obligation and guilt) that blocks our vision of what is really going on with the psychopaths.

Now you know what he is….just do what you have to do to keep him from biting you. At least you have gotten your daughter away from him so you have accomplished a great deal not only for yourself, but for her! (((hugs)))) God bless.

they are magicians – they do magic tricks and they are so proud of themselves when they know they fooled us..

Yea hens, but they are so STOOPID that they will shoot themselves in the foot, in their efforts to spath us!They are NOT really magicians, just Thumb suckers.{Translation needed here!}
Its happening with my spath daughter no. 1, her life is unravelling so fast, and her lies are finding her out!
There would have been a time when I said.”Poor baby ,Mummy will fix it”, NOT ANY MORE, not this little black Duck!
She will get her comeuppance with or without my help!
Mama GemXX

yes mama gem they are stoopid – they do the same ole magic trick over and over until we see how it worked and we get tired of the same ole trick – so they go find a new audience and bedazzle their pants off…..

G’nite folks it is the witching time and this old withc is going to bed. See you guys tomorrow! (((hugs))))

I don’t normally buy many DVDs but I recently ordered a copy of the DVD movie about Scot Petersen called “Perfect Husband” and watched it last night.

The guy who played Scot was great I thought…looked a lot like Scot to start with and did the “stare” really great…and those micro-smiles when a smile is not appropriate.

They never used the word sociopath or psychopath but it is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Petersen is just such a prime example of a “normal guy next door” who will go to whatever lengths to keep up his front and rid himself of an inconvenient wife and kid…and THINKS HE IS SOOOOO SMART that his concocted story will fly below the radar. Yet he doesn’t know what is “normal” and what isn’t—like him going golfing only a few days after his wife “disappears” and so on with his lack of “getting” what REAL EMOTIONS WOULD BE or how someone would act in that situation.

The sadness of Scott’s “best friend” and his wife who also was a close friend of Scott and Laci’s at realizing that yes, SCOT WAS A KILLER was well done I thought as well. There is always so much collateral damage to those that love the victim and those that even love the P.

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