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Researchers say a wide face predicts psychopathic traits in men

James Montgomery Soldier of Fortune

James Montgomery with his fake Soldier of Fortune magazine cover.

Wow might there be a way to spot a psychopathic man just by looking at him?

Researchers from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, have published a paper showing that a man’s facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) predicts psychopathy.

In a study that included undergraduate students and prison inmates, the researchers found an association between the fWHR and the psychopathy traits of fearless dominance, self-centered impulsivity, and with overall psychopathy scores.

According to the Daily Mail, “Last year, a separate study found both men and women with wide faces tend to be more aggressive, dominant and angry.”

What’s interesting is that this research apparently began with monkeys. Researchers found that fWHR was correlated with alpha status and assertiveness.

I can say this my ex-husband, James Montgomery, was diagnosed as a psychopath, and he has a wide face.

How to spot a psychopath? Measure their head: Men with wider faces are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies, on DailyMail.co.uk.

Facial width-to-height ratio predicts psychopathic traits in males, on ScienceDirect.com.

Social status, facial structure, and assertiveness in brown capuchin monkeys, on NCBI.NLM.gov

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16 Comments on "Researchers say a wide face predicts psychopathic traits in men"

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To all those who have been accused by sociopaths to be sociopaths, take heart. Correlation is NOT causation.

Sociopaths, and OTHER non disordered people, who are older and are gluttons will have fat heads (face ratio of width/heighth).

My head is fat, I am 50 lbs overweight, not directly because of food addiction, but because when I was married to a sociopath, I hid instead of getting out into fresh air, I got sick, my digestion tract is a MESS and thus I have a wide head because of 20 years with a sociopath, NOT because I am one.

My ex husband, a sociopath, is slender. He is quite vain, always asking others to comparing his handsome physique to others. He will never have a fat head (ratio wider than long). But he will ALWAYS be a sociopath.

Hi Donna, my ex h large head always complexed me..from the beginning of the relationship even when we were just in the friend stage (we did not start dating for many months after first meeting). My ex h has a head shape EXACTLY like your ex h but he is slender in body shape. He was well endow also. I have read that sociopath have high levels of testosterone even when they were in their mothers womb which I believe causes a large head & endowment. If you look at some very high scaled mental leaning disorders the children have large skulls.

I just watched part of the show of the two convicts that broke out of prison with the help of a vicim. Experts on all the tv talk shows have ALL stated that both convicts in prison for life were sociopath/psychopath. One of the convict’s did have a very large head while the other did not.

Notwhathesaidofme….gaining weight will make our face appear larger so please do not read this article and think at all that it applies to you. THIS article is stating that their sculls are larger shape then normal sculls. I am sorry that you “hid” instead of going out for fresh air”…I get that…I did the same…it is normal for a vicim of a sociopath to self isolate along with the sociopath manipulating their victims to isolate them from the outside world to control them.

For your digestion tract issues check out the PBS special on you tube “The road to perfect health” by Brenda Watson

just google “PBS The road to perfect health you tube” or “PBS Brenda Watson you tube” to watch her lecture. I too has issues when I was with/after leaving….most victims ALL do have health issues including digestive issues when with a sociopath!

Google “Acidophilus”….you can take pills (in your grocery or health food store) that will help your digestive track balance again within a few months.

Oh”I wish I could post a head shot of the guy I knew. Very large head, square jaw, wide face. Handsome. They say many of our real heart throbs, movie stars, possess heads that are slightly out of proportion as well. Men as well as women. Interesting.

I’ve always paid attention to people with eyes that are too wide set, maybe it’s related. Actually I pay attention to anyone with strange eyes. Psychopaths do seem to run in types.

Wow, Donna! I only just read the caption under that Soldier of Fortune cover. So James Montgomery actually FAKED that whole cover with his face on it? It’s incredible, the trouble some of these villains will go to to make their stories seem convincing! No wonder many ordinary people end up being fooled!

Well, at least we all know what the bugger looks like, so we can avoid him if we ever see him!

Jan 7! Perfect…

And I echo your awe. Donna has done the world a BIG GIANT favor by creating this website.

Wow! The man that defrauded me in an elaborate romance and financial scam has a very wide face! His Italian nose is wide and also gigantic! Have they researched the nose? Perhaps, it is primal, enabling them to detect their prey!

Not sure I buy this one…the socio that I know is slight and slender…perhaps his head was always a bit big compared to his frame, tho???


Sorry, skinny face but his dad had a wide square face.

Creepy, my exP had a very wide face. Very similar shape to James M. on the magazine cover. He was also very slim, it was not fat just a larger skull than what I thought was normal.

I think this, like many other things, doesn’t mean all psychopaths have larger heads, or all people with larger heads are psychopaths. Just like not all children who are neglected or abused will become psychopaths. It’s likely just another one of those things that is more prevalent in psychopaths. At least in my case it completely is true.

True for mine. Just looked at a picture to be sure.

I think that really represents high testosterone, but I am thinking of two other particularly high testosterone men I know who have longer faces and are not psychopaths.

Yeah soo…the Socio for sure has a wide face, a big ol head, wide big shoulders/chest then gets more narrow. Another psycho I know- same thing! Uck. Eeew. I’m grossed out just thinking about it.


complete bogus. phrenology went out with the turn of the century…the *last* century.
wide faces actually show proper nutrition in utero and thruout childhood.

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