Recounting domestic violence through poetry

Editor’s note: The following poem was submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

The Classic Abuser

By Madeleine Mariani

This pain in my head is from a concussion
It didn’t come from any discussion
My loving husband hit me square in my head
He was trying to kill me as I slept and hoped I’d be dead
It has been several hours now and I still feel the pain
And tears still flow down my face like an afternoon rain
There are laws in place that are supposed to protect me
I tried to remember that as I laid on the floor
Beat up and bleeding and filled with such gloom
As my children were screaming from their own bedroom
Daddy, please don’t hurt mommy,
Not anymore
As the rage and beating continued as I laid on the floor
The police did arrive and did take him away
And I now have time to heal for just barely a day
The police observed I could barely get up
Yet they called me three times to ask if I really wanted him locked up
So more afraid not to help him
I put on my dark glasses and dressed to go out
The barely a day I thought I had time to heal
Is now long forgotten……. as I must now bail him out
I must smile for the children
And try to be strong
As my heart breaks and my spirit now broken
I realize that law is just a worthless small token
I received the most beautiful flowers late today
Exactly a dozen red roses
One for each brand new day
My eyes barely open
My face black and blue
The note with each red rose
reads, I am so very sorry
I really do love you

Copyright poem/lyrics  by Madeleine Mariani

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really heart rending…the bastard… wish WE could do some of this in return to them, but we just can’t, and that’s why they pick us…marriage is such a gamble..take care of yourself and the kids, and dump the monster as soon as circumstances allow..chin up.

They just can’t live without triangulating you with someone else..for me it started practically on day 1…constant torture with triangulation for 20 years…never imagined what I was getting into when I stepped into his room one day 20 years back to just thank him for something..he seduced me, never let me go, but kept triangulating as well…

You express matters so well in poetry! I’ve always wished I could do that! Although I suffered some physical abuse in the beginning,the majority of my abuse was mental,emotional and psycological.I’d love to read a poem about that!

So true, except I never heard an apology from my ex… Only “that’s what I love most about you..” after I apologized for causing his abusive actions. It was the only way for there to be “peace.”

Now, I am finding my peace, one step at a time, without him.

I hope you are no longer with that person…. And this is a memory for you and your children. Peace…

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