Review of ‘Love Fraud’ on the Psychopathy Awareness blog

Like us, Claudia Moscovici had her run-in with a psychopath, one that almost destroyed her marriage. Since then, like many of us, she has thoroughly researched this destructive personality disorder. She started a blog called “Psychopathy Awareness,” and wrote two books: a novel called The Seducer, and an upcoming nonfiction book called Dangerous Liaisons.

In her review of my book, Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, Claudia writes, “I didn’t think I could learn much more about the subject, but Donna’s book proved me wrong.”

Read the entire review on Psychopathy Awareness.

Love Fraud is available in the Lovefraud Store.

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LL, I’m so glad you’re feeling liberated and so much better!


Thanks! A LOT better, now it’s time to do a little short term planning, get the goals accomplished too. Lots to do over the next month. But for TODAY, it’s show time on the house!


LL, Bravo to you! I’m here for you, for encouragement and support. But, do you know, what’s the protocol on threads here? If they get too long are we supposed to move on to another subject?


I don’t think it’s “protocol” necessarily, but some have a hard time with their computers being able to download such long threads. So we usually move it to another and this one is becoming rather long!


Oxy, Claudia and LL.
yes this shift is just as you describe, Oxy and LL. The reason it surprised me is because, as you know, all the stuff I SEE now, I’ve been SEEING for about a year, but I still didn’t feel this new shift.

You all know what and how I think, because I blog here. Maybe what has changed is that, in writing to Claudia, I began to SEE HOW MUCH I’VE CHANGED in a year. Kind of like looking at an old picture of myself, would make me SEE that I’m not the same anymore. I don’t know why it happened just now. It must be something else I’m SEEING… very confusing trying to put it in words, rambling again.

I think it has to do with having immersed myself the last few days here. (because I’m sick and can’t do much else)

It actually began with Kim Fredericks post on Trauma bonding. Then the taped conversations that One Joy posted with Rene Girard, were so thought provoking along the same lines. LL has taught me about triangulation and listening to her story I can see how we just repeat what we experienced as children over and over, it makes sense of so much that I see in peoples’ behavior. Lastly, Claudia’s link to the murder mystery on MSNBC, was like a test that showed me that I can see more deeply than I ever could before. And Oxy, when you post with so much calm contentment, I know that’s what I want and it feels like I got a bit of it.

So it took all of that to make me feel confident and less afraid. I don’t have to worry that I’ll misjudge people or that they will take advantage of me. I’m not blind anymore, even when I WANT to be.

Thank you everyone on LF for helping me grow up.

LL, Okay, then we’ll move to a shorter one. I’ll find you on other threads, since you’re ubiquitous:). And such a nice person. I’m glad I met you and other lovefraud members. Like you often say: ((((Hugs))))

Sky, I’m also glad to read you’ve felt the shift. Can’t wait what you write about it next! I’ve learned a lot too from reading the articles on trauma bonding, as well as from the input of those who have experienced it, like you and Kim. Should we also shift to another thread though, since this one is becoming too long?


(((HUGS))) I’m glad I met you too!


((((((((( SKY ))))))))))) YOU are LOVED!


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