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Ricki Lake almost marries con man

Yes, it can happen to anyone. Actress Ricki Lake actually went looking for dates online, met a man who she calls a “narcissist,” and almost married him.

Read Ricki Lake opens up about disastrous online romance on

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Wow, she dodged a bullet not marrying that man!! Good for you Ricki!!

and she learned…

“She adds, “I learned my own value. It’s not about having someone. It’s about having the right someone” Two years later, I’m with the most amazing man who is absolutely right for me. He’s selfless and kind, and he’s not looking to further his career through his lover. I’m with the right person. I had to go through a couple of dirt bags to get to him.”

She became more aware of her value, good for her!!

Ox Drover

I was more informed and interested by the comments to the article than I was to the article itself.


Ricki can dance ~! She seem’s desperate for love, not good. She has alot of childhood trauma and other issue’s she needs to deal with. I relate with her, I like her and wish her the best.

the phoenix

I’m glad Ricki was able to kick him to the curb in time. Lucky for her!

I think celebrities and people in the spotlight, more so than the rest of us, need to be incredibly more aware about the people surrounding them. They are famous, they have been in movies, on TV, the radio…. probably met a lot of other famous people, but for the spaths, the lure of ‘bagging’ someone like that? It must be Huge! Talk about the thrill of the hunt.

Meeting a celebrity, let alone dating one and being in close range of their family, friends and other celebrities who could later become their targets? Sounds like they would be a spaths ‘goldmine’.

It seems like they would have to be far more dilligent in keeping their radar up to ward off those who come forth with ill intent. How do they know if this person is genuine or using them? I can be tough to tell as it is. Then add in the money, prestige, fame and it makes it even more difficult to sort through the dating pool.


Her name is familiar of course, but aside from that I’m afraid I didn’t really know Ricki Lake from Swan Lake. Fortunately ignoramuses like me who don’t watch enough TV have Wikipedia to come to our rescue:

In early 2007, Lake pursued a “new routine” resulting in over 135 pounds of weight loss, taking her down to 120 pounds (55 kg) from a high of 270 (122 kg). In November 2007, Lake cited sexual abuse as a child as a reason for her problems with obesity.

Yes, well, that explains a lot.


Anyone who owns a successful large business with a very big income gets gold diggers, spongers and lazy idiots wanting them to look after them. I know I get it all of the time. Naive people who are desperate to be with someone will say that you should not be so fussy and you should not care if the other person does not have a good job, savings, a nice house etc, as they are just material things. But. Why should a woman be the breadwinner? She is actually better off on her own then. And a man who is not hard working or smart enough to set up his own busines and earn well does not deserve such a woman. The first mistake Ricki Lake made was looking online. Most of the men who look online are losers. Many of them are unemployed or living with mummy and daddy with debts. And if she showed him a photo then it would all go wrong from there because he would see who and what she was in that instant. The only way she could perhaps find a good honest decent guy is to make up a whole different background and play down her success at the start.

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