Researcher explains genetic root of psychopathy

Dr. Essi Viding of the University College of London explains her research into children who show callous and unemotional traits characteristics that have been linked to psychopathy in adults. A predisposition to develop these traits, she says, is highly heritable.


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Ok. Essi gave me a headache for two reasons. Her doubletalk about psychopathy being genetic, and her lack of knowledge about the current research about the brains of sociopaths/psychopaths.

Do these folks NEVER read anything but their own diatribe? Do they not know that there is research that shows the brains of psychopaths and sociopaths is different?

How about the fact that she states it may be genetic but certain things must happen to become a full blown psychopath. Ok, Essi, we already know this. That sociopaths AND psychopaths are created first and foremost by a weird brain pattern AND their environment.

There are times that I actually think and believe that our worst nightmare are the individuals we TRUST with giving us the truth.

No thanks, Essi. I don’t need your level of educational mediocrity to understand what I already know.

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