Researchers want to know about your experience with a psychopath

Plenty of scientific researchers have studied psychopaths. But few have studied the victims of psychopaths, so there is little documentation of what we have all been through.

Perhaps that is beginning to change.

Lovefraud has been contacted by a researcher from Carleton University in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada. She is conducting a study entitled Victimization, coping, and social support of adult survivors of psychopaths. The graduate student is working under the supervision of Dr. Adelle Forth, who is a colleague of Dr. Robert Hare.

The purpose of the study is “to gain an understanding of the victimization experiences of adult (18+) survivors of psychopaths, in an attempt to raise awareness amongst the general public, and mental health and criminal justice professionals.”

Everyone at Lovefraud is invited to participate.

The researcher has developed a web-based survey. The survey has both self-report scales and open-ended questions. You will be asked to rate the presence or absence of psychopathic traits of the most recent psychopathic individual you have been involved with on one scale. Questions revolve around demographics, your relationship and experiences with the psychopath, including being deceived and its impact on your mental and physical health, your ways of coping, and your support networks. The survey does not ask for any information that might identify you.

Completing the survey will take approximately one hour, and Lovefraud strongly encourages you to participate. If you are concerned about your safety, please be sure to take appropriate precautions.

Here—finally—is a chance to develop information that may make a difference in how victims of psychopaths are viewed and treated. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity.

Go the survey

Data is being collected from now until Dec. 31, 2008. Be sure to add your voice.

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Dear Sherry,

I am so sorry that you are having so much in the way of pain after even all this long time. ((((Sherry))))) and I know that PTSD is no fun, and all the signs and symptoms (my biggie is no short term memory and word finding difficulty) and so on are so troublesome. Sometimes it seems it will NEVER end, but I think we must keep on trucking! We mustn’t give up. Sure, there are times it seems like lthe jerks always win, and people that we WISH to goodness would GET IT don’t, and they seem to “trivalize” our TRUTHS and we want to SCREAM!!! OPEN YOUR EYES, IDIOT, why can’t you SEE?

I have been there, and I imagine I will BE there again from time to time, but I don’t like being there, I don’t like feeling like that, so I keep on working and trying my best not to give up, to trust those that EARN it, and to keep my sanity about myself—to see the differences between honest Mistakes and deliberate dishonesty. I can over look the first, but NEVER the latter.

Hang in there, Sherry! You are in good company here! Keep coming here, without this place I think I would have “lost it” a long time ago and never have found it again! (((hugs))) and my prayers for your peace!

Sherry you got hit from all angles, the workplace where you were targeted and then where you became involved, you had no real place to escape.

in the workplace i think it’s harder because only the obvious signs of harassment and stalking is recognized.

my ex psychopath friend (i had no idea) singled out a stressed out married mother of two. after seven years the marriage was going through some normal strains from the new baby and all. she was vulnerable and fatigued and things were a little stressed. i offered up my nurse to care for the kids so they could spend some quality time together. because when things get strained sometimes there is a risk of good people reaching the breaking point.

my ex friend however targeted her in a way where he targeted her weaknesses and played up on it. i could see what he was doing and couldn’t do anything about it. because it wasn’t within the illegal parameters to do what he was doing. it wasn’t right, though. there were plenty of single people about why go after a married vulnerble one going through some trouble?

His interference broke them up and only then did he dump her on top of everything else she was going through. again nothing is ever his fault even though he did all he can to manipulate the situation and lie to her and paint a scenario that her husband was at fault for everything as he continued to build up a chasm between them.

Toying with people in this manner is not ‘illegal’ though. and when it comes to sociopathy and psychopathy or ASPD, whatever you want to call the cancer affecting all levels of society it isn’t disscussed, it isn’t mentioned, and there can be no real resolution to the problem with this continued state of denial we are living in..

people do all kinds of things to each other most times in moments of weakness, uncooperation or disagreements, and the regular stuff people do unwittingly, but it’s hard to fathom why someone would single others out for destruction simply as a pastime to do so. We never expect that kind of behavior for no real reason. it’s unfathomable and others make you feel as if it’s partially one’s fault because it’s just too hard to believe that someone would do this for no valid reason other than to just play with people. Who destroys lives for fun?

But it is happening, in relationships, in the media, in our sitcoms and movies, (that makes it all okay)in the workplace, in daily business interactions. one guy just got arrested recently for loan modification fraud. just a passerby could get pulled in without knowing… and yes we do lose our innocence and become wary of the world. when you get struck, you start looking for them everywhere. everyone becomes suspect. a sense of paranoia could sink in and WE end up looking crazy. and it gets all helpless and hopeless feeling when no one else seems to listen to what we are saying or others want to just keep shush and forget about things because they in a sense feel like it’s their fault too.

The damage is so pervasive but real.

and in that aspect i do share your frustration with how things currently are in regards to this disease.

but i am praying for a wake up call. the disease is too widespread that we can as a society continues to keep ignoring the issue.

i nearly feel we are in stage one of cancer where society is just hoping the ‘signs’ are all in our heads and it will all go away.. I hope that we don’t, as a society, reach stage four of the disease when it’s too late to do anything about it because we’ll be a world of where you are either a predator or a victim… and the victims left too traumatized to do anything about them ruling everything and feeding off us all. sometimes i almost feel we are there already but i don’t think so quite yet.

For now we have to hang in there, take time to heal, talk (to people who will listen), and not feel crazy, support each other and do what we can until the rest of the world wakes up…


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