Schizophrenia and mass killing

Paul Steinberg, a psychiatrist in private practice, explains schizophrenia and how it may have caused Adam Lanza to open fire in the Newtown, Connecticut school. An interesting point in the article is his discussion of the Goldwater Rule, an ethical standard of the American Psychiatric Association that prohibits members from discussing people they haven’t examined. Consequently, it prohibits the people who may understand what happened from explaining it.

Our failed approach to schizophrenia, on

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link please!

Finally, the voice of reason, and authority.

I wondered why there was this eerie silence in the wake of these various mass murders, and why weren’t we hearing from the experts in the field of psychiatry explaining why people become mass murderers. So, the silence is due to a a rule prohibiting psychiatrists from discussing mental illnesses with the public, that’s why. Holy freaking cow.

I agree with this brave psychiatrist totally; its time to re-evaluate our laws and practices regarding severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. There has to be more of a balance between individual civil rights and the public’s rights to safety.

More public education is needed, and more funding is needed for training teachers, counselors, school psychologists, parents, etc, and others who deal with teens and young adults RE recognizing the symptoms of severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia.


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