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Announcing the e-book version of “Love Fraud”

Editor’s note: The following article refers to spiritual concepts. Please read Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual Recovery.

Two years ago, I published my first book, Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan. I am very excited to announce that Love Fraud is now available in all e-book formats. Whether you read on an Amazon Kindle or an iPhone, Love Fraud is now formatted for your device. With free e-reader software, you can also download the book and read it on your computer.

The e-book version is only US$9.99. And of course, there’s no shipping cost, making the book much more accessible to our international readers. I’ve also edited the book to make it about 20 percent shorter than the original, which was admittedly long. I still tell the outrageous tale of how James Alwyn Montgomery swindled me and seven other women, how I pursued him and how I finally recovered. I just tell the story with a little less detail.

Love Fraud explains why it happens

I hadn’t actually read Love Fraud since before it was published. So going through it again over the past few months, I can honestly say: This book is really good.

Why is Love Fraud good? Why should everyone who has been targeted by a sociopath read it? Because Love Fraud explains why it happens.

My involvement with James Montgomery was the end of a spiritual journey that began long, long ago. Essentially, my soul planned the entire debacle in order to release karmic burdens that I’d been carrying far too long. For those of us who believe in a loving God and supportive Universe, this seems totally outrageous—how could God possibly allow such unwarranted pain? Well, the answer is complicated—which is why I wrote a book to explain it.

I know that many Lovefraud readers have talked about experiencing spiritual growth as a result of tangling with sociopaths. I know I did.

I’ll tell you this—as I was in the thick of the trauma, I was angry with God. I couldn’t understand why sociopaths were permitted to roam the Earth. I couldn’t understand why a moral and upright person like myself lost everything to a con man. What I discovered is that God’s plan is messy, but it works.

So if you are wondering why it happened to you, you’ll find the answer in Love Fraud.

Links to the Love Fraud e-books are available in the Lovefraud Store.

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This is a great book telling a true story in layman’s terms so everyone can read and understand the evil that lurks among us. While there are a lot of more scientific and analytical books on sociopaths, Donna Anderson manages to weave her personal adventure in dealing with a sociopath who imposed himself into her life while she also details her own learning process about these people.

Even if you don’t believe you’ve ever had an encounter with a sociopath, learning about them will open your eyes to how prevalent they are in our society.


I was well still am married for over 19 yrs, finally got out moved 50 miles away have a 15 y/o. scared to file for divorce incase he fights for our son, I waitted to long. I have a little fixer upper, no education so work really hard to try to keep the bills up. I sit all alone here no visitors either, has anyone ever left and restarted around 50ish? my story is very long but the abuse was horrible it was all crazy making, after being gone for 6 weeks now I just cant believe I ever stayed that long he had such mind control on me. Is there anyhelp in michigan??? Attorny’s counseling anything,


Feedup, welcome to LoveFraud, and I’m so sorry that your experiences have brought you here, but I’m glad that you found this site of information, recovery, healing, and support.

There has been some discussion on why most marriages to spaths end when the non-spath spouse is around 40 or older.

Right now, it’s important that you focus on your day-to-day survival instead of focusing on why you remained, etc….that will sort itself out, in due time.

A good place to find resources in your area is by visiting the following website: This site will help you to locate housing, food/groceries, social services, legal aid, housing,counseling, etc.

Keep reading, keep posting, and check out the website when you’re able to.

Brightest blessings

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