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Rapist demands visitation rights

A 14-year-old girl was raped by a 20-year-old man. She became pregnant and kept the child. Now that he is ordered to pay child support, he is demanding visitation.

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I have been lurking and reading and wow: some powerful stuff
being posted here on this link.

You know, not even MENTIONING the ugly things I COULD do
to x ppath….I could so easily become “IT’s” 3rd strike. So, so
easily, if I was a real witch. “IT” knows it. I sat here one day
and started to add up the ‘legal time line’, adding up all the
current and/or pending charges that COULD be counted….
Those are a whole lot of years. More years than he has.
I am sure that by now, he has added it all up and since I
won’t allow him to ‘make peace’, he just needs to stay
far away. FAR FAR AWAY from me.

I have proof of intent. Absolutely.
Does that make me want to PROTECT myself?
Um, yes.
Does that make the whole essence, or turned the whole
essence of our so called ‘friendship’, right, inside out?
You sure bet ya.

Although I shall and do intend to protect and defend
myself, physically, if the situation should present itself,
I am not interested, in the least, in mirroring “IT” and
all of that ugliness. It only makes me like “IT” if I react
the way “IT” wants me to. That validates them, you see?

I will NOT go out of my way to attempt extracting any
sort of ‘vengeance’, be it physically and/or legally.
The VOID and LACK of the ATTENTION is the most
HUGEST justification. It’s just finished; over.

I closed and locked the door and told “IT”
NEVER to make the mistake of coming here,
not ever, ever, again. NEVER. “IT” knows
all of the evidence I do have to back up my
attempted murder charges, but you know
GOOD FOR IT. I absolved (I did not say
forgive) it.

Pushed, right off a cliff, just like I was.
Not that it was recognized and/or appreciated
by the x ppath, at all – but, I will tell you what…

It felt really good to know that by extracting
MYSELF from the so called ‘relationship’, just
provided “IT” with some semblance of ‘feeling’
and ’emotion’ – it was THE ONLY THING TO DO.

Yes, they sure don’t like the hint of ‘legal action’
but then, again, they do use it for more attention.
For more ways to inflict themselves upon us.
It prolongs the torment of them being in our lives.

I just flat out ENDED it.
It took me SIX attempts at complete NC over the years,
HOWEVER, any person who leaves death threats on your
answering machine – those threats sure better make it
to the prosecutor’s office and/or police department!!!!!

NEVER take a threat against your life NOT seriously.
Always, always, always, take them seriously.

I have no inclination to physically/emotionally harm and/or maim him. I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE NOW. It will eventually
go away, if I just stick to my guns and I have every intention
on doing so.

Oddly, in a very strange and perverse kind of way,
I do still wish him well. But, I will protect and defend
myself. I do NOT like the animal I uncovered….

Complete and total shock.

Like having a poisonous snake living in your home….
Not knowing where it is hiding but you know it’s in there,
somewhere – I have lived like that, fearing that snake,
for a long, long time. You never know when snakes will
strike….bite you; infect you with their venom.

Recently, I have come to terms and acceptance,
my once best friend turned ‘rabid’ and tried to
purposely snuff me. I would take that very
personally if I didn’t know he has tried to do
the same to others as well. It’s not ‘just me’.

I let it go – I have a life to get on with,
without the ugliness. This is my life, not “IT’s”
and I give it NOTHING: in court or otherwise,
unless I am forced into it. I am not shy of
doing what needs to be done. Trust me.

Special ‘thank you’ to skylar for your above post.
I can so relate to your words. Completely.
Your words touched me. xxoo

Find the disdain and change it to ‘wishing them well’
with their vile and disgusting lives. Pray they will
find some direction and actually ‘get a life’.

That makes us ‘bigger’ than them.
Not like them.

(sorry so long….)


Dupey, you’re amazing. Simply amazing.

And, threats of harm or death should always be reported and taken seriously. Yeah, people sometimes say things that they don’t mean – we all have. But, once we know what we’re dealing with, we know that there are no rules or constrictions in the World Of Spath.

Good to read you, Dupey.

Brightest blessings

Amazing, hm?

Amazing that I finally have “IT” figured out.
THAT is what is amazing! lol

Yes, threats SHOULD be taken seriously.
HOWEVER, I can see, from my own experience,
how easily it would be for someone to fall prey
to someone like this…

I have said before, it’s very shocking to realize that
someone you cared for so deeply and trusted and had
allowed so close to you, for so long, actually has always
harbored murderous thoughts towards you. Very shocking.

He would have ended up murdering me, as promised, and
also, I would have loved every moment into death. Oh yes,
I would have been drawn to it like a moth to a light…

That captivity inside my heart and mind.
VERY creepy and scarey that something so evil exists.

You are right, though: once we know what we are dealing with,
we know there are no rules or restrictions in the Spath World.
All we can do is realize the situation and deal with it accordingly.

PRIMARY IMPORTANCE: Don’t be duped into becoming harmed.
I would never had seen it coming unless I was paying attention.
There are times you must allow your head to over rule your heart, lest it take your very life from you.

Thanks, Truthspeak, for calling me ‘amazing’…
Just really tired of the crap, all the way around, on this.

Time to cut my hair; make over and find a new persona!
Hm? Time to cure those ugly nightmares once and for all.




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