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Psychopaths in Hollywood

[Hello all. I haven’t contributed to lovefraud.com/blog for about six months now. That’s not to say that I haven’t been keeping up with things here – I have. It’s just that I found that I’d got to a dead-end in my thinking on the problem of the psychopath and his prey. After some reflection I believe that I’ve better handle on the issues and am ready to start participating again. It may be that a book comes out of all this – who know? Thanks to Donna for her patience and encouragement.]

Steve Becker raised the issue of psychopaths in movies a few months ago – I’d like to raise it again. I’ve been watching the second series of the TV show ‘Dexter‘. For those who don’t know it, Dexter is a serial killer who operates according to a code taught to him by his father. Dad, a cop, realised that Dexter was different (socially inept, blood lust, etc.) and so instilled in him the principle that he was not to hurt people in general, but to work at getting along with them. Dexter is permitted to kill only those who deserve it, e.g. killers who’s escaped justice.

Commentators automatically call Dexter psychopathic. That’s what these words seem to mean in the general public: psychopath = serial killer = psychopath.

Hannibal Lector seems to be the association. Either him or a character like Chigurh in ‘No country for old men’. In fact he’s portrayed like a schizoid automaton – where’s the famous psychopathic charm? Only in the scene where he verbally torments the old store-owner get a whiff of psychopathy. It’s not helpful; it’s just one of the reasons regular folks can’t/won’t understand what psychopathy is really like. (For starters, psychopaths aren’t by any means all killers.)

This despite the fact the Dexter himself feels most understood at a program for addicts. (To my mind he’s a pervert.) His girlfriend Lila, though, does seem to me to be a psychopath, though with a definite female bent. A clue, Dexter is wholly likeable whereas Lila is terrifying. A bit like Sante Kimes as depicted in ‘A little thing called murder’.

This public confusion occured around ‘The Sopranos’ too. Donna Andersen has argued that Tony is not a psychopath (she prefers the term sociopath). I agree. (My diagnosis: narcissist – not that it would matter if he had you in his sights.) To me his buddy Paulie ‘Walnuts’ is the true psychopath.

Lovefraud readers have earned the right the hard way to know what is and what isn’t a believably psychopathic. Which movies/shows/books do you think get the essential quality?

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Yes Oxy: I was trying to say, no matter what ego personalities in this world should do or have done to pit us against each other … we can have faith and seek wisdom on our own as well as knowing it’s OK to live a righteous life, the way our creator wants us to live.

To live in harmony with one another. Which is what the anti-social personalities have done to all of us, by pulling the rug out from under us, pushing us to the curb of life, climbing to the top of everything and playing their stupid games with all of humanity, not just us singularly, but everyone. We no longer have to wonder what’s going on in this crazy world. We know the answer that it’s lip service folks running this world into the ground and how none of them cared.

We no longer have to question ourselves and what did we do to deserve any of this. We did nothing wrong. They did wrong and now everyone around the world is witnessing how wrong they are. Now that we know we do matter to God, we can make a difference. How they live is nonsense. All fluff, no substance. Now the world is seeing there is no substance to any of them … giving everyone lip service … flying on corporate jets to ask for a handout!

It’s a big eye opener to the real people of the world, that we did it right, we care, we love and respect each other. We do make a difference in this world, not them. God has allowed the entire world to see on a grand scale what they are all about. No longer can they be the man behind the curtain pretending to everyone, giving everyone lip service, smiling to our faces and lying through their teeth.

Actually, I think their house of cards falling down all around them so the world can watch is fantastic. Everyone gets to see what a bunch of hot air they truly are.

Hey, it was all on God’s time … and he just showed us that if we had patience and waited, he would not forsake us.

Keep the faith … we are witnessing a miracle in it’s full Glory.

Big news in Rochester a couple of weeks ago was Aurthur Shawcross dying in jail at 63 (natural causes). He was Rochester’s very own serial killer, and I never realized how much hatred the city had for him until I heard the radio callers that day.

kat: I believe Shawcross was interviewed extensively. I forgot if it was his ego (with no child abuse against him in his childhood) that lead him to his crimes or he was abused as a child and that started his acting out.

Do you remember the specifics of the analysis on him?


Is that Rochester NY?…..that’s where the S/P I was with came here from.

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