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Psychopaths in Hollywood

[Hello all. I haven’t contributed to for about six months now. That’s not to say that I haven’t been keeping up with things here – I have. It’s just that I found that I’d got to a dead-end in my thinking on the problem of the psychopath and his prey. After some reflection I believe that I’ve better handle on the issues and am ready to start participating again. It may be that a book comes out of all this – who know? Thanks to Donna for her patience and encouragement.]

Steve Becker raised the issue of psychopaths in movies a few months ago – I’d like to raise it again. I’ve been watching the second series of the TV show ‘Dexter‘. For those who don’t know it, Dexter is a serial killer who operates according to a code taught to him by his father. Dad, a cop, realised that Dexter was different (socially inept, blood lust, etc.) and so instilled in him the principle that he was not to hurt people in general, but to work at getting along with them. Dexter is permitted to kill only those who deserve it, e.g. killers who’s escaped justice.

Commentators automatically call Dexter psychopathic. That’s what these words seem to mean in the general public: psychopath = serial killer = psychopath.

Hannibal Lector seems to be the association. Either him or a character like Chigurh in ‘No country for old men’. In fact he’s portrayed like a schizoid automaton – where’s the famous psychopathic charm? Only in the scene where he verbally torments the old store-owner get a whiff of psychopathy. It’s not helpful; it’s just one of the reasons regular folks can’t/won’t understand what psychopathy is really like. (For starters, psychopaths aren’t by any means all killers.)

This despite the fact the Dexter himself feels most understood at a program for addicts. (To my mind he’s a pervert.) His girlfriend Lila, though, does seem to me to be a psychopath, though with a definite female bent. A clue, Dexter is wholly likeable whereas Lila is terrifying. A bit like Sante Kimes as depicted in ‘A little thing called murder’.

This public confusion occured around ‘The Sopranos’ too. Donna Andersen has argued that Tony is not a psychopath (she prefers the term sociopath). I agree. (My diagnosis: narcissist – not that it would matter if he had you in his sights.) To me his buddy Paulie ‘Walnuts’ is the true psychopath.

Lovefraud readers have earned the right the hard way to know what is and what isn’t a believably psychopathic. Which movies/shows/books do you think get the essential quality?

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I saw Silence of the Lambs 6 times in the theater , I have the Movie on disc . I can still sit through the hole thing .

I want to remind everyone it’s a movie for entertainment and not a documentry on Psycos .

It is superbly done ! Anthony Hopkins nails it ! who would you put in Dustin Hoffmans Place for Rainman?? Jody Foster nails it too ! The vilian I appologise for not knowing his name but He is great !

But possibly the Greatest Movies are STAR WARS !

I will let you think about why? LOVE jere


Well, just in time for Halloween, I was thinking about one of my favorite cult movies–Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m pretty convinced that the main character Frankenfurter is some sort of narcissistic sociopath. He enjoys toying with people for his own personal gain and only shows emotion (cries) when his plan fails.

Another little known movie about a very clever and cunning sociopath is House of Games, where Joe Montegna plays the part to perfection. I highly recommend this movie for all the twists and turns.


Dr. Steve said: “like Chigurh in ’No country for old men’. In fact he’s portrayed like a schizoid automaton – where’s the famous psychopathic charm?… It’s not helpful; it’s just one of the reasons regular folks can’t/won’t understand what psychopathy is really like.”—

Although I supposed in the movie his portrayal was supposed to show the emotionless aspect of the psychopath while he was on his murder rampage, in real life, if this dude acted that cold, emotionless, and robotic in other settings (besides during a murder), it is unlikely he would be able to victimize any woman romantically, cause he wouldn’t even be able to get a DATE. lol..

But yeah, alot of people seem to think when people talk about the cold emotionless aspect of the psychopath, that that is how they act all the time–bland– and that they never display any sort of emotional quality. If that was true, the problem of spotting them and not getting involved with them would pretty much be solved.


The movie “Rocky Horror picture show” is one of my favorites. I will need to watch it tonight. Yes I agree Dr. Frankenfurter is one “sick” puppy. If you remember he kills Eddy because this “creature ” turn against him and didn’t do what he wanted. So what does Dr. Frankenfurter do? Well builds another creature to fill the place of Eddy. Very psychotic and sociopathic to say the least.


Tolle’s book “A New Earth” touches the subject about why people are mesmorized with the horrors that H-wood churns out … due to our pain bodies … have to get that fix for our pain bodies … he state’s everyone has pain bodies from their childhoods … and carries those pains with us through our lives … not realizing, what they are, or how we got them … his book nails it.

A must read.

I like Tolle because he tells it like it is, from the perspective of hitting rock bottom (like how we are blogging on this site, telling it like it is, as our lives hit rock bottom) in his life … wanted to commit suicide, but due to his religion … he knew this was a NO GO … so he got down on his knees and prayed to God to help him with his predicament (the pain in his life) … and the book is a result of his prayers. He state’s he did not write the book, he just put the words down on paper.



Maybe this has been mentioned before, I’m new to the board, but I think Thomas Crown in The Thomas Crown Affair is a psychopath….delighting in pulling one over on everyone and causing his girlfriend needless pain with the way he handled restoring the art and meeting her again. And testing her loyalty, causing her needless pain. And not being forthright with anyone. Sadly, some psychopaths, ARE hugely successful financially, which makes them just that much harder to spot.


justaboutheadled: Yeah, and Steve McQueen isn’t with us any more.








Ox Drover

One of the best portrayals of a P is in “There Will be Blood” and Daniel Day-Lewis plays a character named Daniel who is a psychopath, who adopts a foundling child as a “cover” as a family man and becomes a wealthy and crooked oil man back in the early days of oil drilling.

It’s one of the most “realistic” stories of a psychopathic life.

I realize it was more of a documentary than an “entertainment” film, but I was always fascinated by the Ted Bundy story, “The Deliberate Stranger” with Mark Harmon as Bundy. Let’s face it, Mark Harmon is HOT. It was “ground breaking” so to speak, because serial killers are EVIL and therefore shouldn’t be capable of being handsome and charming while raping and killing many (admitted to 36 I think) women and having a girlfriend he didn’t murder. I remember hearing discussions regarding the movie not being believable because Mark Harmon was too handsome and his character too charming. And of course people blamed the girlfriend for not knowing she was involved with serial killer- I mean, “How could she not know?” (Gack.)

I really identity with that portrayal as the xs was charming to me (and around and in front of me) and evil pretty much everywhere else.

While not necessarily a movie DrSteve was looking for, it’s the one I thought of and wanted to mention it.


Glinda: Bundy’s girlfriend didn’t know, simply because he didn’t want her to know except what he showed her … that of being a loving, kind, considerate, decent boyfriend … same with his mom and his circle of friends … he allowed them to see the person he pretended to be … only his victims, before they breathed their last breaths saw the monster behind the mask. If my memory serves me correct, one victim did break free after he locked her in his car … she jumped out as soon as she was able … and sadly she has to live with seeing the true monster he became … as did law enforcement, court, others as he represented himself during his court proceedings …

He fooled many, many, many people that knew him over the years.

What I remember is when he left the Colorado holding cell, he purposely fled to Florida, knowing they had the death penalty in their state … seems to me, he wanted to be caught exactly in a state where he could be tried and executed … he knew he was getting worse and out of control … even his murder spree in Florida was in doors … leaving evidence behind … whereas, his other horrendous acts were out doors … harder to locate evidence, plus, the fact of moving his deeds from the location where they happened to a dumping ground.

Do I believe that his girlfriend did not know. Absolutely I believe she was innocent of this knowledge.



Anne Rule is a true crime author that wrote the “Deliberate Stranger” and many other (true crime) books (some are movies) about sociopaths. They are fascinating…I just read “Green River Running Red” about Gary Ridgway a classic sociopath. …
When I read her books nowadays, they are SO INTERESTING because my X-S had some of the habits, behaviors, lifestyle patterns and attitudes of the sociopathic killers who are the subjects of her books…It’s eery!!!
One movie from one of herbooks about Dianne Downs starred Farrah Fawcett, but I can’t remember the name of the movie…Farrah F. did a great job in the leading role…


stormee: Anne Rule worked with Bundy on a help crisis line … she sat side by side with him at that job. Never did she think he was the opposite of what he projected. I believe after that experience, knowing Bundy personally, she then went into her current profession of True Crime author.



The 2005 movie Match Point, by Woody Allen, has a good portrayal of a sociopath who blithely kills his lover and her elderly neighbor in order to maintain his upperclass lifestyle. Really creepy.


There was a TV series that only ran for one season about 10-15 years ago. I wonder if anyone remembers it. It was about a classic sociopath who convinced everyone in his office he was great, while secretly plotting and scheming for their jobs/lives. The chilling this about this character was that they give you insight into how he got to be that way. He was apparently left in a cardboard box night after night with the TV as his mother when he was growing up. So as an adult, every night he would go home, change his clothes, and curl up in a large box with a TV. Creepy and sad.

Also, has anybody seen The Temp? A female sociopath who starts out as a temp at a corporation. She sleeps and murders her way to the top. Good movie.

Ox Drover

I have a copy of Ann Rule’s book, and I just finished re-reading it for the “Umpteenth” time. At first Ann didn’t see any red flags at all, but as time went on there WERE red flags seen by several people.

At FIRST she didn’t see anything, but because of that, she held on to some “hope” even after it was APPARENT that he was guilty. His behavior during his incarceration and trial prior to his convictions was very CONSISTENT with a psychopathic person who was also VERY Narcissistic and arrogant. Most of his behavior was actually counter productive for his situation, and ended up putting him in the execution seat.

At the END Ann did “get it” about psychopaths but I’m not sure she COMPLETELY got it since his behavior didn’t wound her as deeply as if she had been more involved with him or had been his victim more (although he did USE her).

One episode in his life that I found “interesting” is that early in college he “fell in love with” (read: wanted to own) a girl who was somewhat “higher class” financially. It ended when she sort of dumped him. Years later he came up with a very contrived PLOT to win her back, become engaged to her and then DUMP HER in the most cruel way possible, which he did.

Also, all of his known victims all physically resembled her to a great degree, same hair style, etc. So Ann suggests and I think I agree that he was killing this woman over and over. There is also some evidence according to Ann’s book, that he may have killed as early as age 15 even before he met this woman that dumped him.

He also had a GF, Meg, who was a “chronic victim” that he hung on to even while he was in prison, and while he was carrying on telephone, visit and letter “affairs” with other women at the same time, convincing these women that he was Innocent and they were going to do his leg work and save him by the evidence they uncovered.

Meg finally broke free and moved on, realizing that he was lying to her over and over.

Bundy’s total arrogance that he is “the smartest most clever criminal in the world” reminds me very much of my own very smart and totally arrogant P-son. Bundy even managed to escape custody several times. While continually complaining about the weight loss he had “due to the poor quality of the food in the jail” he deliberately starved himself to the point he could slip through a 12″ vent and get out.

Bundy postured for the press and made a nuisance of himself to the judge, the detectives and everyone concerned with is arrest and incarceration and his trial. His attorneys were abused, and he wanted to represent himself (again, arrogance and a chance to confront his living victims on the stand as he cross examined them).

His most “pitiful” victim in my mind was his mother. Maybe my own empathy for her stems from my own role as the mother of a murdering psychopath, but I can definitely relate to that woman’s grief. Bundy was born out of wedlock, but his mother did everything she could to hold on to him and give him a descent upbringing and a chance out of poverty through education. I don’t think she was a wise woman, but I think she definitely loved her son. I pray for her peace, and the peace of the families of his dead or “missing” victims, and for the recovery of those that he terrorized, but managed to get away. God bless those people.


Ann Rule had already secured the contract to write about the “Ted” murders six months prior to Bundy phoning her to tell her that “he” was a suspect. Imagine the shock she must have felt!

Bundy’s girlfriend, at the urging of a friend, did phone the police and give a tip that Bundy seemed to fit the profile and info the police were releasing of the killer. The tip was just placed in a stack with all the other tips and not taken seriously. Ann Rule also mentioned Bundy to a detective she knew. (both girlfriend and Rule felt a bit of guilt and reluctance to do so, because they were thinking it was unlikely it could be him).

I always found it interesting that Bundy’s Aunt Julia said she awoke one time when Bundy was around 3 years old, to find him standing there grinning at her because he had placed knives in the bed around her. She said no one else in the family seemed to find it that big a deal, but her.

Wini- I just meant that’s what other people said about the girlfriend. I know all too well how she didn’t really know. I had no idea what the xs was capable of under the roof I paid for. There was no criticism by me towards the gf. I’ve worn the same shoes, if you know what I mean.

As most of us know, whenever one of these monsters get caught, they seem to get off taking responsibility and their victims “shoulda known.”

Sorry I wasn’t more clear 🙂


Warning You are not going to like what I am going to tell you so if you want to stay in your own little pity party and fantacy Island skip this blog and read something else ! Love Jere

This Nation is the most powerfull Nation ever known In human existance ! I don’t think anyone is going to have a doubt that this is TRUE ! ?

This Nation Is THE BEAST 666

You may have felt like a number sometime in your lifetime ? Thats because you are ! Your birth certificate has a # You have a social security # Your credit Score is three numbers You have a credit card , a checking acct.# a drivers licence # a voteing # the list goes on and on and on!

You might say that this can’t be it’s 2008 it’s allready happened ! WWII Holocost the germans tatooed the # on the Jews and anyone else they thought was undesirable !

Do you really expect The Beast to have as many heads and all the trappings of a sience fiction movie?

Satan wears a million dollar suit and shines like the sun!

This Nation fearing the threat of fighting a war on two fronts has committed the most horrindus attrocity ever commited by a nation on earth and in the existance of man kind ! Hiroshima and Nagasaki !

Hummmmm Sodom and Gamora ???

Talk about post tramatic stress syndrome !????

This Nation is PSYCOPATHIC !

Why do the Terorists Hate the usa because It Preaches one thing and does the opposite !

Each side of a conflict believes it is fighting for the GOOD
Each side of a conflict believes it is fighting for GOD

Marterdom the extreem expression of I will give up my life to prove my point!

I don’t pretend to elevate myself to proffit I just tell it like it comes to me !

Not my words but the one who is in control of it all! love jere


Indigo, sometimes it seems our society has turned into a big corporate machine, like the Borg in Star Trek Next Generation.

I got a call from my mortgage company on Sunday afternoon (!) telling me my account is delinquent because I wrote the October check for 9 cents too little. THEY CALLED ME OVER 9 CENTS! Then, they asked if I wanted to put the 9 cents on my credit card.

Do I think Citimortgage is an agent of evil? Damn straight I do.
You’re right, it’s a pretty crazy society we live in.



If it is possible stay put in the getto I lived in a trailerpark for two plus years , the doublewide was acctually twodifferent trailer put together , one of the rooms had Orlando Blooms signature writen in the exposed twobyfour the bathroom floor almost caved in no air no heat my cat could get in and out without using a door It was Marvalous :)~ love jere


StarG: I always had excellent credit …

One year I took off to Calabasa, CA for vacation (best vacation ever) … anyway, I put school on my credit card and my vacation on my credit card. Came home, got the bill and said … oh, oh, I better pay this in full. Which I did, days before the bill was due. Yup, you got it, it came back with a zero balance due to cashing my check, but they still charged me the percentage points. So I called them up and told them to shove it up their greedy butts … and I cut that card in half.

Unbelievable the greed of all of them … I feel bad for the folks that had these sliding cards … whacking everyone with outrageous percentages …and you wonder why everything went in the toilet?



GREED GREED and more GREED … in case you couldn’t figure out the answer.


Oh dear. I’ve also had to write a check to my credit card company for $0.00 because that’s the amount they billed me for. It certainly shut them up.

IndigoB, I don’t know why, but I picture you living in a beautiful house with very nice furnishings.

My place is not quite the ghetto, but it’s starting to go there. I just need a change. I’ve been here for about 6 years and in the same office job for 7 years. It’s just time for a change. (I sound like Barack Obama).

BTW, where is wonderwoman?????? Has anyone heard from her?


I have a unique situation

I’m broke ! 🙂 I make due w/what I have everything is handmedowns but is very nice! I love it! Quiet big backyad

Ox Drover

Dear Jen,

Ann’s response to finding the evidence pointed to bundy was interesting, and even after she essentially ‘knew for sure’ she kept writing to him, and sending him money for commissary.

The last chapter in her book though, she does call him a psychopath but I am not sure she ‘got it’ even then. But you know, knowing my P-son, and sitting and talking to him, KNOWING that he put the gun to that girl’s head and pulled the trigger without any more remorse than Bundy felt, it still is difficult for me to “see” that picture.

When I met myP- X-DIL that tried to kill my other son at the bank to cash her and my son’s IRS check, she was so sweet to me that if I hadn’t made myself ‘see’ her standing there trying to take the phone out of my son’s hand as he was trying to call 911 because her BF was at the door with a gun trying to push his way in, i would have actually liked her, enjoyed being with her.

It is a bizarre feeling is all I can say. how can someone who appears so ‘normal’ be that horrible? how can someone, anyone, be sitting, acting like anyone else in the world, and yet still have been capable of such atrocities? You’d think that anyone who could kill someone (or more than one person without any remorse) would have some “mark of cain’ on their forehead, something that would be visible to anyone who looked at them to show just how evil they were.


Warning You are not going to like what I am going to tell you so if you want to stay in your own little pity party and fantacy Island skip this blog and read something else ! Love Jere

Ok I have to say something at this point. How is insulting/denigrating people if they don’t agree with your views not abusive and acting like an abuser? Gee I went to LF to find help, education, comfort from an abuser only to find that I am “staying in my own pity party and fantasy island” because I may not agree with what a person has said. There is nothing humble or loving in that statement. I am really put off by how much I see theology being used by some on here as a powerful weapon of authoritarianism.

If you want to preach the gospel then do so BUT The gospel is best communicated through acts of love and compassion and through attitudes of openness and humility. Love is the fulfillment of the law of God and love bears witness to the grace of God that calls all of us to put down our theological weapons and relinquish our power over others.

And FYI the war in Eruope was over on May 7 and 8th 1945 where as the bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki occurred on August 6 and 9th 1945. The bombs being dropped had nothing to do with fearing a two front war.


I don’t mind at all explaining every word!

Pity party -I spent 6 years , thinking was it somthing I had done to him, If I could have done somthing different! Is this punishment for my own behavior ! If I give him another chance will it be different! If I give him another chance will he do as he has said he will do! It’s my fault!

Fantacy Island – Now that I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood , newly remodeled, fresh paint , close to everything , walking distance , Place for a dog, private bath,Quiet neighborhood away from trafic,away from the other HOOD ! Things will be different!

when I read ,I take from what I have read what I can use! Because it is writen does’nt make it so!

Love is not always prety,gay,w/flowers and lace ! The love I had to go through was miserable ,degrading,physicaly painfull and almost cost me my life!

Have you ever seen the pictures of the aftermath of those bombs? Have you ever seen the pictures of the area around Chernobl,Russa ? Did our media cover each year of the after effects of what today are called tiny bombs ?

any other questions? If you don’t like what you read of me,don’t read me! I gave you a Warning!

ya know all those warnings I got from my Psyco that should have made me step back and say hold on a minute!

I ignored them! (love) jere



I am looking for your site and I can’t find it ? LOVE jere


Indigo, On the left side scroll down until you see blogroll. Then click on “when Mom is the abuser” and you will go to BloggerT7165’s site.


The only” Pity Party” is the “party” that they (the sociopaths) throw for themselves…They are masters at twisting reality into a perverse version of the truth where they are ALWAYS the victims..It’s known as the “pity play”


thanks Jen thanks stormee


As I’ve gotten to know so many of you through your blogs, I see how very special and valuable you all are, such creative, compassionate human beings. I wish for you to never have to go through the ordeals you have been through again, and for peace and happiness in your lives. (I guess I will include myself too).


Oxy: I don’t think your son was thinking logically while he killed that girl. I think they are so engulfed in their own pain (whatever that pain is, actual or imaginary, doesn’t really matter) … they are not thinking clearly when they do any of the horrific things they do in life. He was concentrating on the anger that brought him to the deed… temporary insanity at it’s best … all logic is out the window … fueled by his anger and hatred of how he perceived the situation. I don’t need to know the details, I worked with so many dysfunctional people to witness their crazy thinking on a daily basis … I wondered how they put one foot in front of the other to walk into the building every day … and believe me, they made their own lives miserable … no one did it for them. They never worked any of their problems in life out … it just keeps piling higher and higher on their shoulders until they explode.

Hey, they thought if they got rid of me, that would resolve their problems … angry at me because I was a happy person, I could function, I produced (go figure) I didn’t hold grudges, I wasn’t miserable (even though working with the likes of them for over 24 years wasn’t a picnic)?

Anyway, we think clearly (even though they do their best to confuse us … and yes, that confusion does take over for a while) but something (common sense maybe? …. or just a fight for our rights as human beings kicks in), then we move forward to work through our pain, make sense of it, then work it out of our lives.

They are opposite of us… they don’t think clearly, they don’t look inside themselves for answers, only blame others, therefore, never work their pain out of their lives to move on … they are in a perpetual cycle of this crazy vice thinking all the time.

The more I read all the bloggs … the more similarities I see … (we) that were victimized by them … function, they do not.

It’s all opposites … every single one of our stories … they are completely opposite in their thinking, actions … everything opposite of how we function.

I don’t believe they are as carefree as they pretend to be … I do think they bury their pain … but I do think that pain inside of them builds and builds and builds … to the point that they act out with everyone, no matter who that next person (victim) should be … then the jealousy, anger, all the rest of the vices build up … and zap, they nail us.

Peace … just thinking out loud.


I can’t get the quote Bill Cosby repeats out of my head … it makes so much sense “Hurt people, hurt people”.


I have a site on the net I can go check on my Psycos progress in life ?????:)~


I just skimmed through your blog on moms being the abuser. My stepson was molested by his mom and the judge just gave joint custody of all three kids back to her. I’m so upset at the fact that he doesn’t think it possible for a MOM to molest her son, even though he gave very graphic details of what she did to him. Even though his therapist testified that she felt his disclosure was in no way coached. Even though he was only 4 and knew how sex is accomplished, even though he knew what a woman looks like “down there,” and in fact drew pictures of it, and even though he was sexually acting out with other children.

Blind-a$$ judges…


My Psyco told me he was molested by a step father , his mother is on 8 or 9 now! he didnt get into details!

He said it didnt bother him , I think he probably used it as a way to get what he wanted ! I think it probably happened when he was around ten but I dont know ! His maturity level at 22 seemed to me to be about 10 -12.

He said to me when your living on the street you have to use what you have ! The only thing he has is good looks !
LOVE jere


kerisee04 – Yes it is a very sad fact that judges act this way in cases of sexual abuse. And then there is this:

there is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993).

I am getting ready to write (it will post in december) an article that contains excerpts from interviews of 8 women who were sexually abused by their mothers. Probably the most under reported crime there is would be mother-daughter and mother-son sexual abuse.

I have an article on mother-son and mother-daughter sexual abuse that, if you did not find them, may be of some help for you also.


Indigo: [The vilian I appologise for not knowing his name but He is great !] *Ted Levine* – played Jame Gumb in “Silence of the Lambs” – was also a Detective in “Wonderland,” about John Holmes’, the porn star – a movie about a porn star with no porn, imagine that – YAY! He’s also “Monk’s” head of Dept, too.

Stormee: [One movie from one of herbooks about Dianne Downs starred Farrah Fawcett, but I can’t remember the name of the movie”] “Small Sacrifices” made-for-tv movie from 1989.

Then the postings kind of took a header south. How Hollywood depicts psychos/socios/antis are all based on novels, or true crime books, or a screenwriters imagination. They can’t possibly include every recognizable diagnostic criteria in every character – I try to be spiritual, but cuss like a trucker (or dockworker…lol) – we are not perfect beings. But this site is full of people striving to overcome terrible life experiences, and finding the support and inspiration that “WORKS FOR THEM.” That’s what LoveFraud is really all about.

There are other blogs for politically-oriented rants; for b****ing about how the Government, country and people are all failing miserably in their individual and collective capacity to foster change through love and caring. LF does this, and I was surprised when this thread veered off the “HOLLYWOOD” theme, descending into the poli-social ills of our world.

Psychos would probably be psychos even in a PERFECT world – all we can do is share experiences, hope, caring, love and empathy here – that’s why I pop in from time to time.

I like to say “Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket…?”

Have a blessed day everyone.


Steven Kings IT

We all float down here , the Clown will never be funny to me ever again ! John Wayne Gasy ! Sick

LOVE jere

Welcome back, Dr. Steve, with a great post! The third season of Dexter (ongoing), I’m sorry to say, has taken a dive. I maintain that Dexter as a character, although utterly transfixing, is somewhat implausible (and thus not accurately diagnosable). Regarding The Sopranos, my own take is that Christopher was the most convincing sociopath in the group. I tossed that one around for quite some time, but ultimately he, and he alone, made my final cut. Again, welcome back. I wondered where you went!


a_real_wife: I would personally love to see a prime time show … interviewing Brad Pitt … apologizing to Jennifer Aniston … we could throw Angelina in towards the tale end of the show … explaining how she doesn’t mind being a home wrecker out there … no remorse, no looking back, no “I’m sorry Jen to make you take this horrific saga … and how we did this to you in front of the American public” … we can throw the likes of Warren Beaity and Jack Nicholson in the mix too … saying their apologies to the women that wasted years of giving their love to these men ..oh, and how you dated Houston’s daughter while he ensured you had roles in the movies … and the guy wasn’t even cold in his grave … should I say more.


What do people think about Dr. House?


My ex P loves the Thomas Crown Affair and Dexter too! These were his role models in life?


Dr. House??? Hahahahaha. Love the show. Probably a narcissist. I don’t think he’s as bad as his show’s characters make him out to be. Has a heart, just buries it.

Ox Drover

I think House is just a jerk–hiding in a bottle, hiding behind his gruff exterior, afraid…I like the show though, but don’t see it very often, don’t watch much TV unless I am at someone else’s house and it is on.


I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons of House, but I used to love the show. He seems very antisocial (unless his character has changed in the last few years.) He seems like the type of person that a “woman who loves too much” would want to fix or change or “bring out.”


To add to my last comment, at the same time, House is so gifted with an unusually high IQ. People like that often cannot relate to others, and it is a source of pain to them. I think that is part of his problem too.


I used to love to watch House MD, but haven’t seen it this season. House also strikes me as just a jerk, but if he is supposed to be sociopathic on the program, then he seems sort of mild to me. I need to watch the program again. Maybe it would help renew some stirring of an interest in men for me again. I always found him deliciously yummy to look at. 🙂

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