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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 13: GET OUT

How would you feel or rather what would you do if I were to sneak behind you right now and dump a bucket full of ice cold water over your head? I don’t know about you, but I am guessing I would get a black eye! Why wouldn’t you like a fresh cold water showering all over you, cleansing and invigorating your entire body, what’s wrong with that? I am guessing your answer is, that it is simply discomforting, it is a very awkward thing to do and it just makes you feel cold, your clothes wet, messes up the area you are in right now and so on. In other words, it throws you off, it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Friends, let me share with you my latest interesting but basic findings that will serve you for the years to come. That is, we simply feel uncomfortable out of our comfort zones and we simply feel very comfortable in our comfort zone, therefore most of us stay in our comfort zones most of the time. Let me share another interesting revelation I came across recently. That is, it is absolutely necessary for you to get out of your comfort zone for self-love and healing at this time. Again, it is absolutely necessary, there is no other way. If you think, you are FINE or you will be fine, please refer to my post from Day 4. That four letter F word is a self-deception, at least for me, because if you are reading this page on lovefraud, you are absolutely Not FINE. You have a lot of work to do on yourself or you will end up back in square one.

If you watch the video for this session, check out how awkward I look, I am almost ashamed that anybody knowing me would ever come across to checking this video, or any of my other videos for this matter. Trust me, I have not lost my mind, I am simply following my own advice and getting uncomfortable. There seems to be no other way, and my mantra is, if there is no way, I will make a way, so I am simply trying my best. Marley is helping me out too. The poor guy has been watching me intently the last couple of weeks wondering what’s wrong with me, since we are doing so much weird stuff! Well, I am glad he is not getting it, it’s probably better that way. You know, it’s too complicated to explain things, even to a dog.

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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