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Research suggests parenting style can turn children into narcissists

A new study from Ohio State University suggests that parents who “overvalue” their children, treating them as more deserving than others, are not nurturing self-esteem, but they are nurturing narcissism.

Narcissism is partly based on genetics, according to research. So Eddie Brummelman, one of the study’s authors, says that if a child has inherited a genetic risk for narcissism, it’s important not to inflate the child’s sense of self-worth, because that could enable the narcissism to flourish.

Too much praise can turn kids into narcissists, study suggests, on

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Interesting finding. Based upon my experience with sociopaths, I concur with the study’s findings. In their formative years my ex was raised as a budding college football and basketball star, my grandchildren were lauded as potential soccer pros and my own children were applauded for their nationwide athleticism and sportsmanship behavior. My oldest son was voted Homecoming King and was captain of the swimming, tennis AND soccer teams his senior year. All of this transpired with our encouragement as “proud, loving parents.” It has been said that ‘athleticism is to a sociopath as porn is to a sex addict’.

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