Psychopaths and the financial crisis

With their charm and charisma, they take over business organizations. Then they enrich themselves, without regard to who gets hurt in the process. Finally, the organizations crash and burn, and they lie, blame others, and walk away with obscene buy-outs. Does it sound familiar?

Read Cohan: Did psychopaths take over Wall Street? on

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I’m glad you’re reaping the rewards of gray rock. It came as a shock to me to learn that there are people out there who literally feed on our emotions. Emotional vampires.

Your platitudes to your spath made me ROTFLMAO. If you talked like that to me, I’d run away too!! LOL!

Thanks for the laugh, I so desperately needed it after reading this.

So if we are done discussing the bankster spaths on wallstreet, can we move the discussion over to the cops and the courts? This is so outrageous, that police are held to a LOWER standard of obeying the law, than the general public is. WTF???? WTF? WTF?

If, after you’ve read the above, you decide to peruse that news site, you will see various other articles about the corruption on the seattle police force. And they have the AUDACITY to hide behind their uniforms.

My outrage comes in part because my spath uses cops to do his dirty work. It’s part of his M.O.

There are reasons and layers of reasons why the spath likes to use cops in his evil schemes. But the one that can be addressed here is this: cops cover for each other and spath knows it. All he has to do is get one of them to do evil and they will all rally around and become complicit in the act. It follows like water flows downhill. They are predictable. If one of them does NOT have the moral corruption required to band together in a “my brothers, right or wrong” stance, then he is is grave danger. Remember Serpico. From what I’ve read, he STILL hasn’t gotten over the spath-betrayal and mindfuck he experience when his fellow officers tried to kill him – 40 years ago.

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