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Psychopath’s noses don’t work

A new study out of Australia finds that people high in psychopathic traits did poorly when asked to identify common odors. Read:

Psychopaths have poor sense of smell, study finds, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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45 Comments on "Psychopath’s noses don’t work"

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Sky, that was a PERFECT RESPONSE….good for you!

“check your emotions at the door” LOL Yep, they will only “shoot” you with them if you show them.

Sky, loved your response!

Yup, exactly. We cannot prevent an instinctive inner reaction… but we can choose to ignore it and respond by choice instead.

That’s why I’m not severe upon myself when someone jumps my throat out of the blue and I feel rattled inside by it, nor when I feel a first response to be empathic and helpful with someone who pretends to portray ‘us’ behaviour. Nor will I react instantly. I’ll observe and then choose my response on my own time and terms.


I did everything reverse osmosis to the way I was raised. I had NO idea what love was until my son was born when i was 18…before his birth I was running around blind trying to fit into a broken world.

Once I realized what love was I knew I had to raise my baby far differently than my family`s way (abuse abuse abuse anchor).

My mother had four children, my father had five. Of these children one is me (always sensitive and emotional, carries the weight of the world on my shoulders; lives in deep shame and guilt – holds myself in high accountability – even when it is NMP (not my problem). My older brother (turned to crack, likely won`t see 55); My younger brother (turned to alcohol – wakes up to an immediate need for several beers to get started). Then my young sister…cold, calculating, gathers supply to do her bidding, mean, abusive, seeks to ruin people`s lives (so much like my parents). I have a half brother who hated my dad, but interestingly has the same cold personality. It took me a long time to see that.

So, here I am, holding all of the emotions of the family because every one has checked out in one way or another. I have been through therapy, treatment centers, and my training in being a coach and counselor has all helped me pick up tools I need to live.

I still have post traumatic stress but it is only aggravated when an extremely serious issue raises it`s ugly head – something that affects me directly. And I still suffer from low self esteem, but I am working on that through hypnotherapy. I can already FEEL the change in myself to the positive. I feel stronger and stronger every day.

I don`t know if my siblings put any effort into having a good life, but it doesn`t look like it from where I sit. It looks to me like they all ran and hid under drugs, alcohol, and sociopath detachment and lashing out.

Feeling like I`m choppy, not articulating well…

Ok, bottom line is this…

I can really only speak for myself…I have had to really work to stay alive in the circumstances I was raised under.

Speaking up, I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time to understand what your point is. Sometimes google translate isn’t good enough.

Uhm, yes, I can say I can relate to you, I have same role in my family as you did in yours. I also had to really work to stay alive under the circumstances I was raised under and I think my parents did as well ( questioning my mother, but that’s another story) . In my family we have a long line of abuse and I think it is a learned pattern for the most of my family members. They too hide under different strategies instead of working with them selves.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think most people do as good as they can based on what their abilities and resources are at the time.

This article confirms a lot. It is also hillarious. No, they don’t have the same sense of smell and even taste. I watched my last spath eat a million peppers on a sammy from subway. At the time, I realized 90% he was “a thing” and it disgusted me. So freaking self indulgent and oblivious to anything except their own needs. Just gives me the creeps.

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