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Research continues to show differences in psychopath brain activity

Scientists have shown that there is a specific network of brain regions involved in mediating moral judgment. Based on research, “antisocial groups” such as psychopaths may know what is moral, but they may lack a feeling of what is moral.

Several researchers have additionally suggested that the brain areas involved in moral judgment overlap with what is called the “default mode network,” which is involved in our “baseline” state of being awake but at rest. Many research teams approach the morality issue by concentrating on different parts of the brain and different kinds of studies.

Similar research is also being conducted on those with autistic brains.

Link suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

How your brain makes moral judgments, from

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Thank you for posting the link to this very insightful article from I found it helpful to understand scientifically the physical distinctions of the psychopathic brain. I have read and been told that they process information differently and have low or no capability to feel empathy or moral conviction. This article supports that knowledge with actual explanations and proof of the physical “defect” of their brain function.

I found it very interesting that in the testing sited in the article, all the participants (whether psychopath or not) answered to questions as if they had moral conviction. However, only normal participants had the brain activity associated with emotional connection to the moral questions. Thus proving that the psychopath knows right and wrong, but has not conscious to choose correctly. This is a true description of my husband.

Also, I noted that the emotional void was also associated with deficits in the areas of the brain that control “rest while awake”/relaxing (explains the chaotic frenzy of their lives), and the inability for the psychopath to connect to an autobiographical remembrance of their life (lack of sentimental thought, emotional attachment)

Understanding this information is crucial for those of us who constantly hope for change in the depraved people we are involved with. There is no ability for them to ever see things any differently. They will never ever be emotionally any deeper than the flat shallow pool of self-centered manipulation that they dwell in throughout their lives. I just want people to understand that the most evil among us are hiding within society , masked as normal people. They are far more dangerous than the obvious criminals among us.


Definitely. By the time I met my last psychopath he was 42 years old. By this age they have perfected the art of deception. Hone his “skills” shall I say? As they age they get more and more deceptive and evil. Sandra L Brown’s book “Women Who Love Psychopaths” is one of the best explanations I have read to date about what is going on in most of their brains. She also describes the traits that keep so many women in the “game.” I fit most of the description perfectly. I have had the “pleasure” of watching my two ex-psychopaths the last several years. One for over 20 years and then learning over the last three years most of the reasons for their behavior and mine. Here is the biggest take away from watching them – they NEVER EVER change. Never. That’s right. NEVER. My last psychopath has finally PISSED off his latest victim so much that apparently he shut down his FB page. Would you like to know why? Here is my speculation. He continues to discuss on FB the women he has slept with over the years. Yeah, that is right. Bragging about his sexual victories. What 62 year old man does that? Well, an unhealthy one that lives in the past as many of these disordered men will do. My reaction? His latest victim deserves this torment. Yes, I consider her complicit with so much of what he put me thru three years ago. We only lived 4 miles apart. She is not blind as far as I can tell. She considered herself “better” and more “intelligent” than me I suppose. So, when I read about the latest in battering “intervention” – I laugh at these people. Proof that once again many that are involved in violence against women and are labeling themselves “advocates” are truly just trying to make a buck off our misery.

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